Art Club and Key Club

By Gianna Creighton

Art club takes place on Thursdays at lunch in room A1. The president of the club is Belle Lerdworatawee and the vice president Samantha Ryan. The goal of the club is to create an environment for all levels’ of artists who can share ideas. Art club is a way for students to express themselves through their art. The club has access to all types of art supplies and it can take the stress off of school.

Key club takes place on Mondays in room S8 at lunch. The president of the club is Noah Palafox and the secretary is Tanner Coe. Members of Key Club seek opportunities to perform service around the community. Members are free to contribute different public service ideas and volunteer options. The club is open to all people no matter their service background.


Beat – Spring Sports

By Skye Finnestad

Swim just had their senior night and that was fun; however, the swim finals are still a thing. Swim is almost over. Varsity softball has been doing really well. They practice often and do great at their games. Softball has their last game on Friday! Baseball has had a rough time, but they’re hanging in there. Baseball has a few games next week and then their year is over. They have lost some players due to ineligibility, which is unfortunate. Tennis and volleyball are over. Spring sports are coming to an end.


By Alyssa Jenkins

At West Hills Library, there are many opportunities to get involved. There is a very cool club that is hosted in the West Hills library. It is called Readers and Writers Club. They meet on wednesdays in the library’s meeting room (back of library) at lunch. You have a chance to enjoy the time with fellow WolfPack readers and writers, including getting the chance to be involved in the following: whhsbookishblogs, where you can submit your thoughts, ideas and words of all students. You also can go to the monthly Santee County library book talks and the Annual Inkwell literary art Magazine. Our library staff is putting many cool opportunities for students to get engaged with the school. If you love reading and writing, then this club is for you! Remember it is held in the library’s meeting room on wednesdays at lunch

Survey – Campus poll

By Kayla Schoenborn

Do you enjoy the reverse minimum day schedule?
yes  6
no  19

2. Do you want this school year to end?
yes  14
no  11

3. Have your grades improved or gotten worse after spring break?
improved  5
Gotten worse  9
Stayed about the same  11

4. Did you do a spring sport?
yes  12
no  13

5. If so are you glad it’s ending?
yes  7
no  5

BEAT – Library

By Kayla Schoenborn

The library is on Facebook and Twitter!! Their twitter handle is @WestHillsLIB and to find their Facebook all you have to do is look up West Hills High School Library! Keep up to date with new additions to the library and updates on these platforms. While it’s not summer yet, the library staff is getting ready by unveiling WHHS’s summer reading challenge! Try reading outside your comfort zone with 3 themed challenges. Stop by the library to get more information!
Can you believe it’s a new month already? Follow along with the library’s “On this day in May…” calendar. Thank you, once again, to our library aides for helping work on this. The calendar tells you what “national day” it is and gives some ideas of how you can celebrate it! The library also recently made a video that can be viewed on their twitter that is all about “connecting” and the purpose of the library.


By Alyssa Jenkins

This week, I interviewed 25 different people 9 different questions about an upcoming event this weekend. PROM! I asked a series of questions:

Are you going to attend prom? 21 said yes, 4 said no.

Did you vote for prom court? 19 said yes 6 said no.

Do you think the prom top 5 is accurate? 16 said yes, 9 said no.

Did you already buy your prom ticket? 21 said yes, 4 said no.

Are you bringing a “date” from another school? 4 said yes, 21 said no.

Then I asked if they are doing anything before prom, like going to dinner? 19 said yes, 6 said no.

Are you doing anything after prom? 21 said yes, 4 said no.

Are any of your friends on the prom court top 5? 22 said yes, 3 said no.

Finally I asked, are you participating in any of the dress up days this week? 6 said yes, 19 said no.

For this survey I asked all seniors about prom and it seems pretty clear to me that everyone is pretty excited about prom. I am excited myself. Prom is Saturday May 19, at Paradise Point, and it starts at 7pm. See you there!

CYOA – 100 Word Rant: Why is College so Expensive??

By: Sophia Fakhouri

It is a well known fact that the cost of attending a university is quite unreasonable. According to New York Times, tuition at public universities has nearly quadrupled as of 2014. The average cost of attending a California State University per year is approximately 23,000! If you think that is over your budget, private universities are practically double that amount! Why is this? Sandy Baum of the Urban Institute says that universities aren’t charging more to better educate students, they are compensating for lost state funding. Don’t we want an educated generation? If so, why make it almost unattainable?(100 Words)

Beat – Campus poll/survey about AP

By Kayla Schoenborn

1. Do you take an AP class this year?
yes – 17
no – 8

2. Are you nervous for your AP exam? (out of the 17 that are taking it)
yes – 10
no – 7

3. Which AP class are you taking? (Name all even if there’s more than one)
AP Bio – 2
AP Lang – 7
AP Spanish – 2
AP Chem – 3

4. Do you think you will pass your AP exam?
yes – 12
no – 5

5.Are you planning on taking an AP class next year?
yes – 20
no – 5

Overall I’ve noticed that the majority of people I asked are taking APUSH and AP Lang. Also, next year more people are taking an AP class than this year. I also noticed that not all of the students are nervous for their exam like I expected.

100 Word Rant

By Avila Ashland


think strongly that students need more help and guidance when it comes to preparing for college. In my personal experience I felt really lost on how I should go about making the next step of my life happen. I think there should be classes and training available to fully elaborate to students how to navigate signing up for college and why it’s so important. Being comfortable and confident in where you’re going is a key to success when wrapping up high school. So why is help not so readily available to us? Guidance is needed to help us succeed. 100

Movie Review – I Feel Pretty

By Skye Finnestad

The movie, I Feel Pretty is based on a woman who suffers from insecurity and always wanting to be a part of social beauty standards. One day she wishes to be beautiful and the next day she feels beautiful! The move outlines how her life changes when she feels secure and confident in herself. Amy Schumer, the main character, undergoes crazy character development during her phase of confidence. The relationships in her life change drastically, she is offered many more opportunities in the workplace, she is catching more attention from dudes she never thought she would get. Some of the change is for the better and some is for the worse. This movie was really good because it genuinely captured what it means to feel insecure in today’s day and age. They did a wonderful job executing what it feels like to be insecure and how the world feels when you’re insecure. The movie, however, did receive backlash from more of the women audience than expected. Women who are more overweight, women of color, and a few more, all complained about how Amy Schumer does not know the struggle because she isn’t overweight, she’s blonde, she’s already pretty, and she makes good money. However, this just goes to show that many more women than we expect actually deal with insecurity issues as well. This movie showed how confidence can make you beautiful in ways no one can really understand until they experience it. I loved this movie and the message it held, and I believe that everyone should see it when they have the chance.