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Key Club

By Avila Ashland

West Hills does much to help out in the community, making sure we’re doing our part to give back. Many different clubs are run across campus providing all different kinds of opportunities for students. Key Club is one of the most popular as it is a community service and volunteer based club that works towards helping the community. Not only does it help the community, it helps students because it shows they’re involved in their school and the volunteer work looks good for college and job applications.

In Key Club students learn how to lead and stand for what’s right through service and volunteering. Students gain a lot of experience and knowledge through participating in Key Club. They’ll pick up leadership skills by running meetings and planning projects and different things they can do around the community. Not only is this club modeled around serving and helping others, but it is designed to help the students as well. It’s supposed to force and train them into positions where they are always leading and always in charge of what’s best to do for the community and choosing how they can help others, so they’re also taking away from these experiences. There are Key Clubs all across the United States pushing students to try new things and help out. All making differences in their areas. It’s an awesome opportunity that West Hills is a school that is a part of this program and that students here work together to make a difference in their community, school, and themselves.

Interviewing Jordin Young

By Alex Leggate

I interviewed Jordin Young , Varsity Quarterback, about this year, and what he expects, along with how it is going. These are the questions, and his answers.

1.How do you like being the Starting quarterback on Varsity?

“It’s very fun, I have been playing football for a long time, so it’s good to finally be under the Friday Night Lights. “

2.How are you going to try and one-up last years quarterback, Hayden Roach?

“I will try to play as a team and not care about my individual status”

  1. What happened at the game versus El Centro?

“We did not play as a team and we were all so eager to finally hit other colors that we were paying for ourselves. We have many Juniors and it was their first game under the lights, so they were a little ‘Star Struck’ you could say.”

  1. What changes from the El Centro game (Lost 37-17) to the Santana game (Won 34-7)

“We played as a team, and played our hearts out to beat our rivals.”

  1. What have you brought to the team this year?

“I have brought leadership, and camaraderie for my teammates so we play more as a team”

  1. How are you guys preparing for the game this week against Mission Bay?

“We are making sure everyone knows what to do for their spots and does their job.”

  1. You guys have a pretty tough schedule this year, how are you going to prepare for teams like Helix and Steel Canyon?

“We need to make sure that we don’t let the factor of them being a tougher team get in out heads. “

  1. Since you guys got the new jerseys is there a different “feel” or “vibe” when playing?

“Not really for me, it is still the same old football; just with a better uniform”

  1. Do you think that after the El Centro game the Juniors have done their jobs and are pulling their weight?

“I definitely do! We have a lot of Juniors on the team and they are a main part of it on all sides of the ball. They have stepped up to the plate and brought their A game”

  1. Do you think the team will make it far in the playoffs if you do make it?

“I really feel like if everyone steps up we can go very far in the playoffs”

Girls Cross Country

by Taylor Gomez

Have you ever questioned why someone would sign up for cross country? According to Makynzie Floyd, girls varsity runner, “cross country makes you push yourself to levels you’d otherwise not push yourself to, and that teaches you a lot. “  Girls cross country was off to a rough start, but soon started to pick up the pace… so to speak. Makynzie said, “we lost our first couple of dual meets, and it’s not that our team is bad because we’re not, it’s just that the other teams we’ve faced have been so unbelievably good. We used those meets as a warm- up, and then did really well at the invitationals.”

Both girls and boys cross country teams practice everyday for an average of an hour and a half. Makynzie says, “ some practices we only run about 2 miles, but other practices we can run up to 8 miles, it all depends on the day and our coach’s mood.” When asked about the teams’ pre-race routine, she answered, “that’s my favorite part about being a part of the team; the night before races both the girls and boys team go to someone’s house where they host a pasta party, it’s so fun!” Makynzie says that the relationships you make being a part of such a demanding sport are some of the strongest friendships she has. She says, “sure, when you see the same people everyday for a couple of months you either grow to hate them or love them, but struggling with someone, pushing through with someone, and being inspired by someone truly gives you so much respect for that person that it’s almost impossible not to be super close with them.” The next big thing on the team’s agenda is kicking butt in CIF’s!!!      

Campus Poll

by Taylor Hobbs

I surveyed twenty-three people that attend West Hills High School about the dress code on our campus. In conclusion, all of the females who were asked claimed that the dress code was unfair. On the other hand, the males were either neutral or they believed that it was fair. The Majority of the people who were asked these questions were seniors. All in all, I believe that the females think that it is more unfair than the males because they receive the punishment more often.

When asked how/ if the dress code affects you, the results tended to differ. Sixteen out of twenty-three people interviewed said that they had been dresscoded more than two times, which leads me to believe that they were girls. All but three people said that if they had the option to change they would. Finally, the last question asked was, “Do you allow the dress code to alter how you dress for school?”, fourteen people said no, five said yes, and four said sometimes. Ultimately, I do not think that the dress code is taken as seriously and the staff believes and either needs to be changed or enforced.

NYX vs. Dior

by Sandiela Dimatulac

It is not hard to admit that the world of beauty has evolved a great amount in the last 10 years. From differing techniques to revolutionary new products, makeup is constantly changing as the years go by. A recent observation I made is that makeup from the drugstore has recently been competing with high-end makeup from stores like Sephora. This is quite the convenience for makeup lovers on a budget who may not have the money to splurge on $30 lipgloss.

Speaking of $30 lipgloss, I recently tried Dior’s Addict Ultra-Gloss in the shade “Mirrored,” and was extremely pleased with the way it made my lips look. I don’t regret buying it at all, but at the same time I also question if it was worth the $30 when I have a perfectly fine NYX lipgloss sitting at home that cost me $5. I decided to conduct an experiment with different components that would allow me to decide whether or not the purchase was worth it.

First, I tested the overall look of the two lipglosses. I realized that even with the price difference, I still preferred the Ultra-Gloss more because of the tiny micro-glitters that looked so beautiful when worn. It also gave my lips a plumping effect that the NYX does not. The NYX lipgloss is just a plain, clear gloss which I don’t mind, but don’t view as mind blowing either. For this test, I’d have to say that Dior wins.

Next, I tested the comfort of wear and wear time between the two lipglosses. The NYX lipgloss was only somewhat gloppy, but didn’t bother me much. I would say the same for the Dior as well. Additionally, the NYX and Dior also seemed to have the same amount of wear time, with the Dior leaving a little more of a stained glitter look. I concluded that it was a tie between the two.

Lastly, I weighed my thoughts by considering extra information such as price and packaging. Obviously the Dior Ultra-Gloss wins in the packaging category because the NYX gloss just looks cheap. But for a $5 lipgloss, I would say that NYX would have to win in the price category for such a nice product at a good price.

All in all, I would say that the Dior lipgloss is worth the splurge, but the NYX lipgloss is a good alternative for those who are on a budget. I’d give them both a tie for their respective prices and quality.

Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation Review

by Sandiela


The Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation claims to have the coverage of a concealer but the look of a liquid foundation and weightlessness of a powder, while maintaining a flawless look for 12 hours. The stick’s innovative formula allows the foundation to sink into the skin seamlessly by adjusting to an individual’s body temperature. The unconventional triangular shape allows the user to precisely contour and highlight with this versatile product. There shade range comes in many different skin tones.

My Review

The Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation launched in August of 2016. You can purchase this foundation in Hourglass’ online store, Sephora, and other retailers. I have been using the Vanish Stick for months now and have formulated many opinions on it. I would definitely say that the claimed wear time is accurate, and on a good day I can get the Vanish Stick to last for up to 16 hours on me before it disappears. Since I have a normal to oily skin type, this was unexpected (usually oily skin will break down product faster than dry and normal skin).

Prior to purchasing the foundation, I had watched many videos to find out what other people thought about it since I didn’t want to spend $46 on something that would not be worth it. After deciding to buy it, I fell in love with it after my first time using it. The full coverage lives up to the internet’s hype, and it is as weightless as the company claims it is. The foundation also provided an excellent base for the rest of my makeup and I noticed a significant improvement in both the application and wear time of it. But, I really wanted to put this product to the test.

First, I took a picture with the back camera of my iPhone to test the flashback. There ended up not being any and the finish looked beautiful in pictures. You couldn’t see any of my acne scars, under eye circles or redness/hyperpigmentation. I also wore the foundation for 20 hours once to test the wear time. Around the 16 hour mark it started to wear off, but that is still 4 hours over the projected wear time.

I’d say that the overall finish is a dewy to natural, which means that it has some elements of luminosity to it, but not enough to make you look like an oily light bulb. Since the finish has elements of dew to it, I’d recommend people with more dry to normal skin to use it (even though it is compatible with my oily to normal skin).

My last few thoughts are this: I don’t think there are any cons to this foundation besides the price. Although I think it is worth it, not everyone has the money to buy a $46 foundation that only comes with .25oz of product (the rule of thumb for foundation is usually 1 full oz). But if you have the money to splurge, I would highly encourage it, because you barely need any product to achieve a high coverage look. Almost everything I stated above was a pro, and I think everyone knows what the final verdict is. My final opinion is that everyone who has the money to buy this foundation should, because there’s nothing else quite like it.

Blood Drive

by Avia Ashland

West Hills is a school very active and involved in the community. As a group of students we try our best to give back to the community and help our local society. One thing we’ve worked on this week is the blood drive. Hundreds of students signed up to donate their blood to help others more in need in the community. Blood is needed to save lives everyday. The donated blood is given to those most in need. But the blood drive doesn’t only benefit the receivers, it benefits the students and their school too. The school benefits because you gain goodwill from the community and when students work together for a good cause it is a positive reflection. Student leaders learn about civic responsibility and about planning and coordinating a community event. The donors feel good about giving back and patients across the nation receive the gift of life.

Fall show

by David Luzaich-Griffith

  • I asked Vincent Pezzuti how the fall show was going, and his role in it. He responded with “It’s going good. I think we’re putting together a very entertaining show this year. I only have a small role, and one line. But, I’m glad to be apart of the process, I love the Theater program. The show starts in November, when it rolls around come check it out.”
  • I asked Minh Pham about sports, and his attendance to nearly every volleyball game. He responded with “I just really love volleyball. I’ve played it all throughout high school. It’s a sport that doesn’t get a lot of attention, so I try and go to every game to show it some love, you know? I think they’re a lot of fun, tell the people to check them out.”

Written Interview with Andrew Pappalardo

by Ashley Pacheco

  1. Do you like WHHS?


2 . Do you play a sport involved with school ?  

Yes, soccer

  1. Do you attend school dances ?    

No, not often

  1. Which dances do you plan on attending this year ?

If I were to go I’ d maybe attend  homecoming but definitely prom.

  1. Do you have good grades?

Yes, very good

  1. What’s your best grade as of right now?

A 95% in photo is my best grade.

  1. Do you like the school lunches?

Definitely NOT

  1. Are you the type of person that wants to get school over with or do you want to enjoy every second you can?

I honestly just want my high school year to be over with.

  1. Who’s you favorite teacher at school if you have one?

Mr. Carman

  1. What grade are you in?



By Sandiela Dimatulac

This week is one of excitement as we approach the first dance of the school year: Homecoming! This year’s theme is “When You Wish Upon a Homecoming,” if you could not tell from the numerous Disney themed murals made by ASB that are decorating the school’s walls and windows. Not only is our school adorned from wall to wall. We also have a Disney themed dress up week! The dress up days are MU Monday (College Day), Sleeping Beauties (PJs), Favorite Character, Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum (Twin Day), and Wilderness Explorer on Friday (Tourist Day).

The dance is set to take place in West Hills’ gym on Saturday, October 14th. Tickets are already on sale in the finance office for $15 with an ASB sticker and $20 without! You can also start voting for Homecoming King and Queen; the link is on ASB’s twitter and instagram. Don’t miss out on this night, you’ll regret it! Finally, if you’d like to support West Hills’ Clubs and show your school spirit, then don’t forget to come to the Varsity Football game against Steele Canyon at 7pm on Friday and check out the food and games that will be sold in the outdoor basketball courts!