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West Hills

By Jayden Moreno

In this week’s beat, I went to some  people and I asked them, What’s your favorite about West Hills, why did you choose to come here and lastly how is West Hills different from the other high schools. The first person I ask said  their favorite part is how friendly everyone is here, they chose to come to West Hills because the academics are very good and they think West Hills is better than everyone because they have the nicest school and have good sports. The second person I asked said their favorite part about West Hills is that they have good sports. They chose to come here to play football and they think West Hills is better than everyone else because they maintain good players with good grades.


By Chloe Yeager

Much is happening in the West Hills community right now. First off we have Prom season so everyone is buzzing about that. Who to ask?, what to wear? It is becoming an exciting time for the Seniors with Prom and graduation coming so close. As well as those exciting activities ASB election week just passed and Member at large interviews are nearing.

Although Prom is one of the more talked about dances, West Hills is still hosting its last dance of the year for other classmen as well as the Seniors. We have a student performing at the dance and that is currently what everyone seems to be talking about.

West Hills vs. Poway

by Taylor Gomez

The West Hills Women’s soccer team has had a busy schedule lately, averaging about 4 games a week. “With two tournaments early in the season, we’ve definitely had our hands full”, says senior Kate Hodgetts. The girls have had a rough start. They’ve had to play some tough competition, such as the open division CIF championship winning team Torrey Pines, only to lose 2-1. This week the girls competed in University City’s Holiday Jubilee. For their last bracket game they played Poway High School. “The game was definitely an interesting one,” says Kate.

At the beginning of the game, our West Hills girls were totally dominating the game. They were connecting 8-10 passes eventually building up to opportunities at a goal. “Unfortunately, finishing our chances has been something we are trying to get better at”, says Hodgetts. After a couple of missed West Hills opportunities, Poway got a lucky break and found the back of the net. Fans were screaming “offsides, offsides, offsides” but the referee missed it. “Our coach doesn’t normally argue with the referee or make excuses on why we gave up a goal, but this time he knew the offical made the wrong call and was pretty upset”, says Hodgetts. Hodgetts also added, “Mentally, it’s tough when you’re controlling the game and then the other team gets a goal.” That didn’t stop West Hills. With about 15 minutes left in the game, sophomore Maliah Wirsig, taps one in the goal off of a beautiful cross from Emily Deprima. After a physical battle both teams were fighting until the very end trying to get the last goal. West Hills ended up giving up a goal in the last three seconds of the game and fell to Poway 2-1.   

Strictly Strings Performing Arts Concert

by Sandiela Dimatulac

Last Saturday, I attended the “Strictly Strings” Winter Guitar and Orchestra concert, which was held in the Bob Guess Theater here at West Hills. The show was put on by both the Advanced Guitar class and the Advanced Orchestra Class. Mr. Steve Lorentz was the conductor for both groups, as he is the teacher of both classes. Each class performed songs that the have been learning throughout the course of the semester and there were quite a few solo performances that I enjoyed as well. The night was filled with amazing music and talent from both classes.

Tickets were $8 for students and $10 for adults, which I felt was a reasonable price considering the money goes to West Hills Performing Arts program. Upon entering they were also selling snacks and water, which I also thought was a nice addition since I do tend to get hungry and have the urge to snack when I am in the audience. Finding seats was not too hard, but the theater was perhaps ¾ of the way full and all of the seats in the front were occupied when I arrived. The show began with the Advanced Guitar class on stage. I thought the first 2 songs sounded very nice, but my favorite song they performed has to be “Exogenesis Symphony 3” by Muse. Though I am not a guitar player myself and therefore cannot comment on their technique, I still loved it wholeheartedly. They finished off with a song called, “Dueling Banjos” and exited. The Orchestra then came on stage and played 5 songs. I was mesmerized instantly with the fluidity of their playing and could not wait to hear more. I am an avid fan of classical music, and their pieces made me fall in love with music all over again. My favorite piece overall was a cover of “Time” by Hans Zimmer from the soundtrack of the movie, Inception.

Overall, I was very impressed with how talented our Performing Arts program is. This was just another show of how amazing and deserving they are of our recognition. My hope in the future is that school concerts like this one will begin to become more significant in high school culture, and overall more appreciated. A job well done to Mr. Lorentz, the Guitar Program, and the Orchestra Program. I will definitely be on the lookout for the Spring Concert!

Oggi’s Restaurant Review

by Taylor Hobbs

Monday night my family ate out at Oggi’s in Santee located in the town center near target. When we walked in we were greeted by two ladies while one of them took us to the patio to be seated with no wait at all. Surprisingly, the patio was nearly empty and extremely quite which was nice. However, with time large parties attended the patio as well and it grew noisey, but it was the normal and did not bother us. I ordered a water to drink and the spaghetti that came with red sauce and a garlic knot. For the food we waited about twenty minutes, which was definitely not long at all. The garlic knots were a little dry, but without asking the waiter brought us out fresh, new knots that just came out of the oven, she also apologized and told us that the ones we first received were the last of the old batch. The second garlic knot was way better than the first one. The noodles and red sauce were extremely hot, but nevertheless delicious as always. After eating we hung around on the patio for an extra thirty minutes to talk while we finished our drinks because of the great atmosphere. They brought us the check, which was affordable for three people, and did not rush us out although we had already finished our food. Having finished our drinks, we left through the restaurant because the patio gate was locked. On our way out we were once again greeted and wished a good night as another employee held the door open for us. I would say that our overall experience at Oggi’s was quite pleasant due to the nice staff and great food that we were served. I would say that the Oggi’s in Santee has great customer service.

Fenty Beauty

by Sandiela Dimatulac

If you haven’t heard about Rihanna’s new makeup line, Fenty Beauty, you’re either one or both of two things: not a fan of makeup or immune to social media. The launch has been circulating around the internet for the past month and a half, but news started to spread this summer when Rihanna publicly announced that she’d be releasing Fenty Beauty in September of 2017. The online beauty community had no idea what to expect, considering Rihanna has always been one of the most innovative and original people in music, fashion, and beauty.

One of the more long awaited items from the launch was the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, and Rihanna definitely did not disappoint. A factor that contributed to this would be the extensive shade range; it comes in 40 shades! Talk about diversity over here. Rihanna’s “risky move” of adding a wide array of shades from pale to dark (and I mean real pale and real dark) paid off as it saw all of the dark shades sell out in a couple days. Those who know the beauty world would know that shade diversity is not common for new launches because companies assume that there aren’t as many people who would buy foundation that are on the deeper end of the spectrum.

Not only does the foundation launch contribute to the growing inclusivity in the beauty community, but its formula is one to die for if your face gets oily in any way, shape, or form. Those who have more dry skin might want to take a step back with this one, because when the company claims that it is matte, IT’S MATTE. I have heard that it pills on dry patches, so beware. This foundation kept my combo to oily skin shine free for the entire wear time and I’ve never been happier with a matte foundation. Along with being completely matte, this foundation also stays on for more than 12 hours! The longevity of this foundation is what it claims to be.

The two problems I have encountered with this foundation are that it oxidizes (which isn’t always a bad thing), and that it’s absolutely not full coverage like it advertises. Oxidization of a foundation means that after some time of wear, the foundation gradually gets darker as it adjusts to the pH of your skin. Although this may benefit others who accidentally went too light with their shade matching (ex. me), it can be a less than ideal situation for those who actually picked the correct shade and are now stuck looking like an Oompa Loompa. Also, I can’t help but notice that this foundation is definitely not full coverage. I am not ashamed to admit that I definitely do not have perfect skin, with concerns such as acne, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. This foundation managed to cover up some of it, but couldn’t even cover up the red rings around my nose. Though I like it’s finish, I would say it is more of a sheer to medium coverage foundation.

All in all, I was very impressed with this foundation and will be wearing it more. I think that its $34 price point is fair for the amount you get (1.08oz), especially for the name slapped on it. I am very content with the fact that Rihanna chose to put so much time and effort into a launch instead of coming out with an unsatisfactory product just because of her name. This product receives a 9.5/10!

Raising Cane’s

by Alex Leggate

So there is a new fast food restaurant coming to Santee. It is called Raising Cane’s and it specializes in chicken strips. They just tore down a bank so that they can start building it next to Taco Bell on Mission Gorge. It is right across the street from KFC, so we will see if KFC can handle another chicken place in Santee.

I wanted to see what everyone was so excited about, so I went up to LA and tried it for myself. I was expecting  more people since there are only some in LA and Arizona, but there weren’t that many customers. I walked in and purchased their specialty, “the Caniac”. It came with 6 chicken strips, a heaping of French Fries, a piece of Texas toast, and coleslaw. I was very satisfied with it. I am looking forward to the opening day.

Student Standout

by Sandiela Dimatulac

Sometimes life may feel like you are sticking your head out of a car window on the freeway. The metaphorical flies flying into your face and maybe even your mouth (no, thank you) representing life’s never ending challenges. As teenagers we somehow manage to overcome this feat of nature: balancing school, work, sports, and extracurricular activities. Day in and day out we participate in the unimaginable struggle that comes with being a teenager. Occasionally, if we’re lucky, we get an extra ten dollars as a consolation prize. But other times the reward is truly worth the ups and downs we’re challenged with everyday. I spoke to Marc Paksima, a member of Santee’s Chamber of Commerce, to provide everyone with some insight on a new award for juniors and seniors: the Student Standout Article.

The Student Standout was created by Paksima and will be featured in the Santee Magazine. You may be familiar with him if you have ever read “Socializing Santee with Marc Paksima,” which is also available to view in the same magazine. The Student Standout is awarded to eligible juniors and seniors who have a minimum 4.0 GPA, are on the roster of at least one varsity sports team, and participate in at least one extracurricular activity (be it ASB, a club, community service, etc). Those who are presented with the award are then interviewed by Paksima and the interview will then appear in the next issue. Through this project, Paksima and the Chamber hope to motivate students to “strive for greater things” and show the personal side of student lives.

Health Pathway

by Joseph Reyes

The West Hills High School Health Pathways Club is a part of a larger group called the Grossmont District Health Pathways Administration. The club tries to prepare students that want to be going into health related career jobs after high school and college. The group receives funding from the Grossmont Healthcare District. The group then distributes funding down to the school and clubs at the schools with health career programs. The clubs increase awareness of health opportunities and careers . The clubs also have opportunities that can give students first hand experience in jobs like the ones they want to have when they graduate from college.

Students in the clubs get to go on field trips to colleges and see the environments that come after high school and participate in activities to get volunteer hours for future jobs. Students can complete internships related to the clubs and get volunteer hours and experience for their future. Completing these courses allow you to get an edge when applying for colleges and help you in the long run. The main concern for the health pathways club is to spread the news about new opportunities in the health fields and  to help prepare students.

Wing Stop

by Alex Leggate

I heard about a new buffalo wing spot in Santee, so I had to check it out. This place is called “Wings N Things” and they sell Buffalo wings, Salads, wings on French Fries, and beer for adults over 21. It is a hot place for anyone who wants to eat and watch sports. They always have sports on TV no matter what time of day.

I walked in and it has a very modern atmosphere. I just kept it traditional and got the mild Buffalo wings. After about 5 minutes my food came with 6 wings, 2 breadsticks, celery, carrots, and ranch. The wings were exceptional and were bursting with flavor. I would definitely suggest giving it a try.