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Mom Audio Interview

By Nick Webb

Interviewee- Jennifer Webb(my mom)

Disclaimer-This is not taken word for word this is paraphrased from the original recording.


They are providing Nicholas and Olivia with a great high school experience delivering a great education and opened them to all new experiences that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Do you think that West Hills is a safe place to be?

West Hills is a safe place to be . From what I have experienced. No racial tension or drug violence. Very little negativity from what I could tell.

Was West Hills the first pick for you to send your children?

West Hills was the first pick being that how close it is to where we live and that my mother was a nurse for the Grossmont Union High School District and would often work there and WHHS would always get raving reviews.

If you had the opportunity would you send them someplace else would you take it and why?

If they were interested in something that West Hills could not provide then yes, but West Hills provides everything that is needed.

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Teen Center & Bus

by Avia Ashland

The Santee Teen Center has an after school recreation program. It’s mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment for teens where they’re shown respect and get a feel for the kindness in the community. The City of Santee offers an after-school bus to students for grades 6-8. It picks them up from their school then transports them to the Santee Teen Center at the Lakes. Although transportation is only offered up to grade 8 anyone seventeen and under can attend and be part of the fun. The Center is open everyday after school from 2:30-6:00pm, adjusting to the local schools schedules, closing on all school holidays and weekends. A membership with registration is required for a small fee and can be turned in at the Santee City Hall or Teen Center at the Lakes. An annual membership is $44 for Santee residents, $59 for non-residents, and $5 per day, though your first day is free. You can come and experience the vibe and decide if it’s something you’d like to participate in and be part of or not.

The Teen Center is a fun place to go because it’s fully equipped with computers, a kitchen, outdoor space, and a pool table. A monthly calendar is posted online so you always know what new exciting events may be taking place there. Some activities often organized are trips to the library, sports, fishing, games, bike riding, pool table, board games, crafts, cooking, video games, computer programming,and much more. They also have on site tutors prepared to help any students with their after school assignments. Additional fun events they offer are city hall dances that any teen center members in grades 6-9 may attend. Teens stay safely supervised by CPR and First Aid certified Santee employees. Parents you can feel safe leaving your children. The Teen Center is a great, safe opportunity for students to go to after school where they can make friends and spend time away from their technological devices and enjoy the environment around them.

Interviewing Taylor Applebaum

by  Avia  Ashland

  1. Q : What was the highlight of your first week?

Taylor : Taking my first art class.

  1. Q: What was the hardest part of your week?

Taylor : It was really hard to make friends in classes where I didn’t know anyone because I’m pretty shy.

  1.   Q: Which classes do you think will be your most challenging?

       Taylor : Econ because we’ve already been given so much homework and school only  just started.

  1.    Q: Does the start of school stress you out or was it something you were anticipating?

Taylor : It’s really stressful for me because I didn’t feel well prepared or ready for  summer to end.

  1. Q : What are your favorite school events?

   Taylor : I like football game, but I don’t go to many other school events.

  1.   Q : What’s something you’re nervous for this year?

Taylor : Probably graduating because I don’t exactly know what I want to be or do yet.

  1.    Q : What do you think we could change on campus to make West Hills a better environment?

Taylor : Get better food and nicer people.

  1. Q:  Were you given all the classes you wanted? Are there classes you wish West Hills offered that we don’t?

Taylor : No, I signed up for sociology, but I was given theater instead. I suppose I just wish they brought back sociology.

  1. Q: Are you involved in sports and clubs?

  Taylor :   No, I don’t really have an interest in joining.

  1. Q: How do you feel about the fact that many teachers were cut last year?

Taylor : I think it’s really sad, but I didn’t have any teachers that were affected by this so I don’t know much about it.