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Ashleigh Hartwig and The Dead Poets Society Club

by Audrey Lechien

Another club-goer at West Hills High School is senior Ashleigh Hartwig. She attends a number of clubs including Hope Club on Tuesdays, Food Driven Club on Wednesdays and Dead Poets Society club, which she runs, on Fridays. There are so many reasons to join a club: you can meet new people, make friends, become more involved at your school, help people and much more. Ashleigh says that her favorite parts are “ helping people hang out with new people and making new friends at Hope Club.” She also said “I don’t like it when people can’t afford food and so I help out the most I can with donating food items and volunteering to help feed people at the Club food drive.

As president of Dead Poets Society Club, Ashleigh gave me some insight about what they do. In a typical day at the Dead Poets Society Club, the members and attendees “unlock a passion for reading” and “ each week is different but it’s a bunch of activities that deal with books essentially”  Ashleigh says. She explains that her inspirations for creating the club include “ My passion for reading and the idea that most teams don’t enjoy reading and I wanted to change that by exposing high school students to fun book activities. I hope to encourage more reading and appreciation for books, poetry, essays etc.”.  Be sure to check out the Dead Poets Society Club when they meet on Fridays in S10.

Health Career Pathway Club

by Taylor Gomez

Are you interested in a career in the medical field? Have you dreamed of becoming a doctor, nurse, or other specialist and are looking to jumpstart the learning process? Join the Health Career Pathway Club! This club helps to keep you updated on all volunteer and learning opportunities and aware of all the careers in medicine. Go join the officers and club members in S9!

The club meets every Thursday and the club advisor is the department chair of science at West Hills, Ms. Biggerstaff. This year, the club plans to volunteer and even get certified in things like CPR and HIPAA. Sabrina Major, the club president, and other club officers say that this is going to be a fun and exciting year, so if you’re dedicated to your education and excited for your future, head on over to s9 on Thursday’s at lunch!

Club Drive

by Katie​ ​Willoughby

The West Hills club drive is today! There are a variety of clubs here at West Hills. All students are welcome to join any club of their choosing. There are academic clubs, social clubs, clubs that focus on the environment, and clubs that focus on the well being of others. Good candidates for clubs are people who would like to be apart of something bigger than themselves or people who want to meet new people who have the same interests as them. Anyone can join a club no matter who they are or how they feel. Clubs can help people who are new to the school to feel welcomed and feel a sense of community. Clubs also help create friendships that can last a lifetime. My club experience was a short but a sweet one. I was in the club Friday Night Lights for one semester of my freshman year. I loved the sense of comradery that was brought on by my club it made me feel welcome and important as a freshman. Friday Night Lights is a club that shows the bad side of drugs, alcohol and especially smoking tobacco. It shows teens that you can have fun without the use of illegal substances and I found that to be very influential in my life and the lives of those around me. Clubs are an important part of the “high school experience” and all people should give them a try.

Beat:Best Buddies

by Taylor Gomez

Best Buddies is an organization dedicated to help spread awareness of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, also known as IDD. Best Buddies Programs allow people to get involved and advocate for others within their community. This organization is an unbelievable opportunity for creating life-long friendships and leadership development.

Here at West Hills we are lucky enough to have a Best Buddies Club ran by Mr. Knopp and student representative, Ilan Matkovski. In the club you have the choice to get matched up in a one-on-one friendship with someone with an IDD or you can participate in all the club happenings and be a part of all the friendships. The club meets every Tuesday in the library at lunch for fun games and videos. Go check it out!

“Picture your best friend. Now imagine your life without that person. For people with developmental disabilities, the laughter and excitement of a best friend is only a dream. Best Buddies is a lifeline to the joy of having and being a friend.” – Best Buddies CEO  




by Katie Willoughby


How do you feel about the dress code? Good or Bad? Good 14 Bad  26
Do you personally follow the dress code? Yes or No? Yes  12 No 28
Do you think we should have a dress code? Yes or No? Yes 33 No 7
What dress code enforcement do you think is the most rediculous? (shorts or shoulders) Shoulders 13 Shorts 27
Why do you think we have a dress code? So people wear reasonable outfits for school 14 To protect people 26


I surveyed 40 people in the course of one week 20 of them were girls on my tennis team and the other 20 were picked at random. I asked them about their opinions on the dress code. I believe the dress code should be enforced but change throughout the seasons. Fifteen out of Twenty students had good feelings toward the dress code and the other twenty five had bad feelings about this. Most of them said it was because they wanted freedom of expression and they feel the dress code inhibits that. 10 out of the 40 people I asked said they do follow the dress code but even then some of them said they have been dress coded. The other 30 students said they do not follow the dress code, but most of them have been dress coded. The majority of students said West Hills should have a dress code because it keeps people dressing in a respectful manner. The most ridiculous dress code infraction was determined to be shorts. Most people thought the dress code was put in place to protect people. The other surveyees said it was put in place to prevent people from dressing to scandalously. All in all most people thought the dress code needed a little bit of changing but in all it is fair.  


CYOA: Campus Poll/ Survey

by Taylor Hobbs

For my CYOA assignment this week I chose to take a campus poll in order to see the most common recurrences throughout the different grades. I found that the majority of freshman and sophomores had six classes that were most often periods two through seven. Juniors and seniors had either five or six classes that were one through six or one through five. Almost all of the students said that going home/ leaving the grounds was the best part about their school day, lunch came in second. For seniors, juniors, and freshman the most commonly picked answer for “Which type of classes are your favorite?” was art. The sophomores most commonly chosen answer of the same question was history. The grade that I had the most answers were seniors, so there was more of a variety. However, a decent amount of all grades, freshman, sophomores, and juniors, did supply a good amount of answers for each question. All in all, I learned that seniority does rule and that the juniors and seniors often get the best of the best of schedules.

Beat- Clubs

by Taylor Hobbs

This week school clubs will host a drive in the black circle during lunch. Until this date, no clubs are being held during lunch, West Hills High School offers clubs ranging from Key Club, which finds volunteer work around the community for students to do, to Disney Movie Club, who watch Disney movies every Friday. Our school offers an array of clubs all days of the week.  

Mrs. McDowell’s physiology class offers many summer internships in the health and medical field. In order to insure a spot you should sign up soon. Some extracurricular activities at our school include culture clubs such as Asian Culture Club. In Pawprints, the school newspaper, students are working to make sure students on twitter are informed. In order to know about more volunteer work and community service, Key Club is a great resource.