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Interview with Cash Creighton

By Gianna Creighton

Have you gotten lost on campus this year?

Yes, I went to the Math building when I was supposed to be in science.

Have you walked into the wrong class?

No, I’m not that much of a freshman.

What has been the best aspect of freshman year?

Making varsity basketball.

What is the hardest thing about freshman year?

Balancing between school and sports.

What is your opinion on the food/cart selection at school?

I love the cookies and slushies. They are my favorite things.

What is one thing you would change about classes at West Hills?

I would shorten the periods to 40 minutes. They are kind of long.

What is one thing you want to accomplish this year?

I want to keep my report card clear of any C’s.

Have you been late to any classes?

Yes, I’ve been late to at least twice.

What is your favorite subject/class this year?

My favorite class this year is PE because I like to play sports.

Would you rather have first or second period start?

Second period because I like to sleep in.


Class of 2018 Club

By Audrey Lechien

Some of the main clubs at West Hills are the class clubs. These clubs are specifically for organizing class activities, fundraisers etc. I know a couple of people in the class of 2018 club and I decided to ask one of them some questions. Senior Kendall Cady is vice-president of ASB and is also a part of the class of 2018 club. Kendall said during the meetings they do discussing and planning. Much of the time is spent on planning fundraisers and dances such as prom. Each class has an officer that holds all the meetings. For the class of 2018, Ms. Young is the officer. When prompted with the question “what is your favorite part of being in this club?”, Kendall said “I love being involved in the school. Also I wanted our class to have the best senior year possible and I liked being in control of so much”. I then asked her how long she had been in the club and she said “I have been a class of 2018 club member since freshman year”. To conclude the interview I asked Kendall what she would say to anyone considering joining their class’ club. She responded with “I would highly recommend it! I got to meet so many new people and high school is a lot more fun when you get involved”.


Conservative Club

By Devin Craig

This week in Conservative Club some interesting topics were  discussed. The Dear Leader of Conservative Club, Scott Bettony, lead a heated discussion on how to thwart Zionist influences in our society. This led to some minor discussion in which all of the members agreed. This conversation progressed into why Angela Merkel is the least attractive diplomat in Europe. They closed the meeting talking about how to stop the liberals from taking over California.



My Boy App Review

by Cameron Brooks

This week I will be reviewing one of the most interesting apps available on the Google Play Store. This app is a Gameboy advance emulator that can play both Gameboy advance, Gameboy color, and original Gameboy games. The app is called My Boy and when you download it and open it for the first time, you will see nothing on the screen except an empty folder labeled downloads. Before you get to playing your favorite Gameboy games you have to download some roms off of a website such as emuparadise. For example, to download Pokemon Leaf green, you can simply search on Google ¨Pokemon Leaf Green rom¨ and click download on the link. Once the game is downloaded you can return to the app and it will show up under the downloaded section and you can then proceed to play the game. You can simply repeat this process for any Gameboy game you wish to play. The controls appear on screen with the right side of the screen housing the a and b buttons and the left housing the d pad. The controls are fairly precise and are easy to control once you get used to them. The only game that might have some issues would be the shooters like Mega Man and Contra, which require extremely precise control. If you do not enjoy the stock controls you can connect a third party wireless controller to your phone using bluetooth. I find that this gives you much more control over the game. Overall this app is fantastic, especially because it lets you play all of these games on your phone that take up next to no storage and its free without any ads.


Campus Poll

by Gianna Creighton

Would you want to have another school dance?
Yes: lllllllllllllllllll 19
No: llllll 6
Who was your favorite talent show performer?
Cassidy Birch National Anthem: llllllll 8
David Trolson Dancing: llll 4
Marley and Richard High School Musical: llllllllll 10
Justin Bedore Drumming: lll 3
Which was your favorite airband?
Roadtrip: llllllllllllll 14
Bust Out: llllllllll 10
The Documentary:
Wild n Out: ll 2
Which Olympics do you prefer?
Summer: lllllllllllllllllllll 21
Winter: llll 4
Which is your favorite Winter Olympics sport?
Ice Hockey: lllll 5
Snowboarding: llll 4
Figure Skating: llllllll 8
Freestyle Skiing: llllllll 8

For the first question, a majority of the students at West Hills would favor to have another dance. Only six out of the twenty five did not want to have another one this year. For the second question the favorite performance was Marley and Richard who sang high school musical. In second place was Cassidy Birch with eight votes. The favored airband amongst the West Hills students was Roadtrip with fourteen votes. Sadly, in last place was The Documentary with zero votes. West Hills students greatly prefer the Summer Olympics over the Winter. The Winter only got four votes out of the twenty-five that were interviewed. The favored Olympic Sport was both Freestyle Skiing and Figure Skating with both having eight points. In second place came ice hockey with a grand total of five votes.


Black Panther Movie Review

by Devin Craig

Over the weekend I saw Black Panther the movie. The movie was wonderful. First, the cinematography in the movie was excellent. They always had the right camera angles for the scene. Secondly, the cast of characters was awesome. Michael B. Jordan as Killmonger was perfect for this movie and he played the role as it should’ve been. The plot was great. It followed the new King, T’challa, also known as the Black Panther, throughout his journey of self discovery. T’challa has to figure out how to be a good King while also making sure his kingdom is safe because of his role as the Black Panther. Overall I would give this movie a 4.5 out of 5 stars. See it and you won’t be disappointed.


Chess Club and African American Club

By Gianna Creighton

Chess Club happens on Thursdays in library. The leaders of the club are Shane Johnson and Sam Keeley. The purpose of the club is to educate people on the activity of chess playing. Members are taught the rules of the game and how to beat an opponent. Chess club takes all different levels of chess players from beginning to advanced.

African American club takes place on Wednesdays in room M10. The club has just been started this year. Members of the club take part in fun games like trivia and jeopardy that are centered around the culture of Africa. The purpose of the club is to educate on the subject of the African American culture. The club welcomes all ethnicities and races.


Conservative Club

by Devin Craig

Conservative club is a a club that discusses conservative viewpoints with its members and newcomers. Each and every week they gather and make their opinions known in a safe environment. This week in conservative club members discussed the matter of gun control. The discussion was brought up due to the tragic events in Florida. Their debate stretched through most of the club and the members were very adamant about their positions on the matter. In addition they had a speech about how the public school system is a failure and that we’d all be better off if the Department of Education was destroyed. As they were with gun control, all the members had a very specific and passionate view on the subject. Overall Conservative club seems to be a very active and productive club.


Clubs at West Hills

by Audrey Lechien

West Hills High School offers many clubs to their students. A few include KEY club, Asian club, and Best Buddies. There is something for everyone. Clubs are a way for students to express themselves, connect with other students and even help the community. All clubs are held at lunch and many of them are advertised over the morning announcements or showcased in the Club Drive which was this Thursday, February 22.

Many students that I know at West Hills are involved in clubs such as seniors Brittany Woods and Kendall Cady. Brittany runs the Badminton club along with Bri Tursellino, Devin Diffey  and Emma Gibbs. When I asked what they did in badminton club Brittany said “We have tournaments every Monday in the gym and we promote happiness”. I also talked to Kendall Cady who is part of KEY club, Spirit club and class of 2018. “I enjoy participating in clubs on campus because it is a weekly chance to make new friends, have fun and help our community” Kendall stated.


Homeless and Hunger Awareness Club

by Gianna Creighton

Homeless and Hunger Awareness club is one of the Friday clubs that meets in room S9. The club is run by Maxim Matkovski and Ilan Matkovski is the vice president. The goal of the club is to deliver useful products to homeless people who are in need and who are living on the streets. The club has done many drives at local food centers that allow members of the club to volunteer. The club also hopes to educate students on their responsibility to help homeless people.

Growing Minds club is one of the Thursday clubs that meets on campus. The club takes place in room A4 and the president is Olivia DiSabatino. The goal of the club is to educate students on the different types of mental diseases that plague everyday students. Every month the club chooses a different mental disorder to study. The club is open to all students of West Hills and will accept anyone who wants to join.