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App Review

by Devin Craig

Pocket Mortys is an enticing game that will make you angry at times, however; that anger will push you to succeed in the game. In Pocket Mortys, you play as a man named Rick Sanchez who wants to get his portal gun back from the council of Ricks. In order to do this, you have to take Rick to different dimensions and defeat the other Morty trainers that await you. Getting to these trainers is a difficult task because many other trainers stand in your way. Luckily, you can capture different types of Mortys while you are in other dimensions and build up your arsenal. Some pros of this game include it’s variety of collectable characters as well as it’s smooth gameplay. In addition, it has some of the best graphics and intricacy that I have ever seen in a mobile game. Now, for the cons of this game. Sometimes the levels are too difficult and you’ll find yourself spending days on a single dimension, struggling to fight others because of your low health that you cannot recover. Also, if you want to get more Mortys, you have to make micro transactions in the game. All in all, I would give this game a 9/10. Everyone should definitely give this game a try, you will not regret it.

App Review

by Cass Emlund

Sarahah was an app first developed for companies to give feedback to their employees anonymously based on how they are performing on the job. However, since it has swept the nation as “the new”, many teens have used it as a way to anonymously leave comments on other peers link. With an app such as this one there is always a high risk or bullying and/or risk for harassment when using these type of apps. After reading reviews of this app, I have found that when used for it’s intended purpose, not by teens, that the app seems to be a very good and useful tool. However, when it’s just used for “fun” it tends to be reviewed negatively and not get the positive results that the app can usually generate. After giving a try myself, I explored the features. It is a very minimal app to say the least, there is really nothing to it. You have a link and nobody can search you. They must have your link to give you feedback. You are also the only one that can see your feedback. So in reality you don’t even have a profile. It is all private. Likewise, this means that when the bullying aspect comes into play it’s kept to one’s self. Which many would say is better, but that also leaves no one to regulate the negativity. All in all, if you are using this app for its main intended purpose I would give it a 9/10, it does need some improvements, but overall it is a good app. But if you are trying to use it as a social site, I rate it a 5/10.   Honestly, there are no good qualities like.

App Review

by Skye Finnestad,

Looking for a game to keep me entertained in times of boredom, I stumbled upon the game Super Mario Run. First opening the app, I expected to play a few rounds and then delete it from my phone, however; I surprisingly became very addicted to the game. I played the first level and was challenged to run through a course and collect a certain number of coins, which is what drew me to keep playing. I played level after level, enjoying the challenge, yet noticed some things that had let me down. The game is in portrait mode rather than landscape, which makes it a bit more difficult to locate the coins you need to collect. This setting would not necessarily be unbearable if there were controls to go backwards during a level.

Throughout each level, you are only given the option to go forward, which can be quite frustrating if you miss coins needed to complete the level. Although there are some unfortunate features to this app, there are definitely some good ones! You are provided with unlimited lives, so you are not held down to a certain limit as to how many times you can play. There is also a really fun mini game, where you can compete against online players to earn coins and more toads to build your kingdom. In addition, you also have the choice to connect your game to your own premade wii character, which gives you the option to invite and play against friends!

Overall the game is really addictive and fun, but there is a price to pay. The free version of the game only offers one world, including four levels and three mini levels within each of of the four. If you want all six worlds, all twenty levels, and all sixty sublevels, you have to be willing to pay $9.99. In my opinion, the game is not worth ten dollars. Personally, I would play the game until I was bored of it and then delete the app. That is a waste of ten bucks right there. However, many people may find this a deal and be willing to drop ten dollars on this game. My overall rating out of five stars would probably be a four, because I feel like the game is not really anything special and definitely is not worth ten of my hard earned dollars. The game is enjoyable, yet I find it silly that we are expected to pay ten dollars for a phone game.

App Review

by D’vir Mona,

“Flappy Dunk” by Voodoo is a coordination game that tests your ability to time and judge distance. If you are interested in “Flappy Bird” or the sport of basketball, you will love this game! When you are bored or don’t have Wi-Fi it is a wonderful game to play, since it is an offline game. My favorite category of games is strategy and so this game’s falls perfectly under that category. I usually play this game when I’m just hanging out with the family, friends or I am bored. Once you play this game you will be hooked, as it is an endless game. It has an infinity of fun. The graphics of “Flappy Dunk” are very cartoonish and cute. They leave a really pleasing image on the eyes. Like many other games it’s very addicting with always fun features and icons. “Flappy Dunk” is a awesome app because it has features that give you rewards for your flapping. You can earn different colored basketballs that have different effects and outcomes. This game is also very simple, so it leads into some negatives. Although there is a “mission mode” It’s still not very difficult. If I had to make any adjustments it would be to make the game more difficult with different difficulty settings that challenge even the most skillful players.  Overall I think this is a very exciting and addictive game. It’s always going to be there to play and will never not be ready for your flapping. It has the offline feature so that’s always good for younger users who don’t have phones!



by Alyssa Jenkins
For this CYOA I took a survey on school campus life, by asking students in some of my classes, who were mostly seniors. I asked 25 people five different questions. It was pretty interesting to see how involved the people are in the school life. 3 out of 5 people said they were planning on going to most of the football games this season. 4 out of the 5 people said that they were planning on buying a parking spot. 3 out of the 5 people said that they drive. 1 out of the 5 people said that they are involved in clubs. 5 out of 5 so that they have friends and it most classes. I was not very surprised by these results because not all the students I asked we’re seniors. But it was interesting to see how independent students are by driving themselves to school everyday.


by Sarah Shields,

A poll of questions involving 30 West Hills students.

What grade are you in?
9th: 10 10th: 5 11th:8 12th:7

Do you bring lunch, buy it, or not eat at all?
Bring it: 15 buy it:11 don’t eat: 4

Do you drive yourself to school?
Yes: 19 no: 11

How many periods are you taking?
5: 10 6: 17 7:3

Are you planning on going to college?
Yes: 18 no: 5 idk yet: 7

Through this pull i have made a realization. I have noticed most West Hills students are ambitious. They are also hard working. They are prepared for school most drive themselves and bring a lunch. It is very smart to bring a lunch. Most aspire to go to college and that’s great! West Hills has amazing students who strive to be better. These kids are going above and beyond. Great job wolf pack!!


by Cameron Brooks

Survey results


                                  Math               English            World lang.          History                Other

Favorite class? 5 2 0 8 11


                               Football            Baseball            Basketball          Volleyball             Other

Favorite sport event to attend at WHHS? 13 1 1 3 8


                                                                          Yes                                              No

Attend the plays? 13 13


                                                     Yes                                   No                            Somewhat

Enjoy School? 6 12 8


                                  Math               English           World Lang.          History               Other

Least favorite class 7 10 0 3 6


Summary: During this survey I chose 26 people at random after school in the pit from different  grade levels. The first question, ¨What is your favorite subject,¨garnered results which differed slightly from what I would have originally thought. Other was the most popular result, which I expected as the other classes not listed are electives which the student gets to pick. However, I did not expect math to do as well as it did and I expected world language to at least get some votes, as most people I know seem to despise math and generally enjoy the language they chose to take. The next question,¨Favorite sport,¨ gave expected results with football being the most popular followed by other which includes tennis, water polo, and wrestling. The third question,¨Do you watch the plays,¨ gave a perfectly even 50/50 split and from what I noticed most females chose yes and most males chose no. The fourth question again gave expected results with only 6 out of 26 students surveyed saying they enjoy coming to school and 12 out of 26 saying they do not with the rest somewhat enjoying the experience. The final question also provided interesting results with nobody choosing world language as their least favorite class and most people picking English as the worst. Math came in a close second along with other. This survey was designed to get student´s opinions on their classes and the events that occur on campus such as the plays and sporting events.