Movie review: Step 4

Step 4

Cast: Will Ferrell, Robert Duvall, Josh Hutcherson, Mike Ditka

Director: Jesse Dylan

“Here’s the deal, I’m the best there is I wake up in the morning and piss excellence” – Will Ferrell. The movie “Kicking and Screaming” was created in 2005 a year before the world cup the movie is about a dad named Phil who’s son becomes a benchwarmer on his dad’s team so he trades him to the Tigers Phil realizes how bad the Tigers are so Phil coaches the Tigers along with NFL coach legend Mike Ditka. Ditka wants new players and recruits two Italian boys named Massimo and Gian Piero from the local deli. Massimo and Gian Piero carry the Tigers to the championship games and make the Tigers a whole different team in the meantime Phil becomes addicted to coffee and becomes a raving maniac. Phil realizes what he did wrong and apologize to the team and the parents. On the whole road to the final he was benching his son Sam. It the end of the film the Tigers gather from what they know and win the final.

The brilliance of this film is the fact that they capitalize on the comedic effect to compliment Ferrell’s personality. Most people would say that kicking and screaming was an awful movie. However, Jesse Dylan took a whole different direction doing a movie that goes with a topic that America can’t relate to which is soccer and turned it into a film that got much criticism. To be fair he got a couple big star with the biggest one being Ferrell and Robert Duvall (commonly known from the Godfather) and not even an actor Mike Ditka former NFL football coach.  


Diggy Dog App Review

by Skye Finnestad

“Diggy Dog” is a game about a dog digging to find treasures in his owner’s backyard. You can dig as deep you want as long as you don’t lose energy down in the ground or starve to death. You earn rewards for finding collections of treasure and you can sell your treasures for some quick cash. There are also missions you can complete for rewards. If you need food or dynamite, you can go to the shop and find it there. This game is very fun, but it does have some annoying features. The dog gets hungry way to quickly which stunts missions and treasure discover because you have to go above land to feed him. The dog also uses energy so quickly you can only pay for a short periods of time, and you have to let him recharge for two hours. You also have the chance to play as other dogs, but you have to pay for them. Overall the game is really fun, but it needs some changes. I’d rate it a 3 out of 5 stars because although it’s entertaining, improvements need to be made.

Student Poll

by Katie Willoughby

How many classes do you have 5 – 15 6- 10
What grade are you in 11- 9 12- 16
How old are you 16- 10 17- 15
What is your favorite Class math- 4 English- 2
What period do you start 1 – 15 2- 10


I asked 25 people an array of questions that vary in types. I asked people how many classes they have and most have 15 classes. I asked what grade people were in and they were mainly in 12th grade because most of my classes have seniors in them. Most of the people I asked were 17 because I have classes with seniors mostly. Most people I asked their favorite class was English because nobody likes math. Most people start first period because most people had 5 classes.


by Katie Willoughby


Basketball was created in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts by Canadian physical education instructor James Naismith as a less injury-prone sport than football. The game became well known quickly and grew very popular as the 20th century progressed. First in America and then throughout the world. After basketball became established in American colleges, the professional game followed. The American National Basketball Association (NBA) established in 1946 grew to a multibillion-dollar company by the end of the century and basketball became an important part of American culture. Basketball is an important sport at West Hills our teams have won numerous awards and have a great reputation among other high school teams. Right now the girls basketball season is in play and will end the 16th of February.


by Avila Ashland

West Hills offers many sports giving students opportunities to work with others on a team and grow physically and mentally. I interviewed a former soccer player, John Draney. He shared with me the ups and downs of playing a sport in high school. Playing on a team, you make many good relationships with people because you’re all working hard together with a common goal and the same interests. The competitiveness of it offers a challenge that is always pushing you to work to be your best. Staying in a sport also keeps you in shape while having fun. It was also reported that staying in a sport while managing school can be a bit of a struggle. Managing time is a big part of playing a sport because you still have to fit in all the school work to make sure you’re able to play on the team. Especially at the end of a long practice you often want to just go home and nap, but you have to stay committed to school and get all your work done. Playing a sport in high school is a big commitment, but overall it is a great experience where you bond with others and learn life lessons.

Written Interview: John Draney

by Avila Ashland


Q: What’s your favorite thing about West Hills?

A: “The teachers are encouraging and help you succeed. The academics are challenging and more prestigious compared to other schools. Most kids are serious about learning and their education.”

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Grossmont?

A: “Lots of school spirit. Lots of positivity and inviting groups of friends. School events and sports are always fun to go to.”

Q: What’s your least favorite thing about West Hills?

A: “There tends to be a lot of cliques and sometimes lots of drama.”

Q: What’s your least favorite thing about Grossmont?

A: “Some students may not take their education seriously and they can become very distracting to everyone else.”

Q: Which school do you believe is more spirited and supportive of each other?

A:”I believe Grossmont has a better community that’s supportive of each other and they’re overall more positive and spirited.”

Q: Do you believe one school excels more in academics than the other?

A: “I think West Hills excels in having rigorous academic departments compared to most schools, especially in English.”

Q: Do you believe one school excels more in sports than the other?

A: “I believe both schools are equal in their athletics. Of course it depends on what year and season, etc. it is, but I prefer not to say one school is better than the other.”

Q: Describe the feeling of transitioning to a new school.

A: “I have a bias in transitioning from one school to another because I already knew a majority of the student body before I transferred, but I believe most people would find an easy and smooth transition as most people are friendly and welcoming.”

Q: Can it be hard to adjust to a new school?

A: “Adjusting may be difficult at times. What you’re used to may not be the case anymore. Especially when it comes to the diversity of the student body. Being around many different kinds of people may be a new experience.”

Q: What’s your advice for a new student?

A: “My advice for a new student  has always been get involved and meet new people and join clubs. Clubs are a great way to get involved and make friends by finding people that all have similar interests.”

App Review: Matchington

by Skye Finnestad

Looking for a simpler version of “Candy Crush”? “Matchington” is easier, and much more fun than “Candy Crush”. This game is set in an old mansion and each time you beat a level the mansion gets a little prettier and more fixed up! The point of the game is to match colored cushions in a row of three or more in order to beat the level. As you move further into the game the levels become harder. In some cases you need to free mice and in others you need to open boxes and remove the product within them. You can accomplish this by matching cushions right next to the specified objects. This game allows you five lives, each time you fail a level a life is lost. The life takes ten minutes to refill once again. After a level is passed, the player is rewarded with coins and a star! Stars are used to fulfill missions listed for players. These missions range from introducing yourself to the neighbors, changing floorboards and wallpaper, to buying new furniture for the house! The game is quite exciting and addictive. Another amazing thing about this game is ads are optional! If you choose to double your rewards or earns extra coins, you can watch an ad to do so! The game is wonderful because there is no buffering, no crashing, and no forced ads. “Matchington” is also simple enough to be addicting, yet challenging enough to where it is not boring. I wish I had some sort of suggestion, but the game is perfect just the way it is. I’d easily give it five out of five stars. “Matchington” definitely deserves a chance from everyone!

Movie Review: Howl’s Moving Castle

by Anna da Rosa

Howl’s Moving Castle is a Studio Ghibli film created by none other than the talented Hayao Miyazaki. Howl’s Moving Castle is about a young girl named Sophia living a drab life working at a hat shop, until she meets a mysterious wizard named Howl. Although her experience meeting Howl was enchanting, the evil Witch of the Waste sees their immediate bond and gets jealous and places a curse upon Sophia to suddenly turn into an old woman. The story is about Sophia’s journey alongside Howl and his moving castle so she can find the way to break her curse. Howl’s “moving castle” is a strange looking contraption that travels wherever Howl wants it to go. It is controlled by a fire demon named Calcifer who took over Howl’s heart. Howl’s Moving Castle tells a story of risk, bravery, magic, kindness, and most importantly the power of true love. While Howl is reckless and cowardly. Sophia is brave and hard working; so they help each other to leave their comfort zones. I believe what Miyazaki is trying to tell his fans is to not let your fears get in the way of accomplishing your goals, like how Howl gets over his fears because of his love for Sophia and Sophia broke her curse because of her bravery in the face of the Witch of the Waste. Howl’s Moving Castle is a Studio Ghibli classic and a perfect film for the whole family.

Written Interview

by Katie Willoughby

I interviewed Ally, she is a student at West Hills. Ally is a well rounded honor roll student.

Katie: Where did you grow up and how has it affected you today?
Ally : I grew up in El Cajon and it made me into the person I am today.
Katie: What is your GPA?
Ally:  4.0.
Katie: How do you feel it has impacted your life?
Ally: It has made me into a great student with a great work ethic.
Katie: What do you think the most challenging thing will be when it comes to keeping your 4.0?
Ally: I think the most challenging part will be balancing my social life with school.
Katie: You have had a 4.0 your entire high school career right?
Ally: correct.
Katie: Do you feel it is rewarding?
Ally: It’s rewarding because I am very proud of it.
Katie: What’s the most challenging subject for you?
Ally: I think math is challenging but I get through it.
Katie: What is your favorite thing about school?
Ally: My friends.
Katie: What advice would you give to future students at WHHS?
Ally: Do your work and don’t listen to what other people say.
Katie: Are you excited to graduate?
Ally: I am so excited to move on to the next stage of my life but I am also nervous.