CYOA: Survey results

by Cameron Brooks

                                  Math               English            World lang.          History                Other

Favorite class? 5 2 0 8 11

                           Football            Baseball            Basketball          Volleyball             Other

Favorite sport event to attend at WHHS? 13 1 1 3 8

Yes                                              No

Attend the plays? 13 13

Yes                                   No                            Somewhat

Enjoy School? 6 12 8

                           Math               English           World Lang.          History               Other

Least favorite class 7 10 0 3 6

Summary: During this survey I chose 26 people at random after school in the pit from different  grade levels. The first question, ¨What is your favorite subject,¨garnered results which differed slightly from what I would have originally thought. Other was the most popular result, which I expected as the other classes not listed are electives which the student gets to pick. However, I did not expect math to do as well as it did and I expected world language to at least get some votes. Most people I know seem to despise math and generally enjoy the language they chose to take. The next question,¨Favorite sport,¨ gave expected results with football being the most popular followed by other which includes tennis, water polo, and wrestling. The third question,¨Do you watch the plays,¨ gave a perfectly even 50/50 split and from what I noticed most females chose yes and most males chose no. The fourth question again gave expected results with only 6 out of 26 students surveyed saying they enjoy coming to school and 12 out of 26 saying they do not with the rest somewhat enjoying the experience. The final question also provided interesting results with nobody choosing world language as their least favorite class and most people picking English as the worst. Math came in a close second along with other. This survey was designed to get student´s opinions on their classes and the events that occur on campus such as the plays and sporting events.