Written Interview: John Draney

by Avila Ashland


Q: What’s your favorite thing about West Hills?

A: “The teachers are encouraging and help you succeed. The academics are challenging and more prestigious compared to other schools. Most kids are serious about learning and their education.”

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Grossmont?

A: “Lots of school spirit. Lots of positivity and inviting groups of friends. School events and sports are always fun to go to.”

Q: What’s your least favorite thing about West Hills?

A: “There tends to be a lot of cliques and sometimes lots of drama.”

Q: What’s your least favorite thing about Grossmont?

A: “Some students may not take their education seriously and they can become very distracting to everyone else.”

Q: Which school do you believe is more spirited and supportive of each other?

A:”I believe Grossmont has a better community that’s supportive of each other and they’re overall more positive and spirited.”

Q: Do you believe one school excels more in academics than the other?

A: “I think West Hills excels in having rigorous academic departments compared to most schools, especially in English.”

Q: Do you believe one school excels more in sports than the other?

A: “I believe both schools are equal in their athletics. Of course it depends on what year and season, etc. it is, but I prefer not to say one school is better than the other.”

Q: Describe the feeling of transitioning to a new school.

A: “I have a bias in transitioning from one school to another because I already knew a majority of the student body before I transferred, but I believe most people would find an easy and smooth transition as most people are friendly and welcoming.”

Q: Can it be hard to adjust to a new school?

A: “Adjusting may be difficult at times. What you’re used to may not be the case anymore. Especially when it comes to the diversity of the student body. Being around many different kinds of people may be a new experience.”

Q: What’s your advice for a new student?

A: “My advice for a new student  has always been get involved and meet new people and join clubs. Clubs are a great way to get involved and make friends by finding people that all have similar interests.”

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