Beat – Campus poll/survey about AP

By Kayla Schoenborn

1. Do you take an AP class this year?
yes – 17
no – 8

2. Are you nervous for your AP exam? (out of the 17 that are taking it)
yes – 10
no – 7

3. Which AP class are you taking? (Name all even if there’s more than one)
AP Bio – 2
AP Lang – 7
AP Spanish – 2
AP Chem – 3

4. Do you think you will pass your AP exam?
yes – 12
no – 5

5.Are you planning on taking an AP class next year?
yes – 20
no – 5

Overall I’ve noticed that the majority of people I asked are taking APUSH and AP Lang. Also, next year more people are taking an AP class than this year. I also noticed that not all of the students are nervous for their exam like I expected.

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