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Beat FD: Water Polo

by David G

I decided to do a written interview with my Water-Polo beat, Cameron. Below is the questions I posed, and the answers he gave.

  • What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?
    • Winning all of our games.
  • Do you get along with all your teammates?
    • Yes-they’re all great people.
  • What do you to do prepare yourself for meets outside of practice?
    • I sleep a lot.
  • Do you have a special diet you partake in to train your body to perform at its peak?
    • No, I like to eat too much.
  • What has been your biggest accomplishment in Water Polo?
    • Being CIF champions and earning my letter.
  • What has been your biggest failure?
    • Every loss is a failure.
  • Would you do it all again if you could?
    • Nothing, besides win more.
  • What are some things you would change?
    • Nothing, besides win more.
  • What are some things you wouldn’t change?
    • Keep my wins.
  • How is the season going so far on a scale of 1-10?
    • 10, Water Polo is perfect.



Beat: Fall Sports

by Sara Willis

Fall Sports

Last Friday the Cross Country attended the South Bay Invitational at Rohr Park. As always our team did fantastic. Our JV lady runners took second out of their races and our Varsity ladies took sixth out of twenty-three teams. Two of our varsity girls medalled. The JV boys team came in fifth out of twenty teams and our Varsity boys got fifth out of twenty-six teams. This Friday, September 29, the team has a dual meet versus Valhalla. Our boys varsity water polo team has been doing great this season with Cody Breshears still leading the team in goals. Our ladies’ polo has already started their pre-season, but the official season does not start until Winter.

The women’s golf season is coming to an end, so I decided to sit down with Halee Tritthart and ask a few questions. When I asked her what her favorite memory of this season was the team potluck the team had a few weeks ago. There are ten girls on the team this season and Halee said they did okay for losing so many of their best seniors. She also said the team this season is pretty close and they have many “group chats and snap streaks.” Practices are tough especially when it is over ninety degrees, but Halee says coach is able to make them “chill and relatively fun.” Tritthart thinks the team can definitely improve for the next season because the team needed to really work on their skill this year and they “can definitely win league next year if [they] just work hard enough for it.” The team still has two matches left, so let’s go pack!

Boys Basketball

Jayden Moreno


I went to the boys basketball team’s first game on wednesday night at 5:00pm to see what they did at their game, see what coaches liked disliked about the game and also see what type of players they had. There were 2 coaches that were at this game and they were the varsity coach and 9 players on the team.

After going to the game, I saw the coaches run lots of plays to get open shots for their players and they also love spreading the court to get open backdoor cuts for the players. I have to say they run most of the plays for one player that makes about 80% of his shots and scores about 50% of the teams points.

Sports Poll

CYOA Sports Poll

By Devin

Questions Answer 1 Answer 2
Chargers or Raiders? 20 5
West Hills or Santana? 25 0
Football or Basketball? 23 2
Warriors or Cavaliers? 17 8
Baseball or Soccer? 18 7

Based upon these results, I can conclude that people have very strong opinions about their sports teams. With the Chargers and the Raiders, people are obviously more Chargers leaning with 20 votes compared to the Raider’s measly 5 votes. As expected, everyone that I had surveyed voted for West Hills all the way. In addition, when it comes to football and basketball here at West Hills, football reigns supreme with 23 votes to Basketball’s 2. Surprisingly, when I asked people what their favorite basketball teams are between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers most said they prefered the Warriors who won with 17 votes compared to the runner up, Cleveland with 8. Last but not least, many of the students here would take baseball over soccer any day with a majority of 18 votes to soccer’s 7.

Soccer Interview

Beat Final Draft

  1. Q: The soccer season is coming up shortly tryouts are on November 13th how are you preparing?

A: I’m going to the fields and training with drills and free kicks.

  1. Q: What is your goal for this season?

A: Probably to be more of a team player and a leader for my other teammates.

  1. Q: How successful do you think the varsity team will be this season?

A: With the loss of many players due to graduation, it will be tough. The varsity team will mainly be juniors; so, they will have to get used to the new players who make the team.

  1. Q: Last year you played on the JV team how good was it?

A: Yes I did, last year it took us a long time to gel with each other especially the non-skilled players who needed  more work but we won some and lost some.

  1. Q: Lastly, do you think you will make the team?

A: Yes, with hard work and proper training I will be good enough to be a starter.

Volleyball Game Review

by Devin Craig

Last Saturday, the girls volleyball team had a tragic loss. West Hills lost 2 out of 3 sets in the match . The girls put up a great effort against their opponents, La Jolla. Many great serves were dealt by West Hills; however, their competition was able to counter them with excellence. West Hills was able to score often at the beginning of the match, but towards the end  West Hill’s defense was struggling due to lack of morale and conflicting views. In order to win more games, West Hills will need to learn how to work together as a more effective team.

West Hills Sports Overview

by Anna Parrott

West Hills offers a wide variety of sports that appeal to the interest of almost all students. Almost every on of the sports teams at West Hills out performs other school and often win district championships and sometimes even CIF championships. West Hills has extremely impressive student athletes.

West Hills provides several sports in the fall, winter, and spring. The fall sports include boys cross country, boys water polo, football, girls cross country, girls golf, girls tennis, and girls volleyball. Probably the most popular of these sports for viewing is football as the games, especially ones at home, always have a high turnout. Winter sports include boys basketball, boys soccer, girls basketball, girls soccer, girls water polo, and wrestling. Basketball is another sport that many students attend to show support for their peers. Lastly, the spring sports include baseball, boys golf, boys tennis, boys volleyball, gymnastics, softball, swimming, and track. Of all the seasons, spring has the most sports to become involved with.

Interview with Derek

by Zion Reyes

For my beat I conducted an interview with the “Zingy” Derek Tingey, since he is a varsity cross country runner. Here are the questions I asked him. How often do you have a race and what do you do to prepare the morning of your race? Who do you consider as the big rival for this year and how do you plan to beat them? Lastly, how many miles do you think you’ve ran in the last six months.

Here are his answers in order. Every week and I drink a lot of water. El Capitan because of their top runner, Matt Machnov. I plan to beat them by training harder than them and studying the course we will be racing each other on next. In the last 6 months, I’ve probably ran approximately 1000 miles.

Waterpolo Update

by Chloe Yeager

Thursday’s home Varsity Water polo game against Point Loma was a success. We kicked it off quickly with a goal from Tyler Grady (4)  followed by another goal scored by Keith Patrick (2). The Pointers scored twice to tie it up. The game remained in a back and forth struggle between the two teams for the first two periods with Cody Breshears (13) and Skylar Pelant (11) each scoring. Leaving it at 5 to 5 when halftime hit. The Wolfpack kicked it off with another goal scored by Ayden McClure (14). Cody also scored another goal which had been his second one that night. Our 8th goal gave a lead and was an amazing shot by Cody whose head was completely submerged. The game continued neck and neck until West Hills players Garrett Fernandez (6) and Cody (13) scored our 9th and 10th goal giving us a 3 point lead heading into the 3rd period. The game had become hectic with the pressure of winning but the Wolfpack came out with a win 10-9.


Varsity Basketball Questions

by Jayden Moreno

In this week’s beat I chose to ask three people from the varsity basketball team a couple of questions. The questions: why do they play, how long have they been playing and how do they maintain good grades so they can play. The first person I ask said he has been playing since 2nd grade and he plays because he loves the sport. This person also told me he keeps his grades good by putting school before basketball.

The second person said he has been playing since 6th grade and plays because he’s pretty good. This person said he keeps his grades good by always studying and doing his homework. The last person I ask said he has been playing since freshman year and is still playing because he ended up loving the game after his first year. He maintains his good grades by always studying and never missing an assignment.