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By David Griffith

For football: Coach Ash said:  “David,We are currently 2-1, heading into this week’s game against Mount Miguel.  Over the past two weeks we have allowed only one touchdown to be scored against us and spirits are high.  In our last game against Mission Bay, we suffered a couple of injuries and will be playing without Saul Sanchez and Lucas Ah Key”

For XC: Coach Naranjo said: “David, so far our teams have been performing well. We picked up a lot of individual medals at our last two invitationals that we ran. We also have done well on team scoring like our freshman boys and JV girls. This is a building year for boys’ and girls’ teams. We will be competitive in the league meets. I look forward to having a of improving performances throughout the season.”

For water polo: Cameron Cantotal said: “We are 3-1 coming off a 3 game win streak. This week we have 6 games coming up and we hope to do very well and move into more competitive spots for CIF. We have a tournament up in LA where we are being placed in the toughest division so we hope to represent West Hills well and bring back the trophy”

The Indie way of Life

by Olivia DiSabatino

Indie is not the way you dress, the music you listen to, it is how you think and your personality. The Indie population is based upon people who do not follow everything mainstream that the public  expects one to follow. Indies do not dress a certain trend because it is popular, but because they like it themselves. The Indie Lifestyle is very interesting. They are a just typical people who double think about their environment, surroundings or what they choose to support; whether it is political leaders, movies, entertainment in general, brands, and social issues.  There are many different categories that fall under the Indie genre, whether it is music or movies. I personally love the Indie music genre and this article will be a bit like a review of Indie music.

    About seven months ago I started getting involved with Indie music because I was tired of the constant tunes playing on the radio and wanted to try something a bit different. The main reason of what sparked my desire to get involved with the genre was Harry Styles debut album, ‘HARRY STYLES’, his album was a rock alternative and I really enjoyed the album and wished I was familiar with more bands like this. I will be honest, Indie music is definitely not for everyone, especially those who listen to pop 24/7. There are many different Indie bands. My personal favorite would include ‘Foster the People’, a french band, ‘Phoenix’, ‘Bahamas’, and ‘Vance Joy’. Of course, I listen to so many more artists, but these are my all time favorite artists. If you are a newbie and are interested in some new Indie tunes, I recommend getting the free Spotify app and listening to the ‘Ultimate Indie’ album that Spotify creates for its listeners!


Beat Report

by Sara Willis

Tragedy has struck our women’s varsity golf team this season. Sara Willis has sustained a career ending knee injury and Victoria Nease has had back pains that have become worse. Our six starters this season where Sierra Streit, Victoria Nease, Sara Willis, Camille Torre, Alainna Bolton and Haley Tritthart. Due to the injury Willis sustained early on in the season Alyssa Borbolla has filled her spot. Monday, August 28th the girls faced off against University City on the Torrey Pines south course. What a treat it was to play on such a course and claim the win. Tuesday was Coach Armstrong’s birthday and the team had a short practice to celebrate! On Wednesday the team played through the heat against Cathedral Catholic. Victoria Nease was unable to play due to her back injury and newcomer Tara Bandi filled in. August 31st was the league opener against El Capitan. It was a good match, but the team lost 274-266. Next week the team will play Helix and Valhalla. The team is also having a scramble golf tournament with a shotgun start on Tuesday, September 5th at 4pm. There will be prizes for the winning team and other games. The proceeds will go to support the team.

Another sport in the spotlight is Cross Country. The team is having their annual Wolfpack Invite on September 1st. Around thirty schools compete in this event and everyone gets to race. The first heat starts at 4pm and it is the freshman girls. The heats go youngest to oldest, girls then boys. Each event is 20 minutes apart and they start behind the visitors bleachers and end on the track. Girls and freshman boys run 1.5 miles and boys run 2.1 miles.

Boy’s Varsity Water Polo has a great starting lineup this year with Keith Patrick, Jackson Lettow, Cody Breshears, Skylar Pelant, Garrett Fernandez, Tyler Grady and Cameron Canotal in goal. The team has added 5 new players to the team with 8 returning. The boys won their most recent game against Monte Vista with an astonishing score of 18-3. It is early in the season for these sports, but we have great athletes willing to give it their all for our school!

Interview with Dutch Schaefer

by Zion Reyes

For one of my beat contacts I had Dutch Schaefer, cross country team captain. Upon asking him what it was like to be team captain, this is what he had to say. “Being team captain is a big responsibility in my eyes. I’m in charge of keeping the team in order and doing the right thing when Naranjo (CC coach) isn’t there. Trying to organize stuff with the girl’s and guy’s team can get hectic but it’s worth it.” When asked what he wanted to achieve as team captain; he wanted to have the team be more communicative as a whole, even when it comes to small things. Dutch believes that communication is key to every team sport and he believes that if he is there for everyone, then the team can go far.

I also asked him about what attitudes he has seen from people throughout his many years on the cross country team. He had a lot to say. He said that it’s really a downer when he sees people on the team that don’t take it as seriously as they should and just mess around during practice. Cross country is a sport that takes a lot of dedication and time. If you don’t come to practice every day with the attitude of bettering yourself and acknowledging that cross country is not a walk in the park but rather a hard sprint in the desert. All you’re doing is wasting your time and the team’s time.


by Star Gaylord

This week I interviewed  the quarterback of the varsity football team, Jordin Young. I asked him some questions for information about this season and this week’s upcoming game the Mayor’s Cup.

The Mayor’s Cup is the football game between Santana High School and West Hills High School. This game is a big deal to everyone in Santee because it is a “cross-town” rivalry. Everyone knows each other on both teams and they probably grew up playing football together when they were little. In this game the teams will fight until the end to prove they are the best football team in the city.

When asked about the team, Young said, “The team we have this year is pretty young despite our key players being seniors. We have an athletically good team with big kids where we need them.”

I asked Young if he thinks the Wolfpack will come out on top this week and he responded, “We will most likely win. According to Santana, every year is their year although they haven’t won it in a while. But the team we have should destroy Santana.” He stated showing confidence in his team.


Beat FD

By David Griffith

Beat #1 Mr. Ash: I recently asked Coach Ash of the football program a few questions about his sport. I asked him what he is hoping to achieve this season, how he has been training his team, and if he thinks his team can go the distance. He said “I hope to win the Mayor’s Cup, which is coming up this week. West Hills has won it many times before, and I want to bring home the Cup for another year, and to defeat Santana. We train nearly every day. I take pride in how hard we push ourselves to win. I think we can achieve great things this year.”

Beat #2 Coach Naranjo: I asked Coach Naranjo the same questions about his Cross Country team. Sadly, he informed me that we won’t have anything going on until Sept. 1st. But, please remind me every Monday or so. You can email me on the week of Sept. 4.” I’ll have to inform you of his XC antics at a later time.

Beat #3: Cameron Cantotal: Cameron is very optimistic of his team. He said “I believe we can win league this year and make it far into CIF. We have many returning players and we have good chemistry across the team. We have practice two times a day and usually swim 2-3 miles to prepare us for games. I believe that with hard work and chemistry we will do very well”.


Game review

by  Joseph Reyes

This week at school, on Thursday, the West Hills JV Football team will play the football team from El Centro. Last year this JV team lost to El Centro and will have a shot at redemption. In the first quarter, the game was pretty slow with a lot of turnovers and almost no progress being made. The West Hills Wolf Pack scored in the second quarter and from there things only got better. The third quarter the Wolfpack scored again and defense kept up by not letting El Centro score one point. The score was now 27 to nothing and the Wolfpack defense had trapped the eagles. The Wolfpack got a defensive safety, two points by pushing the other team back. The final score was 29 to 0 and the Wolfpack left with their first victory of the 2017 season and a comeback against the eagles. The players were really happy judging by this is a huge turnaround from last years season already.