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BEAT, Counseling

by Anna Parrott

The job of counselors is to assist students with anything they need. Whether they are switching out classes or asking for advice on college, counselors are there to help. They offer guidance and can answer any question that is thrown at them. The counselors are located in the offices above the library and are available throughout the school day so their assistance is easily accessible.
One of the main responsibilities of the counselors is to take care of class schedules. Also, if a student is in a class they do not like, the counselors will do everything they can to switch the class out. Secondly, the counselors have guidelines and suggestions for each grade to help students do what they need to do and to get through the year successfully. Especifically for seniors, the counselors provide resources on financial aid and scholarships for college as well as internship opportunities to help seniors find their passion. A major aspect of the counseling department is providing information about testing such as the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and even AP tests so that students can easily have access to details. Counselors also check in on students who may not be completing all of the required courses for graduation or college to make sure that they are on

Beat, counseling

by Isabella Reed

This week I diverted my attention towards the counseling office and counselors in general. Since it is the beginning of the school year the counselors are being bombarded with students trying to switch their schedule around. I went up to counseling and got a class changed and there were so many kids waiting in line to see if they were able to get a new schedule. I was able to, but many others were not as fortunate. Many classes are being filled quickly or it is not good for their academic career. Many students are still trying to make appointments at times when their assigned counselor is not busy.

I decided to think about what the counselors are currently going through. They said the beginning of the school year is the time when they are the most busy and stressful. They have the students to worry about, but they still have to do their own personal work as well and attend meetings. They are sending slips down very frequently to meet with their student. I have gotten one of these slips as well. So far they are doing a decent job at balancing their priorities even though they are extremely busy.

BEAT – Library/Counseling

by Kayla Schoenborn
On Monday and Wednesday of this week the Library has been closed during 7th period due to lack of staffing! Mrs. Sanwald wants to remind students that if students lose anything with a name on it in the library, then they can get the items back to students. This includes Chromebooks! If students lose phones and they can’t identify them; they send them to VP secretaries. If students lose small items like water bottles or sweatshirts, they have a new lost & found area by the sign-in counter. Here is a picture:

Mrs. Bean informed me that there are many misconceptions about things like sports and PE credits. She wants students to know that for every season of a sport that is completed you get one semester of PE. You must meet all the requirements for the sport though, so that means participating in a certain number of meets or games. Also, for students who may not know, the counseling office is located above the library and you are welcome anytime but you should email your counselor first. When you get to the front desk, make sure to sign in! And if your counselor’s door is closed or they are with another student there is a waiting area. When they are ready they will come out and call you in. Don’t be afraid to talk to your counselor! They are there for you for whatever your needs, unless it is out of their region of expertise.

BEAT: Counseling and Administrative

by Gianna Creighton

Mrs. Albrecht is one of the four amazing counselors that work at West HIlls. She has been working as a counselor for ten years and enjoys being given the opportunity to impact students’ lives. She stated,“I love our students, the staff, and I love my job. Being able to help students, making connections with them, whether it is supporting a student through a difficult time or helping a student reach their college dreams. It is so rewarding and the favorite part of my job.” One of her favorite memories from West Hills was performing in the staff airband last year. Outside of school, Mrs. Albrecht enjoys yoga, which she has been participating in for 14 years, being active outdoors, listening to live music, eating delicious food, reading, watching tv, glamping, and spending quality time with her husband and son.

Mrs. Lenhoff works in the administrative building as the Assistant Principal’s Secretary. She started working at West Hills last year and loves every aspect of the job. Before working at West Hills, Mrs. Lenhoff worked in the travel industry for over 30 years. Along with working for the school, Mrs. Lenhoff is the active women’s varsity soccer manager. As the varsity manager it was her job to design gear for the team, order jerseys, and register for tournaments.

BEAT: Library and Counseling

by Kayla Schoenborn

This week, Mrs. Sanwald, the librarian, informed me that there is a new “comfy” area added to the library for lounging and reading a good book! They no longer offer loaner chromebooks to students so make sure to charge you chromebook every night! The library is back open during 7th period as well. She also wants students to know the library is open during lunch and encourages them to get out of the heat and come inside.

Spanish teacher, Profesora Heeb, fixed up an old table and put in the library and this is what she had to say. “One of my hobbies is refurbishing old furniture. This table was in my mother’s home that we are cleaning out. It was banged up, with an old finish so I decided to paint it. I wanted to do something kind of funky and when I was done, I thought it would look great somewhere here at West Hills….and Ms. Sannwald found a great home for it in the library!” You can find the table in the library now or in the picture below.


BEAT: Chromebooks and the Library

by Anna Parrott

Being a West Hills student means having both the privilege and the responsibility of using a personal Chromebook and taking it to and from school. That said, it is important to know of the resources available to you. The library is easily accessible, yet many students either do not know about the assistance the library gives or do not take advantage of it. As you may know the library has an abundance of books and other sources of information to assist you in any type of school work. But I like to call the library by another name, the Chromebook Aid Facility (CAF).

The many services that the CAF provides include lending out Chromebooks, selling new chargers, new cases, and fixing broken Chromebooks. Even if you did not purchase insurance, the cost of mending the device is not too pricy. The price to fix one part starts at only $11 and the price to replace the whole Chromebook is $190! And if you do not want to risk having to possibly spend $190, a one year warranty costs just $28.95 and a four year warranty costs $87.96. While it is the student’s duty to care for their Chromebook, accidents sometimes happen and it is crucial to use what the library has to offer.


by Isabella Reed

This week I have decided to focus my attention to the librarian department. I interviewed Suzanne Sannwald, West Hills very own librarian. I asked her questions based on her job and how she likes it. Mrs. Sannwald replied to my question, “Did you always want to be a librarian?” by saying, “I have always enjoyed reading but I never thought it would end up to be my profession but I do love my job.” I also asked Mrs. Sannwald if her job ever gets too quiet sometimes, she replied with “No, people are always coming in and out whether it’s to print something, ask for help about chromebooks, or checking out a book”. There are also students who help her around the library to organize books and such!

I also asked our librarian about the library itself. It turns out that our library was structured and inspired by the classic movie, “Breakfast Club”. They also took the idea of putting the counseling office on top of the actual library. She also told me that there are actually fireplaces inside of the actual library. I never knew that but she pointed me out to them and sure enough they were there. I’m glad I was given this beat because I learned a lot more about the staff and structure of West Hills!


by Jayden Moreno

For the beat this week I have the library and counselors office. I have found three people that all hang out there during lunch or break. These kids are not the most popular kids on campus but they definitely are not kids without friends.  All of them are sophomores that love to hang around there friends whenever they can. The first contact hangs out at the library during break with his four best friends and says it is usually never packed with a bunch of other people during this time and it has a perfect spot with shade.

The next contact hangs out inside of the library during lunch to do homework and socialize with his friends. He says this is the most packed time for the library because it is cool inside and most people want to finish some homework instead of having a bunch of homework at home. The last beat contact hangs outside in front of the library. He said it is nice where they sit because it isn’t usually packed with a bunch of people but it does get extremely hot.  He also said if they want a seat inside the library they have to go there right when lunch starts because it fills up so fast.


CYOA: Counseling Catastrophe

by Anna Parrott

Senior year in an exciting milestone filled with football games, painted parking spaces, and prom. It is supposed to be an easy and relaxing year. But for one senior her year thus far has been anything but smooth sailing. The source of her stress is a botched schedule. This is a common issue and most students have experienced the anxiety and frustrations of trying to get a schedule fixed. Here is the account of her dilemma and how she overcame the obstacle at hand:

Q: Were you happy with the schedule you were first given?

A: I wasn’t happy because they did not give me the class I had asked for and gave me one that I didn’t want instead.

Q: What did you want to change about your schedule?

A: I wanted to change to periods 1-5 and to drop theater.

Q: How did you go about changing your schedule?

A: I went in on schedule correction day and I was told to come back on the first day of school so I did. Then they sent me away and told me to come again on Thursday and it would be changed. I was told that it still couldn’t be fixed and that I would be called in on another day. Eventually, after no action, my parents met with the VP and I was able to drop theater, however; I didn’t get 1-5 like I needed.

Q: What class did you switch to? Are you excited for that class?

A: I switched into 4th year Spanish. I wasn’t expecting to take it but I’m excited to be able to speak it more fluently.

Q: How did it feel to not be able to get you schedule changed for awhile?
A: It was frustrating because I knew that the longer it took to get changed, the more behind I would be in whatever class I was switched into and I felt my needs weren’t being taken seriously as a student.

Q: How do you think the system can be improved so it’s easier to be seen by the counselors and to get the classes you need?

A: I don’t know exactly how it could be improved, but I just think that overall they need a better system for calling in students and fixing things for them because it seems to be getting done out of order.

Q: How do you think the counselors feel about all the students wanting certain classes or periods when so many others want the same thing?

A: I think that they sometimes pick and choose what they’re going to take care of because some schedule changes are easier than others.

Q: Do you think the counselors prioritize seniors?

A: From my experience I would say no simply because I have not been prioritized but others may not feel that way.

Q: How difficult is it to see your counselor during the first week of school?

A: It was extremely difficult for me because there are so many students trying to see them at the same time.

Q: Now that your schedule has been changed, how do you plan on enjoying your senior year?

A: I’m going to make the most of the classes I was given and spend lots of time with my friends at school.


by Jayden Moreno


  1. If you were to sit down a year from now, reflecting on your high school years, what would you have done different?
  2. How did you maintain good grades and stay organized?
  3. What was your favorite part about high school and why?
  4. What were some unexpected hurdles? What were some benefits of high school?
  5. What motivated you to keep trying when you weren’t doing the best?
  6. How did you keep a good grade in your hardest class?
  7. What was your plan during high school?
  8. Who was your favorite teacher why?
  9. What was your favorite class and why?
  10. What was your career choice?


  1. If I were to sit down a year from now and reflect on my high school years I think I would have been more active in school spirit.
  2. I maintain my good grades by turning in my work and even if I did poorly on a test I made it up by retaking it. I stayed organized by keeping folders for each class and regular backpack cleanings
  3. What I like most about high school was going to football games because everyone was there for the same reason and sociable.
  4. Some on expected hurdles I face were pop quizzes. There were never any of those in middle school. Some benefits were also PopQuiz because they made me more confident on tests.
  5. What motivated me to keep trying was when I wasn’t doing the best was I would think how disappointing my family would be if I didn’t graduate.
  6. In my hardest class I kept a good grade by asking many questions and staying after classes in school for extra help.
  7. My plan during high school was to get my GE at community college and then transfer to a university.
  8. My favorite teacher was Ms.Pagano because she always had us on our toes with a crazy activity. She was very personable and helped us with problems in school and out.
  9. My favorite class was sociology because I love studying the groups of people.
  10. My career choice was to work with male inmates as a psychologist.