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App Review, LetGo

by David Griffith
I chose to review the app LetGo, which is an app made for regular people to buy and sell their possessions to other LetGo users. It is quite simple to use to not alienate the non-tech savvy. It was designed for all ages to use. The LetGo selling process is quite simple. All you have to do is (using your smartphone camera) take a picture of the item you are trying to sell and add a name and description of your item. LetGo does the rest and posts your item to its servers. Basically, think of LetGo as a mobile Craigslist. When you see an item you want, you message the user your offer, or perhaps any questions you may have, etc. People will do the same when you post an item that catches their eye. I have had only positive experiences using LetGo. Nearly all the users I have talked to and bought from have been incredibly friendly and courteous; most likely because they want you to buy their stuff. I purchased a copy of Pokemon Silver from an employee at West Hills actually through LetGo for a great price. He replied to my messages very quickly and I had an overall good buying experience. Same with when I sold a pair of my shoes. The buyer did not lowball me and came and got the shoes himself. Frankly, I recommend LetGo if you have things you want to let go of. There are plenty of users who are willing to buy your things. Also, if you’re looking for anything from furniture to a car, use LetGo to perhaps get what you want at a much lower price. All on a simple, FREE, app. If you like swap meets, browsing Ebay, garage sales, or Craigslist, download LetGo, you will be pleased with what you may find!

App Review, MLB Tap Sports Baseball 17

By Cameron Brooks

As a follow up to Tap Sports Baseball 16, MLB Tap Sports Baseball 17 includes a complete MLB license, allowing the game to feature all 30 teams and their logos. This is in stark contrast to last year’s game which would have players wearing a bland gray jersey with no logos. The game was released to the App and Google Play store on March 28, however; I reviewed version 2.02, the most current version as of September 5. The developer, Glu Mobile, kept the same basic game and premise from the last game.  The task is to just play offense and worry about getting hits, rather than pitch or play defense, which is all simulated. The game definitely made sure to show you that it can use official teams and logos, as the loading screen is a picture of Kris Bryant wearing a Cubs jersey and batting helmet. You also get to choose your favorite team the first time you open the game. Although the game is free to play, which usually means that it’s junk unless you continually pay for microtransactions, I found that Tap Sports Baseball was better than most, since you can get fairly far into the game without having to worry about spending money to have a chance to win.

The game is very basic, in that you pick your favorite team and play a 9 inning game against another opponent making sure to be patient at the plate and knowing when to swing. You get a small reward each time you win which can either be cash, the in-game kind, gold, or a franchise player coin. Cash and gold allows you to purchase a draft pick with a late round pick costing 1000 cash, a second round pick costing 4000, a first round pick costing 100 gold, and first overall costing 300 gold. Gold is extremely difficult to come by in large quantities, so I ended up getting second round picks, which can still yield you some good ballplayers. You use these picks in the game and when you win enough you move into a tier and your players get a little bit better. You can also spend some cash to upgrade individual players. Players are judged on 3 categories: hitting, speed, and power. These states can range from 0 all the way to 400 with most players hovering around a 50 overall in the start of the game. Once you move into a tier, their stats increase from being in the 50s to the 70s and 80s. Overall, MLB Tap Sports Baseball is an effective time killer, especially for baseball fans which is not crowded with microtransactions. The only real flaw I found with it is the matchmaking system which will sometimes give you somebody way worse than you and sometimes somebody much better than you. However, it is still very enjoyable considering it is a free game that does not try to do too much and does what it should exceptionally well. Overall I would give it an 8/10.

App Review

by Devin Craig

“Pocket Mortys” is an enticing game that will make you angry at times; however, that anger will push you to succeed in the game. In “Pocket Mortys”, you play as a man named Rick Sanchez who wants to get his portal gun back from the council of Ricks. In order to do this you have to take Rick to different dimensions and defeat the other Morty trainers that await you. Getting to these trainers is a difficult task because many other trainers stand in your way. Luckily, you can capture different types of Mortys while you are in other dimensions and build up your arsenal. Some pros of this game include it’s variety of collectable characters as well as it’s smooth gameplay. In addition it has some of the best graphics and intricacy that I have ever seen in a mobile game. For the cons of this game sometimes the levels are too difficult and you’ll find yourself spending days on a single dimension struggling to fight others because of your low health that you cannot recover. If you want to get more Mortys you have to make micro transactions in the game. All in all I would give this game a 9/10. Everyone should definitely give this game a try. You will not regret it.

Duolingo App Review

by Olivia DiSabatino 

Duolingo is a free language app that is available in the app store, and also google plus. This app offers 11 complete language courses for English speakers and also 8 languages that are still hatching. This app also includes learning services for those that speak languages other than English.

 I have personally used the Duolingo app many times and my father has as well when we travel to new countries. I have only used Duolingo for Spanish briefly. My father has used it for Spanish, German, Italian, and French. I also know others who have used it for many other languages.

    Duolingo is not a complex app and is very easy to use. They make their content very accessible and for every audience. You must follow a couple easy steps to set your profile and you are off to learn a new language! There are multiple levels and basic categories that are for specific vocabulary and grammar. Each lesson in Duolingo is different and has a goal for each lesson. Lessons include: match words to their foreign language equivalents, vocabulary that is taught with pictures, listening exercise where you type what you hear, and also speaking exercises where you type what you hear. Duolingo helps target your weakest suits to make you great at all subjects.

      Duolingo is not a stand alone language course, but is great if you want a bit of knowledge for your next upcoming trip or want to understand some grammar techniques. This app is easy to use, it is fun, it works, but don’t forget to do the homework. If your aim is to achieve real fluency; remember to read, speak, and truly live the language that you’re learning!

App Review

by Cass Emlund

Sarahah was an app first developed for companies to give feedback to their employees anonymously based on how they are performing on the job. However,  it has swept the nation as “the new”, many teens have used it as a way to anonymously leave comments on other peers link. With an app such as this one there is always a high risk or bullying and/or risk for harassment when using these type of apps. After reading reviews of this app I have found that when used for it’s intended purpose, not by teens, that the app seems to be a very good and useful tool. However, when it’s just used for “fun” it tends to be reviewed negatively and not get the positive results that the app can usually generate. Giving it a try myself, I explored its features. It is a very minimal app to say the least, there is really nothing to it. You have a link and nobody can search you. They must have your link to give you feedback. You are also the only one that can see your feedback. So in reality you don’t even have a profile. It is all private. Likewise, this means that when the bullying aspect comes into play it’s kept to one’s self. Which many would say is better, but that also leaves no one to regulate the negativity. All in all, if you are using this app for its main intended purpose I would give it a 9/10. It does need some improvements, but overall it is a good app. But if you are trying to use it as a social site, I rate it a 5/10.   Honestly, there are no good qualities.

App Review

by Skye Finnestad

Looking for a game to keep me entertained in times of boredom, I stumbled upon the game Super Mario Run. Upon opening the app I expected to play a few rounds and then delete it from my phone However, I surprisingly became very addicted to the game. I played the first level and was challenged to run through a course and collect a certain number of coins, which is what drew me to keep playing.

I played level after level enjoying the challenge, yet noticed some things that had let me down. The game is in portrait mode rather than landscape, which makes it a bit more difficult to locate the coins you need to collect. This setting would not necessarily be unbearable if there were controls to go backwards during a level.Throughout each level you are only given the option to go forward which can be quite frustrating if you miss coins needed to complete the level.

Although there are some unfortunate features to this app, there are definitely some good ones! You are provided with unlimited lives, so you are not held down to a certain limit as to how many times you can play. There is also a really fun mini game where you can compete against online players to earn coins and more toads to build your kingdom. In addition you also have the choice to connect your game to your own premade wii character which gives you the option to invite and play against friends!

Overall the game is really addictive and fun, but there is a price to pay. The free version of the game only offers one world, including four levels and three mini levels within each of of the four. If you want all six worlds, all twenty levels, and all sixty sublevels, you have to be willing to pay $9.99. In my opinion the game is not worth ten dollars. Personally, I would play the game until I was bored of it and then delete the app. That is a waste of ten bucks right there. However, many people may find this a deal and be willing to drop ten dollars on this game.

My overall rating out of five stars would probably be a four. I feel like the game is not really anything special and definitely is not worth ten of my hard earned dollars. The game is enjoyable, yet I find it silly that we are expected to pay ten dollars for a phone game.

App Review

by D’vir Mona

“Flappy Dunk” by Voodoo is a coordination game that tests your ability to time and judge distance. If you are interested in “Flappy Bird” or the sport of basketball you will love this game! When you are bored or don’t have Wi-Fi it is a wonderful game to play, since it is an offline game. My favorite category of games is strategy and so this game falls perfectly under that category. I usually play this game when I’m just hanging out with the family, friends or I am bored. Once you play this game you will be hooked, as it is an endless game. It  is an infinity of fun. The graphics of “Flappy Dunk” are very cartoonish and cute. They leave a really pleasing image on the eyes. Like many other games it’s very addicting with always fun features and icons. “Flappy Dunk” is a awesome app because it has features that give you rewards for your flapping. You can earn different colored basketballs that have different effects and outcomes. This game is also very simple, so it leads into some negatives. Although there is a “mission mode”; it’s still not very difficult. If I had to make any adjustments it would be to make the game more difficult with different difficulty settings that challenge even the most skillful players.  Overall I think this is a very exciting and addictive game. It’s always going to be there to play and will never not be ready for your flapping. It has the offline feature so that’s always good for younger users who don’t have phones!


App Review

by Ashley Pacheco

Sarahah is an app made in 2017. The app is a social media app that allows people to anonymously be asked questions and for you to present the answer. Most parents are very concerned about how this app is not appropriate. It lets teens and children anonymously talk to people and get questions by people they may not even know. Which in my opinion is really scary. Especially for a  parent not knowing who may be looking at their child’s social media site. This app honestly has no good reviews. There are not many positives to this site other than meeting new people. It only seems to have one star and as I have been looking over the information about it; most people state that it is not a good app. It is known to cause many cases of cyberbullying because of how anonymous it is. It is so easy for people to cyberbully because the person that gets the question doesn’t know who it is and don’t know who’s behind the screen. Overall I‘d just say Sarahah is not at all an app that has many positives to it. In my opinion don’t use it or download it. And especially do not let your young teens or children have anything to do with this app. All it will do is cause problems. So, don’t worry I’m sure we’ll see it gone from the app store very soon.

App Review

by Sarah Shields

I chose to review the app Sarahah. Basically Sarahah is an app for anonymous comments that one can’t reply to. This app was created to be a site where users could leave positive feedback and remain disguised. The app will give you a link you can post anywhere so anyone could visit your page and post a comment to the user’s page. The owner of the page can visit it and see what people have commented but can’t see who had posted the comment. The app is named after the arabic word for frankness or candor. Sarahah arrived in the Apple Store in June and skyrocketed to number one among the app stores free apps.

Some users of the app believe it is the perfect tool for anonymous bullies. People are able to remain anonymous while posting hurtful and mean comments. Many parents and other adults highly suggest other potential users to not download the app because of its numerous potential dangers. Parents of an user see that app as a perfect setting for hate and bullying to occur. Many users receive hateful and mean comments almost immediately after downloading the app and one parent even describe Sarahah as “a breeding ground for hate”. The user’s ability to remain anonymous on the app provides that person with great power to say whatever they want. A lot of people take advantage of this opportunity and abuse this power by freely saying whatever they want.

Despite the opportunities Sarahah gives the bullies the site can also bring friends closer together. The true intended purpose of the app is positive feedback between users. Contrary to some parents other users love the app and the interactions they are able to have on it for many of the  users the app serves as a place for friends to connect to complement one another.

The app was originally created for workspace. It was a place in hopes where employees could give Anonymous feedback to their employers, but it has taken a new Purpose with Snapchat. The app encourages users to share their own link to their page on Sarahah in order for their friends to comment nice things. Numerous friend groups love to use it as a way to share inside jokes and compliments with one another. Although there are many other ways for them to do that. Sarahah is a fun and interesting way to do so. Despite its harmful users, Sarahah is a great app if it is used in the right way.


by Alyssa Jenkins

For this CYOA I took a survey on school campus life, by asking students in some of my classes, who were mostly seniors. I asked 25 people five different questions. It was pretty interesting to see how involved the people are in the school life. 3 out of 5 people said they were planning on going to most of the football games this season. 4 out of the 5 people said that they were planning on buying a parking spot. 3 out of the 5 people said that they drive. 1 out of the 5 people said that they are involved in clubs. 5 out of 5 say that they have friends in most classes. I was not very surprised by these results because not all the students I asked we’re seniors. But it was interesting to see how independent students are by driving themselves to school everyday.