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How to Hobby – Mechanics

By Alex Leggate

Working on cars can be very fun and a good use of time. My friend Tony Wylie is into working with cars so I talked to him about it. He has been working on them for a little less than a year because he started it in his auto body shop at Santana. In that class he got his welding certification and just finished a table that uses an engine as a base. He says that he wanted to take that class because his brothers were always working on cars and he wanted to be like them.
Cars were invented in 1886 by a German man named Karl Benz, the creator of Mercedes-Benz. Cars used to go super slow, be very hard to work on since no one had knowledge of how to do it, and that used to not be able to drive for very long. Now cars can go over 200 mph, drive for hours, and are easier to work on. People get into working on cars because they need to repair them, or because they like cars, or because they have grown up around mechanics and have always been around mechanics so it is part of their life.
To get into this hobby, you just need to have a car to work on, the correct tools, and a mind that is ready to learn. You can start with changing spark plugs, air filters, the oil, and burnt out bead lights. Never use the wrong tools because it can ruin your the tool, or even ruin your car, so you always have to make sure your tools fit. Also, when you start, or start doing complex things it is smart to have an experienced person watch over you to make sure you are not doing anything wrong.

CYOA- Written Interview: All About a Fellow WHHS Peer!

By: Sophia Fakhouri

Hey Wolfpack! I decided to conduct an interview with a WHHS student so you can all get to know her a little more! I interviewed Makenna Garcia, a fellow friend of mine and a student here at WHHS.

Q: What grade are you in?
A: I am a freshman here at West Hills.

Q: What is your favorite subject?
I would say English, that class is definitely my strength.

Q: Who has been your favorite teacher?
Mr. Peterson!!

Q: Do you play any sports?
I do not play any sports right now, but I do dance at Expression Dance Studio here in Santee.

Q: Are you in theater?
No, I am not.

Q: Involved in any clubs?
Yes! I am involved in one club right now and that is Key Club! I really like how it is not exclusive to West Hills. We go out in the community.

Q: What about organizations outside of school?
I am a part of the Worship Team at Pathways Community Church and dance like I mentioned before.

Q: What is your favorite activity to do outside of school?
Dancing is a huge passion of mine so that is something I look forward to after school.

Q: Do you have an idea of what you want to pursue in the future?
Right now, I have my eyes set on Nursing for my future career.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to incoming freshman?
Time management!! Also organization is key is so is staying on top of your homework, it will definitely pay off.

Interview with Natalia Nasrawi

1.What was the hardest thing about running for president of ASB?
I think the hardest thing is still yet to come and that’s going to be the time commitment and stress that will come with it.
2. What is one thing you’re hoping to change for next year?
I am going to try and get more students  involved with the school and come to after school activities and show school spirit.
3. How do you feel about being a senior next year?
I am honestly in shock and it still doesn’t feel real that I’m already going to be a senior. I feel like I was just a freshman in Mr. Peterson’s class and now I’m going to graduate!! It’s just overwhelming and insane.
4..Are you going to graduation?
Yes, I have to go for ASB anyways, but I also am going to see all my senior friends.
5..Are you sad about your senior friends leaving?
Of course I am! ASB is not going to be the same without Cam and Kira and Kendall. I’m glad that they aren’t going too far away, but I’m going to miss seeing them everyday.
6. You are also involved in Class of 2019, how has this affected your school year?
Well, I’ve been in class since freshman year and this year by far is the most stressful due to prom venues and picking class shirts. I also am no longer able to hold a position in class due to being ASB president
7. How is prom planning coming along?
It is very stressful but I think our prom is going to be amazing due to all the amazing people in our club that are putting so much effort in it.
8. What is one thing you’re most looking forward to for next year?
Probably my parking spot that I get since I’m ASB president
9.What was your hardest class you took this year?
Honestly, Algebra 2 Honors was my biggest struggle, but a runner up would be APUSH.
10. What is one thing you recommend to upcoming juniors?
I would tell them not to slack off toward the end of the year because junior year is very crucial to college.


By Kayla Schoenborn

Week 1 of AP exams is over, including one for AP Psychology. There is some lingering evidence of final stretch and what looks like a Mother’s Day message on the ground outside Mr. Vanderhyde’s room written in chalk! One of our library aides who loves painting is transforming a giant cardboard box we got something delivered in this week into a mobile green screen option. It should be ready to test out next week! Also, log into Destiny to see if you have any fines  to clear, as well as any school textbooks or library books you will need to return for the end of the year.

SENIORS! As you plan for graduation, remember you will have the opportunity to purchase your Chromebook for $20. Note Senior Chromebook Buying Days listed on the library twitter and website. Work on clearing any school fines before then. You will receive more info soon in English! A talented library aide recently created an out-of-this world display for our picture book collection. (see picture)


By Alex Leggate

What is your name, age, and grade? Nathan Jones, 17, and Junior.

Do you play any sports? I play football and I played baseball freshman year.

What posistion do you play? I play center, I am the one that Snaps the ball.

Which team are you on? I am on varsity this year, and I was last year.

How did you last season go? It was good except I sprained my ankle so Alex Leggate had to play center for a couple games.
Are you excited for this upcoming season? Very, I am excited to hopefully bring home the league championship.

Who is going to be your biggest contender? Monte Vista by far.

Which game are you looking forward to most? The Mayors Cup. This year it is a league game so even more in on the line.

How is the team looking? Good, we had a couple key players graduate, but we have the right people filling their spots.

How is the line looking? Good, we have more kids filling their spots.

Sophia BEAT

By Sophia Fakhouri

Often times you can find answers to all of your school related questions on Google; it is convenient, user-friendly, and gives you many sources to choose from. But what if you are searching for a piece written by a scholar, a professor, or an Academic Journal that is peer reviewed, this is where Google can falls short. Popular search engines, like Bing and Google, may include sources that are not accredited or trustworthy, especially for a school paper. Thanks to Miss Sannwald, that problem is solved. On the West Hills Library website, she has kindly provided students with online databases that can be extremely useful for research papers.
My personal favorite database is EBSCO Host; this search engine contains a myriad of Academic Journals, articles, and excerpts pertaining to any subject. Whether you are researching social injustice or the science behind genetic disorders, EBSCO has your back. Out of all my research papers I have composed throughout my high school years, the ones containing evidence from EBSCO Host were the most profound.
You can add different tags or descriptive words to find the most accurate article for your subject of interest, which I find convenient. In addition, if you are not on school grounds, but would still like to utilize this resource the username is grossmontu and the password is welcome. I hope you found this article helpful for your future research and I encourage all students to take advantage of this valuable resource.

How to Hobby: Step 3

By Sophia Fakhouri

Fishing derived as a mean of survival in prehistoric times, but has now developed into a recreational activity, sport, and hobby. Eid Fakhouri takes a deep interest in fishing; whether it’s ice fishing in the Rocky Mountains or off the Ocean Beach Pier. He has taken time to master this hobby and enjoys it to its fullest potential. I interviewed Mr. Fakhouri to get more details on his hobby:

Q: When did you begin fishing as a hobby?
A: Probably 5th grade, about 1976.

Q: Why does fishing interest you?
A: I love being outdoors and learning new techniques on how to lure fish. It can also be a social event, my family, and friends also enjoy this hobby. In addition, I like to prepare and cook some of the fish I am allowed to keep.

Q: Where is your favorite place to fish?
A: Ocean Beach Pier and shoreline, Trout fishing in Colorado, ice fishing in Colorado, and even Santee Lakes and Lake Murray. Santee Lakes and Lake Murray are great for beginners.

Q: What is the average time you spend fishing per session?
A: About six hours, it is usually a full day event.

Q: What is the most interesting things you have ever caught?
A: A hat, someone else’s fishing pole, an octopus, my cousins face, oops, and a 125 lb bat ray in Mission Bay.

Q: Who do you enjoy fishing with?
A: Mostly my family, my son especially takes a special interest in the hobby.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add that we have not discussed?
A: As soon as you catch a fish you’ll be hooked on the hobby.

To dive deeper into this hobby and how it was derived, I extracted information from, which you can visit for more information! Taking it back to the beginning, deep sea fishing first became prevalent in the 15th century, but became extremely popular in the 19th century when steamboats were invented. At first, leisurely fishing was reserved for the wealthy class, but became more accessible to everyone with technological advances that produced more equipment at a lower cost. Although fishing is now seen as a sport, in some areas around the world fishing farms and fishermen can be vital to a growing economy. According to, “FAO statistics put the total number of fishermen and fish farmers to approximately 38 million”.

If you are interested in pursuing a hobby in fishing, there are many ways to get started. Santee Lakes offers daily fishing permits for under ten dollars. If your 16 or younger the permit is just six dollars; if you are seventeen or older the permit is nine dollars. At Santee Lakes, they sell poles, hooks, bait, and anything else you may need to launch your fishing hobby. The same thing applies to Lake Murray in La Mesa where you can even rent boats to fish off of. Grab some friends and spend the day fishing and practicing. You may come to find out it holds your interest!

How to Hobby- Night Diving

By Alyssa Jenkins

An interesting and unique hobby is night diving. If you enjoy the ocean,  sea creatures, or adventure this might be the your new hobby. There is not really an objective but to just have fun! Basically you put your mask on, wait until it gets dark and then you jump in the water with a flashlight and take a look at the night sea life. My dad actually goes down underwater and goes lobster hunting. With just a single breath. You try and find a lobster that is big enough (or legal size) and then you can take it and eat it or if you would like you can release it. There are many clubs that you can join to do this sport. This can take as long as you want, 10 minutes to an hour. My dad has been doing this for years and years and it never gets old he says. There is always something new and exciting to see.
Night diving has been around for years. There is not really a date or person that founded this sport. The sport diving and snorkeling was invented first, but then people wanted to catch lobster it made sense to go at night. They are nocturnal.

How to nightdive, all you need is a boat, time, a snorkel or scuba tank if you don’t want to do a single breath hold. You will need gloves, flashlight, and a net for the lobster. Another important thing to bring is a partner! Just to be safe. You want to have someone watching you at all times. You probably will want to do some research on the spot before because it can be kind of scary diving in the dark for the first time. You can take classes and join clubs and take classes to meet people with the same interests.

Beat: Chromebooks

By Alyssa Jenkins

This week is a big week for seniors. If you are a senior you can buy your Chromebook for only $20. Here are the steps. First, you make sure you have returned the signed “Chromebook Purchase Agreement” to your English teacher. Second, on your class visit day, make sure to bring your Chromebook, your charger (if you have it), and $20 cash in exact change. Third, be ready to buy with your Chromebook this week with your senior English class. If you do NOT buy your Chromebook during your class visit. You will need to return to the library ON YOUR OWN TIME to return your Chromebook and charger by WEDNESDAY, May 30th. When returning your Chromebook and charger, you must pay for any damaged or lost items. If you do not buy or return your Chromebook and charger by May 30th you will be billed the full replacement cost of the items and your Chromebook will be locked. The last thing you should be aware of when buying your Chromebook is that you must have all your fines cleared before purchasing your Chromebook. Again, bring your $20 onMay 22nd if you are wanting to buy your chromebook. If you are not planning on buying it, then you must return it no later than May 30th. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


By Alex Leggate

The library has many new and cool things that can be useful to students. One of the library aids put together a little fitness program for students that also has the school schedule. It has a mix of 3-5 different exercises focused on certain muscle groups for certain days. Like Monday will be arms, Tuesday legs, and Wednesday back. Also, you can go to readers and writers club in the library and help recommend books to other students so they can enjoy them as much as you.
The library has a green screen in the back that students can utilize. If you need to film a project for school and want a green screen background there is a room with a large green screen, lights, tripod, and a door to help block out the noise in the library. A new thing one of the library aids made is a scavenger hunt  completely out of original poems and when completed you will receive a prize.