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100 Word Rant

By Avila Ashland


I feel like the deadline to get all of your college requirements done is too soon. At that point in my life I was still unsure about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. If this deadline was pushed back, I would have had more time to decide. I’m still very happy to be staying here and going to community college, it’s still a great option, but I feel really left out when I hear about everyone and how they’re moving for college. I wish I would have had more time to choose to do so. 

100 word rant

By Willoughby

I don’t understand why it’s so hard for teens to get jobs. Someone please explain to me why employers think we are incapable. It saddens me to think I had to wait until I was 18 to get a job when I was perfectly capable of doing work at 16 or 17. I have been applying for jobs for 3 years on and off and right after I turned 18 I got hired at CVS. I want it to be easier for future generations to have jobs but I know that is not a possibility because robots are taking all of our jobs.

ETHAS: Mr. Carman

By Star Gaylord

As a student it is really easy to think of your teachers as just that, teachers. It is really easy to not think of or even realize that they are in fact real people. So, to learn that every teacher has a story, I interviewed Mr. Carman. I asked Mr. Carman questions that ranged from asking about teaching, to hobbies, and to his family.

How many years have you been teaching?

20 years

What subjects do you teach?

U.S. History and American Government

What made you want to become a teacher?

I wanted to be a baseball coach so it led to me teaching.

What is your favorite grade to teach?

Juniors are my favorite.

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?

Chicken shawarma pita

What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?

Go golfing or watching football

What is your favorite sports to watch? To play?

Football, baseball and basketball to watch, golf to play

When you’re having a bad day, what will always make it better?

A nap- a wake up with a fresh perspective

How old are your children?

4 and 6

Do you have a favorite child?

I do not have a favorite. I love them both equally

What is something you are looking forward to experiencing with them/watching them do as they grow up?

Watching them follow their passion.

Who is the funniest person you can think of?

Chris Rock, Mr. Burgess

What is your favorite season?

Summer then fall

What is your dream vacation?

Somewhere it is warm and there’s water

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do with the money?

Quit teaching and contact my financial advisor

I learned much about Mr. Carman and how he is as a person rather than just seeing him as my teacher. I think that it is crazy to think about how all the people in your life and around you aren’t there to just fill up your life. They all have their own families and feelings and hobbies that they enjoy doing. If you ever have a chance to get to know the people around you a little better, especially your teachers, I strongly encourage you to do it!

Beat: Tennis

By Willoughby


Tennis is a sport that originated from northern France and became very popular in England because of King Henry VIII who loved the sport and from there the rest is history. Tennis was not as popular in the states until 1881 when the U.S. National Lawn Tennis Association was formed and from there it became more popular after the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) formed in 1975 that is also when tennis became a widespread sport among high schools. West Hills High School tennis team consists of a Varsity and Junior Varsity Team on the the team they have a variety of skill levels. I personally have played on the team for 3 years and have finished my 4th year . The WHHS tennis team is one of the better teams in our district. We have won all of our matches and hope to keep our streak alive. Most people think of tennis as a boring sport and compare it to golf or rowing. Tennis is an intense game of strategy and skill this game takes strength and mental stamina. You have to know what your opponent’s next move is before they even make it. You have to know how to hit the ball in a way your opponent can’t get to it. Unlike contrary beliefs tennis is not an individual sport it is a team sport because you are all working together to reach the same goal.

ETHAS: Mr. Carman

 By Willoughby

I interviewed Mr. Carman he is my favorite teacher I have ever had. How long have you been teaching; 18 years.

Why did you become a teacher;I wanted to teach the future generations.

What university did you go to ? SDSU.

What’s your favorite part about teaching?

Getting to connect with students.

What style of teaching do you teach with?

Easy going and laid back.

What’s the most students you’ve ever had in a class? 45.

What age did you decide you wanted to become a teacher? 24.

What advice would you give to future teachers? Don’t stress over things you don’t have to.

What advice would you give to future students in your class? Stay on task.

What subject do you teach? Social Science.

What would you do if you weren’t a teacher? I don’t know.

Who do you look up to? My fellow teachers.

Where did you grow up and how has that affected your teaching style? I grew up here (san diego) and it has not affected me greatly.

Are you married? Yes. Do you have social media; No.

ETHAS Mrs. McLaughlin

By Skye Finnestad

For my interview, I chose to interview my favorite English teacher, Mrs. McLaughlin. I think she’s a cool person and I thought interviewing her would be interesting. I asked her 15 questions regarding school and her life. I enjoyed conducting this interview, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Q1: How does it feel to be ending the school year again?

A: It’s definitely exciting and much needed for many of the hard working students in my class.

Q2: How is it working with freshmen vs seniors?

A: Freshmen have high energy and I need to be more creative when I work with them, but they laugh at my jokes! With the seniors, I can have  discussions with them because they are deep thinkers and they transition better than freshmen.

Q3: What’s your favorite work of literature to focus on?

A: Hamlet. Its challenging and complicated and there’s so many twists and turns. It’s never boring. And it has a ghost!

Q4: What’s the hardest part of teaching?

A: Grading papers. It is so time consuming. I lose my whole weekend to grading papers. I hear how great everyone else’s weekend was, but I was grading in my kitchen the whole time.

Q5: Do you prefer teaching freshmen or seniors?

A: I can’t say. There are so many bonuses to both that it’s really hard to pick one. It’s like comparing apples and oranges trying to compare freshmen and seniors.

Q6: Have you ever shipped a couple? Did they end up together?

A: Yes and yes. I’ve had students come to me and ask if they could sit near a crush and after time they would actually end up dating. I just gave ‘em a little nudge in the right direction.

Q7: What’s one thing you would change about West Hills High School if you could?

A: Cliques, there’s way to much emotional drama. Why can’t everyone just be friends? I feel for the kids who get left out or ignored, because I was there at one point too. Kids can just be so harsh.

Q8: Is there another subject or grade you would have taught if you had to? What is it?

A: I originally wanted to teach kindergarten, but after some exposure to the kids and how energetic they were, I knew I couldn’t handle doing it for the rest of my life.  I decided I wanted to teach high school and I went and did all the schooling for it and here I am now.

Q9: What’s one pet peeve you have when it comes to students?

A: Spitting their gum on the floor. Spitting in general is disrespectful, but spitting gum on the floor is even worse.

Q10: What class pet would you have if it was mandatory?

A: If I had to pick one I would pick a dog to kind of go along with the wolfpack!

Q11: How did you and your husband end up together?

A: We actually were set up on a blind date and we really hit it off. We had a really good time, and after about a year, he proposed. I was shocked, because I didn’t want to get married. I said no and so we both went our separate ways. After a few years we got together again and ended up getting married!

Q12: What are your thoughts on love?

A: I think that there is truth in “the right person, wrong time.” If it’s truly meant to be, it will be. You don’t have to force anything with love, everything will come naturally. I’m no love expert though, so don’t quote me.

Q13: If you could offer any piece of advice to teens, what would it be?

A: Focus on yourself and your needs before worrying about anyone else. Your goals and desires are most important in the long run, so set your eye on a goal and work till you get it. Do not let anyone kill your dreams and never let anyone stand in the way. You are  more than capable.

Q14: How do you feel about the school year being just about over?

A: I’m shocked! The time just keeps flying, this year particularly faster than the others. I’m going to miss all my seniors.

Q15: Last question, Team Jacob or Team Edward?

A: Jacob, he’s still living.

I chose to interview Mrs. McLaughlin because she is my favorite teacher and I figured it would make for an interesting interview. I wanted to ask her questions regarding her career and regarding her students. I also ended up asking her a few extra questions.

ETHAS Coach Searls

By Avila Ashland


I chose to interview Coach Searls, a teacher here at West Hills in the Math department because he’s been a super helpful teacher to me whom I’ve learned much from. I know he puts a lot of effort into his career of helping students, so I knew he’d have much to share. He is also a coach. I knew he’d be able to add an interesting side to this interview with his experiences in teaching and coaching.


  1. Q: How long have you been teaching here at West Hills?                  A: 18 years


  1. Q: What other jobs have you had and how do they compare to your current job? A: I worked at a Casino for 5 years, a research project for 2 years, and as a Vet Tech for 3 years. All of the jobs are so drastically different. The casino was helpful when dealing with people, while the other the jobs  had me always doing research and keeping up with latest practices.


  1. Q: How much time, not at school, do you take out of your day to plan lessons, grade papers, etc.? A: About an hour every day, but I spend most Sundays planning for the week.


  1. Q: What are the biggest challenges that come with being a teacher? A: It is difficult to balance student needs with the learning environment. Every student is in a different place when they enter the room and it is hard to sometimes understand that my class is not always the most important aspect of his/her life.


  1.  Q: Is there a part of teaching that you find rewarding?                      A: I love it when a student gets an “ah ha” moment. When it finally clicks for that student.


  1. Q: You also coach swim and water polo, is it hard to balance your coaching and teaching job? A: I make sure that I have hobbies that balance my life outside of school. I do crossfit almost every day and have gotten into obstacle course racing.


  1. Q: Is teaching something you always imagined yourself doing?     A: I was pre-vet in college and then when I returned back to California I realized that I enjoyed working with high school students better than animals.


  1. Q: What made you choose math, what do you like about teaching this subject? A: You hear so often how people do not like math, so I wanted to find a way to assist students that struggle with math find it more enjoyable. You take that first fear away, then the math concepts will follow.


  1. Q: How do you make sure you are reaching every student when kids have all different kinds of learning styles?                                         A: Of course, test and work might show understanding for most, but the ones that struggle you find ways to help them individually and that is one of the reasons it is important to know each student.


  1. Q: What are the similarities and differences between teaching and coaching? A: Coaching is teaching,. It is making sure the athletes know concepts and skills and know how and when to put them into practice.


  1. Q: What is your approach to students who are struggling in your class? A: I try to get them to come in for individual tutoring and I give them websites and other extra learning methods. I have them show understanding in non-traditional ways.


  1. Q: What are the greatest differences between high school now vs. when you were in high school? A: Technology, how much it benefits both teachers and students,. It is also a detriment to student learning. It can be a distraction in the classroom. It has added more bullying, cyber bullying, and has hindered many student’s interpersonal skills.


  1. Q: What is something that you think we students don’t realize we’re lucky to have? A: Also, technology, it is so much easier to look up information when you have questions or need to do research. I would spend hours in the library doing research papers and when I was in my master’s program several years back I was able to find all of that same information without leaving my house.


  1. Q: Is there ever drama within the teaching staff?                                    A: Not that I have witnessed. We are all professionals and we take pride in our careers and drama would not be acceptable in the work place.


  1. Q: What’s your piece of advice for everyone as they graduate from high school? A: Do what you love. If it is not something that can be a career then make it a hobby. You have to love what you do or have something that you love to do. I am lucky enough to love what I do and outside of school love the hobbies I have.

From this interview I learned much about the school experience from another perspective. It was super interesting to hear what Coach’s views and thought process about the education system and teaching students. I found this interview really enlightening to the fact that some teachers really do care and work their hardest to help us succeed and go far.

School Assemblies

by Avila Ashland

To create a sense of community within our school, assemblies are scheduled where we gather together as a school and family to showcase all the cool things going on around campus and all the personal achievements being made. Many students participate on sports teams here at West Hills. To honor them for all their hard work, part of the assembly is set aside to cheer on our athletes. Showing appreciation and respect to our fellow students and peers helps them feel good about their work. An athlete, Alexis Barkley, shares that her favorite part of being in the school assembly is “being able to represent my sport and being there with my team.” Being able to gather together in a fun environment where we can support each other is a positive impact here at school.

Spring Sports ending- Skye

By Skye Finnestad

Softball had their Senior Night on Friday night; it looked very fun and bitter sweet. The dads threw one last softball to their daughters, and the girls took one final lap around the field. Most spring sports are over, however, baseball is still hanging on for dear life. Varsity baseball play a home game against Mount Migel on May 15th at 4pm. They also play another home game against Steele Canyon on May 17th at 4 pm. Other than that, all other spring sports are over!

Beat – Spring Sports

By Skye Finnestad

Swim just had their senior night and that was fun; however, the swim finals are still a thing. Swim is almost over. Varsity softball has been doing really well. They practice often and do great at their games. Softball has their last game on Friday! Baseball has had a rough time, but they’re hanging in there. Baseball has a few games next week and then their year is over. They have lost some players due to ineligibility, which is unfortunate. Tennis and volleyball are over. Spring sports are coming to an end.