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Performing Arts Beat

By Isabella Reed

The performing arts program at West Hills is super talented. The students are very passionate and hardworking, especially when a play is going to be presented. “The teacher Mrs. Edwards is a great teacher and fun to be around”, said students that are taking theater. There are different levels of theater you can take. You can take beginning or advanced and I believe another type. Much is work put into these plays and productions. It can take students a long time to prepare everything.

When you think of a play, you think of the people that are on stage playing a role, but not only are there actors and actresses, there are people in the background that are just as important. The people in charge of lighting, props, and  sound. Without them the play wouldn’t have the amazing outcome is would. Normally plays take a couple (or more) months to perfect. You start off with the auditions, which I imagine would be hard because there are so many talented kids at West Hills. The endless hours of rehearsal and memorizing the script. It’s all worth it in the end.

Interview CYOA

By Anna Parrott 

With graduation very quickly approaching, I wanted to know what thought another senior was having about the upcoming event and the future to come. The following interview is of a male student who wishes to remain anonymous but was eager to share his opinions.

Q: Are you excited for graduation?
A: Yes, I’m so excited! I’ve been counting down the days for the past month.
Q: How many of your family members will be attending graduation?
A:10, I think.
Q: What are you plans after graduation?
A: I will be attending UCSD to major in marine biology.
Q: Are you working over the summer?
A: I have an internship at the Birch Aquarium.
Q: What do you have to do in preparation for graduation?
A: I still haven’t sent out my announcements and I really should have done it last week.
Q: Are you being acknowledged at senior award night?
A: Yes, I got a couple scholarships.
Q: What was your favorite part of senior year?
A: Just being a senior has been my favorite part. Knowing that I’ve spent 4 years at West Hills and that I’m moving on after this.
Q: What was your least favorite part?
A: My senioritis is so bad!
Q: What are you looking forward to in the future?
A: I’m definitely looking forward to my college experience and making new friends.
Q: Will you miss high school at all?
A: I think I will miss seeing my friends every day, but I won’t miss school itself.

AP Testing

By Anna Parrott

One important aspect of senior year is considering taking AP classes. These courses are much more rigorous but the pay-off is tremendous. Not only do AP classes better prepare you for the intensity of college, but you can also get college credit for that course if you pass the AP test. That is amazing because you will not have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for that same class at your university. Also, you could potentially graduate early from college if you have enough credits already taken care of.

However, if you’ve never taken an AP test before, there are a few things you should know and consider beforehand. For instance, it’s important to know that each individual AP test costs around $90. This sounds like a lot but fee waivers are available if you cannot afford the price. Additionally, AP tests take place on school days and can range anywhere from 2-4 hours long depending on the course and can be in the morning or afternoon so you do not have to worry about going to school on that day. It is crucial to study  before the test and to get plenty of rest the day before. From personal experience of taking several AP tests throughout my years in high school, I can say that they are great opportunities to challenge yourself academically and to help prepare for your future.

AJ Interview with Ryan Fagan

Q: How has the state of theatre been since I last interviewed you?

A: It’s been alright, the class as a whole, especially the new freshman are showing great strides towards where we need them to be for our play, “the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee.”

Q2: How has the state of quior been since I last interviewed you?

A2: Well, we have have great talent here and we’re beyond willing and able to work through any adversity as a team.

Q3: Which year would you say has been your favourite year of theatre thus far?

A4: So far it’s been this year because I’ve been able to take a leadership role, and be a mentor for everyone else. It’s very enjoyable.

Me: Thanks Ryan! Always a pleasure!

Volleyball Game Review

by Devin Craig

Last Saturday, the girls volleyball team had a tragic loss. West Hills lost 2 out of 3 sets in the match . The girls put up a great effort against their opponents, La Jolla. Many great serves were dealt by West Hills; however, their competition was able to counter them with excellence. West Hills was able to score often at the beginning of the match, but towards the end  West Hill’s defense was struggling due to lack of morale and conflicting views. In order to win more games, West Hills will need to learn how to work together as a more effective team.

Theater Update

by Chloe Yeager

Theater has been working on furthering the production for their fall show.  The informational poster has been made and the program hopes to start promoting the event soon. In advanced theater the students have been working on finishing up “dreamscapes” which gives the illusion that you are in a dream like state and the actor/actress does not talk.

With all that the theater production class has been memorizing their lines. Most of their time has been put toward preparing for the play and making sure no obstacles come up as the date of production approaches.


by D’vir Mona

            West Hills is very diverse in ethnicities and religions. There are many people that attend our school that don’t live in Santee, So that’s where I think the diversity comes from. Most of the races at West Hills include: Caucasian, Hispanic, Arab, African American. I believe it is good that our school is so diverse because it brings us closer together and forgets the issue of racism.

         Diversity in ethnicity also includes diversity in beliefs. I’d say most of the WHHS population is Christian, Catholic, Mormon, and Muslim. This shows that even tho our diverse school believes in different things, we still are banded together! This shows the diversity in our school.


3D Art Update

by Skye Finnestad

This week, 3D Art has been focusing on creating stabiles out of wood. First they did some research on the man who first created the stabiles. They found out how they were made, what they were made of, where they were placed. Next, they drew their own shapes, 15 geometric, 15 organic, and 15 shadows. From these shapes, they colored in their three favorite from each group. Then they redrew them onto bigger pieces of paper, cut them out, and began to shape them together, each stabile including three shapes. Out of the three stabiles created, they then picked their favorite one! They then were given a flat piece of wood and supplies they need, and were sent to work. From there, the students drew their designs on the piece of wood and began to saw them out.  Once all the pieces are cut out, the students will sand them down, paint them, and connect them.

App Review: Bath and Body Works

by Carly Ana Bockstahler

Today I am reviewing the Bath and Body Works app. The app was released in the Apple store on August 29th, 2017. Basically when using the  Bath and Body works app you are given the availability to  earn rewards, access offers, find a store locations near you, scan and save, and appreciate member’s only exclusive. The app version is 1.0. This app is free when purchasing in the Apple store. The platforms that the app requires is ios 9.0 or later, and compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch. The appropriate audience that is suggested to use the app is aged 4+. The visual layout of the app is quite appealing. The red, white and blue color scheme looks very exceptional when brought together. This app has no sound. An unfortunate downside to the app is it is currently only available in LA and Chicago. Although, until you are able to sign up for the bath and body works emails to be notified when the app is useable where you desire. Also, the app is only available in English.

There are some upsides. This app keeps history to ensure that you will receive your rewards once you earn them. You can save products that you would rather purchase later in your wishlist. If the app is having some technical difficulties, you can contact the customer care at the bath and body works email or by calling 1-800-869-0158. The app is recommended to women who travel an abundant amount of times and come across a Bath and Body Works often. You help save the environment when using the app because the app My Bath and Body Works is digital and the coupons given out after you make your purchase are made from paper. The app has a notification settings to alert you when something significant in the store, online, and on the app occurs.  

AJ App Review

My overall outtake, as a two year use of this app was positive. The only major complaint I had was in regards to the difficulties presented when entering the app. That said, there were a few glitches that carried on from the 2016 version of the app. For example, I always lose points when driving through the red light, with no control of the car at that moment in time. Another issue I had was the prices. It is expensive. It’s hard to not see their reasoning for making prices the way they are when keeping in mind the profit that they aim for to create a better game. The game also gets slower when in high quality due to poor connection.

Now focusing on the many positive aspects of this game. This game is very fun and addicting. It has many different maps and options to go with for whatever your desire. It also has many different cars to chose from, which can appeal to different types of people based on what cars they like. This game also helps new drivers get a handle on what to and not to do when driving. Ultimately, I have spent many hours on this game and plan to spend  more thanks to the way they designed it. This game is far from perfect, but there is reason to be optimistic.