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by Sandiela Dimatulac

As the beginning of the school year kicks off, we celebrate in numerous ways across campus. From football games to spirit assemblies, pep rallies and dress up weeks; we come together as students and staff to show our excitement for the 2017-2018 school year. But who, you ask, is responsible for the endless school events that take place? Well, that would be our student body government, ASB. I spoke with ASB’s Commissioner of Student Affairs, Natalia Nasrawi, to get insight on upcoming events and the experiences she has had in her last two years of ASB.
When asked about anything exciting currently going on in ASB, Natalia informed me of two events going on this friday: the Mayor’s Cup football game against Santana High School and the Alarm Clock Pep Rally. Though both of these will be all fun and games for the students, it is hard work ASB students. I asked Natalia what it’s like to be in ASB while balancing her time with her other classes as well. She responded with, “It gets a little too much sometimes, but in the end it all pays off.” Natalia enjoys ASB very much and says that preparing for homecoming, football games, and pep rallies have been her favorite aspects of this year’s ASB.


by d’vir mona

We are competing this week with SHS to see who has more spirit for our upcoming Mayor’s Cup. It is a very important week for both WHHS and SHS. We are rival schools and are always competing to get ahead. Mayor’s Cup, this year, is more important than the last because it is on our home turf!

ASB is working very hard to make sure both sides are going to have a great game. Posters, banners, etc. are being made for this game to show we mean business. If we lose to SHS we won’t hear the end of it until next year, so winning is definitely a must. GO WEST HILLS!


Sarah Shields

This week is dress-up week for the Wolfpack! Monday is dress up is nerd attire. On Tuesday dress as a toddler. Then  Wednesday’s Hip Hop was cancelled so we’re blue for West Hills on Wednesday. Thursday is Hawaiian day so make sure to wear your floral shirts and lays. Friday is game day! Deck out in all blue to support the Pack football team. Friday morning is an alarm clock pep rally and the News will be there! Bring all your beads and pom poms. Tonight at 7 get ready to watch the West Hills Wolfpack feed the Santana Sultan’s on our home field for the Mayor’s Cup bring your most spirited self and cheerful yelling voices to cheer on our boys Friday morning at the pep rally. ASB will reveal the theme of our 2018 homecoming. So make sure to be there for this exciting event with your fellow Wolfpackers.


by Ashley Pacheco
West hills High School ASB is an elective filled with spirited students representing the pack with pride. ASB is a group of students mature enough to handle the freedom and duties of being apart of the class. Constantly being role models to the students of West Hills High School. They prepare many activities and events for the school to be involved in!

For example, this week August 28th – September 1st is dress-up (rivals week) week against Santana . Dress up week consists of five different themes for each day as we compete against our Rivals the Santana Sultans.

To start off the week:

Monday is nerds vs jocks, so make sure to show off your true self. Tuesday is toddlers vs elders so make sure to show off your 4 year side.

Wednesday approaches make sure to come in the best hip hop outfit you got. It’s hip hop vs Rock!

Thursday is tropical vs country.

Friday wear your school color; come all decked out in BLUE!

Therefore, each and every student apart of the ASB Class participates in the putting together of these special spirited weeks. getting us all prepared and pumped to win the football game for the seventh year in a row! Taking home the Mayor’s Cup once again! The Mayor’s Cup is a trophy to prove to the residents of Santee which school truly has the stronger side. As we West Hills students would like to say. So, make sure to participate in this weeks dress up and come out to the football game at 7:00 pm against our biggest rivals completely covered in blue. You won’t want to miss our WIN!


by Alyssa Jenkins
This week is one of the most spirited weeks of the whole year. The West Hills ASB collaborated with Santana’s ASB and honor of the Rivalry football game this Friday the Mayor Cup. West Hills ASB did an amazing job on making dress up days this week. Monday was nerds for West Hills and jocks for Santana. Tuesday was toddlers for West Hills and Elders for Santana. Pop for West Hills and rock and roll for Santana. Thursday was tropical for West Hills and Country for Santana. Lastly, Friday is school colors for both schools
Another exciting event that West Hills has this week is the alarm clock pep rally Friday at 6:15 a.m.! KUSI News is actually going to be in the gym getting everyone ready for the big game. This is a big deal for West Hills because Santana has always gone the KUSI News Channel at their school gym for the alarm clock pep rally. This is one of the most spirited weeks of the whole year.