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Performing Arts Beat

By Isabella Reed

The performing arts program at West Hills is super talented. The students are very passionate and hardworking, especially when a play is going to be presented. “The teacher Mrs. Edwards is a great teacher and fun to be around”, said students that are taking theater. There are different levels of theater you can take. You can take beginning or advanced and I believe another type. Much is work put into these plays and productions. It can take students a long time to prepare everything.

When you think of a play, you think of the people that are on stage playing a role, but not only are there actors and actresses, there are people in the background that are just as important. The people in charge of lighting, props, and  sound. Without them the play wouldn’t have the amazing outcome is would. Normally plays take a couple (or more) months to perfect. You start off with the auditions, which I imagine would be hard because there are so many talented kids at West Hills. The endless hours of rehearsal and memorizing the script. It’s all worth it in the end.

AJ Interview with Ryan Fagan

Q: How has the state of theatre been since I last interviewed you?

A: It’s been alright, the class as a whole, especially the new freshman are showing great strides towards where we need them to be for our play, “the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee.”

Q2: How has the state of quior been since I last interviewed you?

A2: Well, we have have great talent here and we’re beyond willing and able to work through any adversity as a team.

Q3: Which year would you say has been your favourite year of theatre thus far?

A4: So far it’s been this year because I’ve been able to take a leadership role, and be a mentor for everyone else. It’s very enjoyable.

Me: Thanks Ryan! Always a pleasure!

Theater Update

by Chloe Yeager

Theater has been working on furthering the production for their fall show.  The informational poster has been made and the program hopes to start promoting the event soon. In advanced theater the students have been working on finishing up “dreamscapes” which gives the illusion that you are in a dream like state and the actor/actress does not talk.

With all that the theater production class has been memorizing their lines. Most of their time has been put toward preparing for the play and making sure no obstacles come up as the date of production approaches.

3D Art Update

by Skye Finnestad

This week, 3D Art has been focusing on creating stabiles out of wood. First they did some research on the man who first created the stabiles. They found out how they were made, what they were made of, where they were placed. Next, they drew their own shapes, 15 geometric, 15 organic, and 15 shadows. From these shapes, they colored in their three favorite from each group. Then they redrew them onto bigger pieces of paper, cut them out, and began to shape them together, each stabile including three shapes. Out of the three stabiles created, they then picked their favorite one! They then were given a flat piece of wood and supplies they need, and were sent to work. From there, the students drew their designs on the piece of wood and began to saw them out.  Once all the pieces are cut out, the students will sand them down, paint them, and connect them.

Beat: “This Week in Art”


by Devin Craig

“What are you doing in art this week?”

We are drawing a collage of things that represent us. Basically our character traits and stuff like that.”

“What are you looking forward to the most this year in art?”

“I am looking forward to learning to techniques. I just want to be better at drawing.”

“How was your first week of art overall?”

“The first week was great! The class itself is really fun and my teacher is hilarious.”

Beat – 9/1

by Chloe Yeager

The start of the Arts! We have an amazing Arts program here at West Hills. Here is a little about our theater and choir programs.

In theater, the behind the scenes portion of the production is part of the reason the show runs so beautifully. This week our backstage crew has been learning all the rules of safety to acknowledge when running the show. The actresses/actors are working on perfecting their ensembles in order to prepare for the show.

West Hills choir is also an amazing way to show how talented the students at West Hills are. Recently our choir participated in a Foreigner competition on Tuesday performing Mr.Blue sky. Unfortunately our choir had some tough competition and did not come in first but earned a $500 reward for being voted top five in the competition. Currently our choir is preparing an arrangement of songs to perform at the winter concert coming soon.

Beat 9/1

by Carly Bockstahler

On August 29th there is a choir concert in Chula Vista. There are going to be five different choir organizations. We are all going to perform on stage for a cash reward of 2,000 dollars. If we win we are going to perform with the famous, well-known band Foreigner.

The choir organization is having a winter concert at West Hills. The concert is planned to happen on the first of December. Though the West Hills High School choir organization is trying to push the date to December 14th. This is one of the biggest events for West Hills Performing Arts.

Although Rielly Mock is not as involved in choir as the other two candidates she still has some insight. There are going to be numerous fundraisers to helps raise money for the organization. Following the winter concert by a few months, there will be a spring concert also at West Hills. At the end of the choir year, the whole class gets to go to Disneyland to perform. She is not aware of the dates in when these events are happening, but as soon as she knows, she will inform me.