Back to school Interview

by David

Interview #1, back to school- Nolan Smith

David: Thank you for the opportunity to interview you. I’m here to ask you about back to school. so,What is your favorite part about back to school, Nolan?

Nolan: I would say getting to see people I didn’t get to see over summer is pretty cool.

David: Fair enough, and I agree. On the flip-side, what is your least favorite part (of b.t.s.)?

Nolan: Homework is my least favorite part by far.


David: Oh as every kid’s is as well, I’d assume. Do you enjoy your classes though?

Nolan: Yeah, a few are starting very slow though, so they can be boring.

David: I’m sorry to hear that, I certainly hope they start gaining traction soon. What is your favorite class this year so far?

Nolan: I’d say Principles of Engineering with Mr. Sklenicka.

David: Sounds like an interesting class. What would have you done differently in your first week of school?

Nolan: In the first week I could have sat next to new people instead of my friends, so I could meet new people.

David: Interesting, it’s good to separate from your bungee cord buddy. What would you not change about what you did?

Nolan: I would not change sitting next to my friends in my AP Government class.

David: Fair enough, your friends often make the class. Are you content with being a senior already?

Nolan: I’m still getting used to it being my senior year, but I’m happy with it.

David: Fair enough, I feel the same. What was your favorite year of high school so far?

Nolan: My favorite year… probably junior year, but I feel senior year will be even better.

David: I feel the exact same, senior year is certainly an exciting time. What was your least favorite year?

Nolan: My least favorite year was sophomore year, I just wasn’t a big fan of my classes, it was just a boring year.

David: That makes sense, I’m glad the next year was better for you. Final question, what is your least favorite class this year?

Nolan: That’s a tough choice, but the one I enjoy the least is Photo with Miss Hinkle, I was just put into it instead of 3D Design. It’s a good class though.

David: How unfortunate, I hope you come to enjoy it. Well, thus concludes our interview. Thank you for joining me today, Nolan. It was a pleasure.

CYOA: Survey results

by Cameron Brooks

                                  Math               English            World lang.          History                Other

Favorite class? 5 2 0 8 11

                           Football            Baseball            Basketball          Volleyball             Other

Favorite sport event to attend at WHHS? 13 1 1 3 8

Yes                                              No

Attend the plays? 13 13

Yes                                   No                            Somewhat

Enjoy School? 6 12 8

                           Math               English           World Lang.          History               Other

Least favorite class 7 10 0 3 6

Summary: During this survey I chose 26 people at random after school in the pit from different  grade levels. The first question, ¨What is your favorite subject,¨garnered results which differed slightly from what I would have originally thought. Other was the most popular result, which I expected as the other classes not listed are electives which the student gets to pick. However, I did not expect math to do as well as it did and I expected world language to at least get some votes. Most people I know seem to despise math and generally enjoy the language they chose to take. The next question,¨Favorite sport,¨ gave expected results with football being the most popular followed by other which includes tennis, water polo, and wrestling. The third question,¨Do you watch the plays,¨ gave a perfectly even 50/50 split and from what I noticed most females chose yes and most males chose no. The fourth question again gave expected results with only 6 out of 26 students surveyed saying they enjoy coming to school and 12 out of 26 saying they do not with the rest somewhat enjoying the experience. The final question also provided interesting results with nobody choosing world language as their least favorite class and most people picking English as the worst. Math came in a close second along with other. This survey was designed to get student´s opinions on their classes and the events that occur on campus such as the plays and sporting events.

CYOA Final Draft

CYOA Written Interview

At almost every school there are dress codes that are enforced. Some common rules include: fingertip length shorts, two finger width straps and no inappropriate writing or graphics. The main purpose of these dress codes are to rid schools and educational environments of distractions. However, the codes can have the opposite effect. To get opinions and first hand insight on this topic, I interviewed a senior from West Hills, Gina Cazares.

Q: Would you consider fashion to be one of the ways that you express yourself?

A: Yes.

Q: How does dress code limit this kind of self expression?

A: It makes it harder for me to feel comfortable and confident in what I’m wearing.

Q: Do you usually follow the school dress code? Why or why not?

A: No because the clothing I like to wear is considered to be inappropriate for school.

Q: What are some of the positives of a dress code?

A: I can’t think of any.

Q: What are some negatives?

A: I can’t express myself, it’s unrealistic, and during the beginning/ end of school its very hot and I can’t wear shorts.

Q: Are dress codes more strict on males or females?

A: Females.

Q: Why do you think this is?

A: Because trends for girls are different like long shorts are not a fashion standard for girls but they are for guys so it’s easier for girls to get dress coded.

Q: Can you tell me about a time when you were dresscoded?

A: I was wearing a loose shirt and I was running to class and the shirt came up for brief second.

Q: Do you think you should have been dresscoded in this situation?

A: No.

Q: Why or why not?

A: Because if I were standing normally the shirt would be a dress code issue.

CYOA Survey: Answers To The Universe

by Sara Willis

This past week I asked West Hills students and staff several need to know questions. When asked if they prefer swimming or running, seventeen said they would rather swim and only eight prefer running (given that they are the cross country stars). If you have never tried a slushie from the ASB store, ten people would recommend the red slushee, eight would recommend mixed and seven say blue. The Chargers don’t seem to be a fan favorite at West Hills because only four people say they will still support them. Five people said they wouldn’t and sixteen say they never did. Are you wondering what sport to support? If so, eleven people favor Winter sports, eight prefer Spring sports and six are for Fall. West Hills loves math! When asked what what their favorite subject is, nine people say math, seven for science, five enjoy english the most, three say history and three for spanish. Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream? Survey says thirteen people would rather have frozen yogurt and twelve would rather have ice cream. This may be a highly controversial subject, but twenty-three people say golf IS a sport over the two that do not. The things you can find out if you just ask.


Swimming or Running?

Swimming 17
Running 8

Red, Blue or Mixed Slushee?

Red 10
Blue 7
Mixed 8

Fall, Spring or Winter Sports?

Fall 6
Winter 11
Spring 8

What is your favorite subject?

Math 9
Science 7
English 5
History 3
Spanish 3

Are you still going to support the Chargers?

Yes 4
No 5
Never Did 16

Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?

Froyo 13
Ice Cream 12

Do you consider golf a sport?

Yes 23
No 2


Final Draft Survey: Journalism

  1. Do you think West Hills ASB brings school spirit?
Yes: 21
No: 4
  1. Do you enjoy ASB-run events like school assemblies and pep rallies?
Yes: 15
No: 10
  1. Do you think our ASB could be doing a better job at these activities?
Yes: 19
No: 6
  1. Do you think our ASB is an accurate representation of the people at West Hills?
Yes: 17
No: 8
  1. Do you think we are a spirited school?
Yes: 20
No: 5
  1. Do you participate in class/ASB elections?
Yes: 15
No: 10
  1. Do you consider posters as an effective way of spreading information?
Yes: 13
No: 12
  1. Do you participate in class dress-up days?
Yes: 10
No: 15
  1. Did you enjoy HOWL day?
Yes: 20
No: 5
  1. Do you participate in things like blood drives (if qualified) or food drives run by ASB?
Yes: 7
No: 18