Teen Center & Bus

by Avia Ashland

The Santee Teen Center has an after school recreation program. It’s mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment for teens where they’re shown respect and get a feel for the kindness in the community. The City of Santee offers an after-school bus to students for grades 6-8. It picks them up from their school then transports them to the Santee Teen Center at the Lakes. Although transportation is only offered up to grade 8 anyone seventeen and under can attend and be part of the fun. The Center is open everyday after school from 2:30-6:00pm, adjusting to the local schools schedules, closing on all school holidays and weekends. A membership with registration is required for a small fee and can be turned in at the Santee City Hall or Teen Center at the Lakes. An annual membership is $44 for Santee residents, $59 for non-residents, and $5 per day, though your first day is free. You can come and experience the vibe and decide if it’s something you’d like to participate in and be part of or not.

The Teen Center is a fun place to go because it’s fully equipped with computers, a kitchen, outdoor space, and a pool table. A monthly calendar is posted online so you always know what new exciting events may be taking place there. Some activities often organized are trips to the library, sports, fishing, games, bike riding, pool table, board games, crafts, cooking, video games, computer programming,and much more. They also have on site tutors prepared to help any students with their after school assignments. Additional fun events they offer are city hall dances that any teen center members in grades 6-9 may attend. Teens stay safely supervised by CPR and First Aid certified Santee employees. Parents you can feel safe leaving your children. The Teen Center is a great, safe opportunity for students to go to after school where they can make friends and spend time away from their technological devices and enjoy the environment around them.


by d’vir mona

We are competing this week with SHS to see who has more spirit for our upcoming Mayor’s Cup. It is a very important week for both WHHS and SHS. We are rival schools and are always competing to get ahead. Mayor’s Cup, this year, is more important than the last because it is on our home turf!

ASB is working very hard to make sure both sides are going to have a great game. Posters, banners, etc. are being made for this game to show we mean business. If we lose to SHS we won’t hear the end of it until next year, so winning is definitely a must. GO WEST HILLS!


by Skye Finnestad

This week West Hills High School and Santana High School competed in a spirit week! The dress up days were nerds vs jocks, toddlers vs elders, hip hop vs rock, tropical vs country, and the last day is school colors! Unfortunately, hip hop day was said to be considered racist and offensive, therefore it was “scratched.” However, this spirit week was a great way to get everyone involved and excited for the Mayor’s Cup this Friday! Speaking of which, ASB has organized an alarm clock pep rally Friday morning at 6:15 in the gym to really pump everyone up! The news will be there to cover how excited we are about the game and how the boys feel about it. And of course, there’s the pep rally at lunch on Friday as well to really show the Pack support, so there is no acceptable excuse to miss it! Make sure you show your spirit at the Mayor’s Cup tomorrow! Come decked out in blue and black and join the spirit section to hype everyone up and show Wolf Pack support!


Sarah Shields

This week is dress-up week for the Wolfpack! Monday is dress up is nerd attire. On Tuesday dress as a toddler. Then  Wednesday’s Hip Hop was cancelled so we’re blue for West Hills on Wednesday. Thursday is Hawaiian day so make sure to wear your floral shirts and lays. Friday is game day! Deck out in all blue to support the Pack football team. Friday morning is an alarm clock pep rally and the News will be there! Bring all your beads and pom poms. Tonight at 7 get ready to watch the West Hills Wolfpack feed the Santana Sultan’s on our home field for the Mayor’s Cup bring your most spirited self and cheerful yelling voices to cheer on our boys Friday morning at the pep rally. ASB will reveal the theme of our 2018 homecoming. So make sure to be there for this exciting event with your fellow Wolfpackers.


by Ashley Pacheco
West hills High School ASB is an elective filled with spirited students representing the pack with pride. ASB is a group of students mature enough to handle the freedom and duties of being apart of the class. Constantly being role models to the students of West Hills High School. They prepare many activities and events for the school to be involved in!

For example, this week August 28th – September 1st is dress-up (rivals week) week against Santana . Dress up week consists of five different themes for each day as we compete against our Rivals the Santana Sultans.

To start off the week:

Monday is nerds vs jocks, so make sure to show off your true self. Tuesday is toddlers vs elders so make sure to show off your 4 year side.

Wednesday approaches make sure to come in the best hip hop outfit you got. It’s hip hop vs Rock!

Thursday is tropical vs country.

Friday wear your school color; come all decked out in BLUE!

Therefore, each and every student apart of the ASB Class participates in the putting together of these special spirited weeks. getting us all prepared and pumped to win the football game for the seventh year in a row! Taking home the Mayor’s Cup once again! The Mayor’s Cup is a trophy to prove to the residents of Santee which school truly has the stronger side. As we West Hills students would like to say. So, make sure to participate in this weeks dress up and come out to the football game at 7:00 pm against our biggest rivals completely covered in blue. You won’t want to miss our WIN!


by Alyssa Jenkins
This week is one of the most spirited weeks of the whole year. The West Hills ASB collaborated with Santana’s ASB and honor of the Rivalry football game this Friday the Mayor Cup. West Hills ASB did an amazing job on making dress up days this week. Monday was nerds for West Hills and jocks for Santana. Tuesday was toddlers for West Hills and Elders for Santana. Pop for West Hills and rock and roll for Santana. Thursday was tropical for West Hills and Country for Santana. Lastly, Friday is school colors for both schools
Another exciting event that West Hills has this week is the alarm clock pep rally Friday at 6:15 a.m.! KUSI News is actually going to be in the gym getting everyone ready for the big game. This is a big deal for West Hills because Santana has always gone the KUSI News Channel at their school gym for the alarm clock pep rally. This is one of the most spirited weeks of the whole year.