The Indie way of Life

by Olivia DiSabatino

Indie is not the way you dress, the music you listen to, it is how you think and your personality. The Indie population is based upon people who do not follow everything mainstream that the public  expects one to follow. Indies do not dress a certain trend because it is popular, but because they like it themselves. The Indie Lifestyle is very interesting. They are a just typical people who double think about their environment, surroundings or what they choose to support; whether it is political leaders, movies, entertainment in general, brands, and social issues.  There are many different categories that fall under the Indie genre, whether it is music or movies. I personally love the Indie music genre and this article will be a bit like a review of Indie music.

    About seven months ago I started getting involved with Indie music because I was tired of the constant tunes playing on the radio and wanted to try something a bit different. The main reason of what sparked my desire to get involved with the genre was Harry Styles debut album, ‘HARRY STYLES’, his album was a rock alternative and I really enjoyed the album and wished I was familiar with more bands like this. I will be honest, Indie music is definitely not for everyone, especially those who listen to pop 24/7. There are many different Indie bands. My personal favorite would include ‘Foster the People’, a french band, ‘Phoenix’, ‘Bahamas’, and ‘Vance Joy’. Of course, I listen to so many more artists, but these are my all time favorite artists. If you are a newbie and are interested in some new Indie tunes, I recommend getting the free Spotify app and listening to the ‘Ultimate Indie’ album that Spotify creates for its listeners!