Beat, counseling

by Isabella Reed

This week I diverted my attention towards the counseling office and counselors in general. Since it is the beginning of the school year the counselors are being bombarded with students trying to switch their schedule around. I went up to counseling and got a class changed and there were so many kids waiting in line to see if they were able to get a new schedule. I was able to, but many others were not as fortunate. Many classes are being filled quickly or it is not good for their academic career. Many students are still trying to make appointments at times when their assigned counselor is not busy.

I decided to think about what the counselors are currently going through. They said the beginning of the school year is the time when they are the most busy and stressful. They have the students to worry about, but they still have to do their own personal work as well and attend meetings. They are sending slips down very frequently to meet with their student. I have gotten one of these slips as well. So far they are doing a decent job at balancing their priorities even though they are extremely busy.


by Katie Willoughby


How do you feel about the dress code? Good or Bad? Good 14 Bad  26
Do you personally follow the dress code? Yes or No? Yes  12 No 28
Do you think we should have a dress code? Yes or No? Yes 33 No 7
What dress code enforcement do you think is the most rediculous? (shorts or shoulders) Shoulders 13 Shorts 27
Why do you think we have a dress code? So people wear reasonable outfits for school 14 To protect people 26


I surveyed 40 people in the course of one week 20 of them were girls on my tennis team and the other 20 were picked at random. I asked them about their opinions on the dress code. I believe the dress code should be enforced but change throughout the seasons. Fifteen out of Twenty students had good feelings toward the dress code and the other twenty five had bad feelings about this. Most of them said it was because they wanted freedom of expression and they feel the dress code inhibits that. 10 out of the 40 people I asked said they do follow the dress code but even then some of them said they have been dress coded. The other 30 students said they do not follow the dress code, but most of them have been dress coded. The majority of students said West Hills should have a dress code because it keeps people dressing in a respectful manner. The most ridiculous dress code infraction was determined to be shorts. Most people thought the dress code was put in place to protect people. The other surveyees said it was put in place to prevent people from dressing to scandalously. All in all most people thought the dress code needed a little bit of changing but in all it is fair.  


CYOA: Campus Poll/ Survey

by Taylor Hobbs

For my CYOA assignment this week I chose to take a campus poll in order to see the most common recurrences throughout the different grades. I found that the majority of freshman and sophomores had six classes that were most often periods two through seven. Juniors and seniors had either five or six classes that were one through six or one through five. Almost all of the students said that going home/ leaving the grounds was the best part about their school day, lunch came in second. For seniors, juniors, and freshman the most commonly picked answer for “Which type of classes are your favorite?” was art. The sophomores most commonly chosen answer of the same question was history. The grade that I had the most answers were seniors, so there was more of a variety. However, a decent amount of all grades, freshman, sophomores, and juniors, did supply a good amount of answers for each question. All in all, I learned that seniority does rule and that the juniors and seniors often get the best of the best of schedules.

App Review

by Devin Craig

“Pocket Mortys” is an enticing game that will make you angry at times; however, that anger will push you to succeed in the game. In “Pocket Mortys”, you play as a man named Rick Sanchez who wants to get his portal gun back from the council of Ricks. In order to do this you have to take Rick to different dimensions and defeat the other Morty trainers that await you. Getting to these trainers is a difficult task because many other trainers stand in your way. Luckily, you can capture different types of Mortys while you are in other dimensions and build up your arsenal. Some pros of this game include it’s variety of collectable characters as well as it’s smooth gameplay. In addition it has some of the best graphics and intricacy that I have ever seen in a mobile game. For the cons of this game sometimes the levels are too difficult and you’ll find yourself spending days on a single dimension struggling to fight others because of your low health that you cannot recover. If you want to get more Mortys you have to make micro transactions in the game. All in all I would give this game a 9/10. Everyone should definitely give this game a try. You will not regret it.

BEAT – Library/Counseling

by Kayla Schoenborn
On Monday and Wednesday of this week the Library has been closed during 7th period due to lack of staffing! Mrs. Sanwald wants to remind students that if students lose anything with a name on it in the library, then they can get the items back to students. This includes Chromebooks! If students lose phones and they can’t identify them; they send them to VP secretaries. If students lose small items like water bottles or sweatshirts, they have a new lost & found area by the sign-in counter. Here is a picture:

Mrs. Bean informed me that there are many misconceptions about things like sports and PE credits. She wants students to know that for every season of a sport that is completed you get one semester of PE. You must meet all the requirements for the sport though, so that means participating in a certain number of meets or games. Also, for students who may not know, the counseling office is located above the library and you are welcome anytime but you should email your counselor first. When you get to the front desk, make sure to sign in! And if your counselor’s door is closed or they are with another student there is a waiting area. When they are ready they will come out and call you in. Don’t be afraid to talk to your counselor! They are there for you for whatever your needs, unless it is out of their region of expertise.