America’s Got Talent Grand Finale

by Olivia DiSabatino

Last night, September 21, I had the privilege of attending the season 12 grand finale of America’s Got Talent. I was invited by Tyra Banks personal stylist, Joanna Konjevod. I had VIP tickets, so I was very up close and personal during the production of the show. I saw the contestants, the judges, stylists, wardrobe changes, music, lights and so on.

  Tyra Banks looked stunning in her Fouad Sarkis nude outfit, her makeup was ever less and the hair was just as amazing. The show was two hours long with commercial breaks every 10 minutes. It was a live show at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

    Many others asked if the producers constantly told you what to do and how to behave at the live show, but the answer is not really! They would tell you at commercial breaks to get up on your feet and clap, but besides that, they do not stage anything. It was quite an interesting experience seeing the talented contestants performing, seeing the four judges buzz away, seeing the personal stylists fix the dresses of the celebrities. In the front row were many spectators with their laptops reviewing the performance. They did not participate in cheering, or standing up, it was like they weren’t even there. They were writing away!

    After the total of twelve episodes on AGT the winner was claimed at the last performance, America was heard. The fabulous winner was Ms. Darcy Lynn! She acted with her puppet, Petunia, and sung her heart out! It is interesting because there is now an eleven-year-old millionaire!