Brow Revolution

Over the hundreds of years, both men and women have expressed themselves through makeup, whether it’s a fun lip color, blush, eyes, and now brows. I recently watched the ‘100 years of brows’ on Allures youtube channel, and recommend if you are interested in the history!
Over the years there have been many icons that have shared their brows to the world and started brow revolutions, the current 2010 brow icon, is English Fashion Model, and Actress, Cara Delevingne, with her Power Bro movement. Women throughout the 21st century have kept their brows clean, and well manicured, while Cara has completely gone past that with a fun and bushy bold look. The more the better is her claim.
Personally, I have never done much to my brows, I have usually just waxed or tweezed them and that was about it, but now I am following the revolution and doing a bit of tricks myself. This following article will show you my brow routine!
I haven’t waxed my brows in about 3 months and now I am embracing my hairy brows, and emphasizing them a bit. I wanted to try some cheap drugstore products since I was new to doing my brows and wanted to experiment.
I have five products that I have been using which consist of gels, liners, and brushes! Yes, it seems like quite a lot but I definitely enjoy using them and love being apart of the Brow Revolution!
Here’s my EyeBrow Routine!
First I start off with brushing throughout my brows in an upward motion to make sure I have a good starting line of where I want my brows to be.
I then use the NYX Eyebrow powder pencil in the shade Auburn and fill in my brows, and then use the NYX Micro Brow pencil in the shade Ash Brown. (They are both very different colors, and I use them both because I do have different colored brows).
I brush through my brows once again to evenly make sure my color is spot on and looks a bit natural but very emphasized.
Then I will go in with a gel, to make sure my brows stay in place all day. I have been loving the Maybelline ‘Great Lash’ mascara in clear, which can be used for both brows and eyelashes. Or I will go in with the Rimmel ‘Brow This Way’ in Medium Brown if I want my brows to be a bit more emphasized.
That is all I do to my brows and look forward to being creative and trying new things!

  • Olivia DiSabatino