App Review

by  Isabella Reed

I have downloaded many apps in my lifetime and have seen all the popular and trendy applications there are. I would say I can differentiate a well produced app from a poorly made one. WakeOut – Workout routines to wake up, does exactly what is says based on it’s name. iOS compatible with all apple devices, it is your own personal alarm clock with a twist. It generates 3 random exercises you do in the morning to get your blood flowing for example, crunches, arm and leg exercises, and punching your pillow. They change everyday so you are switching up your routine. It plays very upbeat music to get you going for your day. It’s a three in one deal, wakes you up on time and allows you to stay fit and energized, and it’s free of charge!

Has uplifting music
Generates different workouts, over 70
It’s free
Keeps you fit in a creative and fun way

You have to buy the full version to unlock more exercises
Sometimes gives you the same workouts
No skip button
Alarm won’t go off sometimes

Blood Drive

by Avia Ashland

West Hills is a school very active and involved in the community. As a group of students we try our best to give back to the community and help our local society. One thing we’ve worked on this week is the blood drive. Hundreds of students signed up to donate their blood to help others more in need in the community. Blood is needed to save lives everyday. The donated blood is given to those most in need. But the blood drive doesn’t only benefit the receivers, it benefits the students and their school too. The school benefits because you gain goodwill from the community and when students work together for a good cause it is a positive reflection. Student leaders learn about civic responsibility and about planning and coordinating a community event. The donors feel good about giving back and patients across the nation receive the gift of life.

Fall show

by David Luzaich-Griffith

  • I asked Vincent Pezzuti how the fall show was going, and his role in it. He responded with “It’s going good. I think we’re putting together a very entertaining show this year. I only have a small role, and one line. But, I’m glad to be apart of the process, I love the Theater program. The show starts in November, when it rolls around come check it out.”
  • I asked Minh Pham about sports, and his attendance to nearly every volleyball game. He responded with “I just really love volleyball. I’ve played it all throughout high school. It’s a sport that doesn’t get a lot of attention, so I try and go to every game to show it some love, you know? I think they’re a lot of fun, tell the people to check them out.”

CYOA Carly

by Carly

Today, I interviewed Madde, a West Hills High School student. She voluntarily gave me her time to discuss her experience in this wonderful school.
(1)Question: How long have you attended West Hills High School?
Answer: I have been a student at West Hills for 3 years.
(2)Question: What do you enjoy most about West Hills?
Answer: I enjoy the community.
(3) Question: Do you live close to West Hills?
Answer: Yes
(4) Question: Who is your favorite teacher?
Answer: Mr. Brent is my favorite teacher.
(5) Question: Do you play any school sports?
Answer:No, although I used to play Volleyball.
(6) Question: How many classes do you take?
Answer: 6.
(7) Question: Asked by many, do you enjoy school?
Answer: Yes, sometimes.
(8) Question: What’s the best memory you have had at school?
Answer: Eating lunch with Carly everyday.
(9) Question: Where do you want to go to college.
Answer: San Diego State University.
(10) Question: What is something you would tell someone who is new to this school?
Answer: Do not sit in the pit.

BEAT: Journalism

by Isabella Reed

This week I diverted my attention towards the counseling office and counselors in general. Since it is the beginning of the school year the counselors are being bombarded with students trying to switch their schedule around. I, myself, went up to counseling and asked one of the counselors for some college input and to sign up for one of the after school college courses they provide. There were not a lot of people signing up for that opportunity. Many students are still trying to make appointments at times when their assigned counselor is not busy.

I decided to think about what the counselors are currently going through. Mrs. Albrecht came to many different classes and gave us a presentation. She talked about different college issues and how we can get grants/student loans. The counselors have also been sending us text messages to remind us of the counseling events they are providing for us. We are able to get help for college admissions from them and we have a place to ask questions if we are ever confused about the transition to college.

Written Interview with Andrew Pappalardo

by Ashley Pacheco

  1. Do you like WHHS?


2 . Do you play a sport involved with school ?  

Yes, soccer

  1. Do you attend school dances ?    

No, not often

  1. Which dances do you plan on attending this year ?

If I were to go I’ d maybe attend  homecoming but definitely prom.

  1. Do you have good grades?

Yes, very good

  1. What’s your best grade as of right now?

A 95% in photo is my best grade.

  1. Do you like the school lunches?

Definitely NOT

  1. Are you the type of person that wants to get school over with or do you want to enjoy every second you can?

I honestly just want my high school year to be over with.

  1. Who’s you favorite teacher at school if you have one?

Mr. Carman

  1. What grade are you in?



By Sandiela Dimatulac

This week is one of excitement as we approach the first dance of the school year: Homecoming! This year’s theme is “When You Wish Upon a Homecoming,” if you could not tell from the numerous Disney themed murals made by ASB that are decorating the school’s walls and windows. Not only is our school adorned from wall to wall. We also have a Disney themed dress up week! The dress up days are MU Monday (College Day), Sleeping Beauties (PJs), Favorite Character, Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum (Twin Day), and Wilderness Explorer on Friday (Tourist Day).

The dance is set to take place in West Hills’ gym on Saturday, October 14th. Tickets are already on sale in the finance office for $15 with an ASB sticker and $20 without! You can also start voting for Homecoming King and Queen; the link is on ASB’s twitter and instagram. Don’t miss out on this night, you’ll regret it! Finally, if you’d like to support West Hills’ Clubs and show your school spirit, then don’t forget to come to the Varsity Football game against Steele Canyon at 7pm on Friday and check out the food and games that will be sold in the outdoor basketball courts!

Homecoming Week

by Taylor Hobbs

This Saturday, October 14th, is the homecoming dance it starts at 7pm and tickets will not be sold at the door. Since the dance is this week, the school will be holding many fun events. Friday we will have a double assembly schedule because of homecoming, this means that second period will start early at 8:07 and lunch will not be until 12:31. Everyday this week will be a different dress up day to show your spirit, Monday is MU Monday (college gear), Tuesday is sleeping beauties (PJ’s), Wednesday is favorite character, Thursday is tweedle dee & tweedle dum (twin day), and Friday is wilderness explorer (tourist day).

Wednesday is a minimum day schedule due to the juniors who will be taking the PSAT in order to prepare. First period will not start until 7:33 and fifth period ends at 11:08, sixth period ends at 11:49, and seventh period ends at 12:30. Also, Wednesday is financial aid night at the school from 6pm-8pm. If you want to find out more information about how to receive financial aid, make sure to attend the meeting.

BEAT: Library

by Alyssa Jenkins

This week is a huge for all seniors. There is a thing called a “Brag Packet” that all seniors are required to fill out in order to graduate. It is a packet that the Counselors gave to seniors and we are reaching the deadline. It is due by October 13th and  is to be completed and turned in online. The “Brag Packet” basically is to make sure that all seniors are cleared by parents to release student’s transcript, and to make sure that students are good on their community service hours. It is also for counselors to see where students are. This is one of the most important packets.


Today our own West Hills High School librarian gave me time to interview her today. Below are the questions and responses.

(1)Question: How long have you been a librarian for?

Answer: I have been a librarian for awhile.

(2)Question: What do you most enjoy about working at West Hills?

Answer: I enjoy the kids.

(3)Question: Does the library ever get a little bit too noisy during the day?

Answer: Yes! During lunch it gets very loud in here!

(4) Question: Why should the library always be quite?

Answer: Students are reading

(5) Question: What days are the library open?

Answer: Monday through Friday.

(6) Question: What was your favorite subjects at school?

Answer: English of course!

(7) Question: What’s your favorite book?

Answer: To kill a Mockingbird

(8) Question: Do you enjoy working at West Hills ?

Answer: Yes

(9) Question: What’s the most hectic time of the year and why?

Answer: The end because all of the students are turning in their books.

(10) Question: Do you know how many books are held in this library?

Answer: Definitely Not!