Sports Poll

CYOA Sports Poll

By Devin

Questions Answer 1 Answer 2
Chargers or Raiders? 20 5
West Hills or Santana? 25 0
Football or Basketball? 23 2
Warriors or Cavaliers? 17 8
Baseball or Soccer? 18 7

Based upon these results, I can conclude that people have very strong opinions about their sports teams. With the Chargers and the Raiders, people are obviously more Chargers leaning with 20 votes compared to the Raider’s measly 5 votes. As expected, everyone that I had surveyed voted for West Hills all the way. In addition, when it comes to football and basketball here at West Hills, football reigns supreme with 23 votes to Basketball’s 2. Surprisingly, when I asked people what their favorite basketball teams are between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers most said they prefered the Warriors who won with 17 votes compared to the runner up, Cleveland with 8. Last but not least, many of the students here would take baseball over soccer any day with a majority of 18 votes to soccer’s 7.

Soccer Interview

Beat Final Draft

  1. Q: The soccer season is coming up shortly tryouts are on November 13th how are you preparing?

A: I’m going to the fields and training with drills and free kicks.

  1. Q: What is your goal for this season?

A: Probably to be more of a team player and a leader for my other teammates.

  1. Q: How successful do you think the varsity team will be this season?

A: With the loss of many players due to graduation, it will be tough. The varsity team will mainly be juniors; so, they will have to get used to the new players who make the team.

  1. Q: Last year you played on the JV team how good was it?

A: Yes I did, last year it took us a long time to gel with each other especially the non-skilled players who needed  more work but we won some and lost some.

  1. Q: Lastly, do you think you will make the team?

A: Yes, with hard work and proper training I will be good enough to be a starter.