Raising Cane’s

by Alex Leggate

So there is a new fast food restaurant coming to Santee. It is called Raising Cane’s and it specializes in chicken strips. They just tore down a bank so that they can start building it next to Taco Bell on Mission Gorge. It is right across the street from KFC, so we will see if KFC can handle another chicken place in Santee.

I wanted to see what everyone was so excited about, so I went up to LA and tried it for myself. I was expecting  more people since there are only some in LA and Arizona, but there weren’t that many customers. I walked in and purchased their specialty, “the Caniac”. It came with 6 chicken strips, a heaping of French Fries, a piece of Texas toast, and coleslaw. I was very satisfied with it. I am looking forward to the opening day.

Student Standout

by Sandiela Dimatulac

Sometimes life may feel like you are sticking your head out of a car window on the freeway. The metaphorical flies flying into your face and maybe even your mouth (no, thank you) representing life’s never ending challenges. As teenagers we somehow manage to overcome this feat of nature: balancing school, work, sports, and extracurricular activities. Day in and day out we participate in the unimaginable struggle that comes with being a teenager. Occasionally, if we’re lucky, we get an extra ten dollars as a consolation prize. But other times the reward is truly worth the ups and downs we’re challenged with everyday. I spoke to Marc Paksima, a member of Santee’s Chamber of Commerce, to provide everyone with some insight on a new award for juniors and seniors: the Student Standout Article.

The Student Standout was created by Paksima and will be featured in the Santee Magazine. You may be familiar with him if you have ever read “Socializing Santee with Marc Paksima,” which is also available to view in the same magazine. The Student Standout is awarded to eligible juniors and seniors who have a minimum 4.0 GPA, are on the roster of at least one varsity sports team, and participate in at least one extracurricular activity (be it ASB, a club, community service, etc). Those who are presented with the award are then interviewed by Paksima and the interview will then appear in the next issue. Through this project, Paksima and the Chamber hope to motivate students to “strive for greater things” and show the personal side of student lives.

Interview with Hannah

by Chloe Yeager

Name, Grade?

“My name is Hannah Yeager, and I’m a Senior.”

Favorite Class, why?

“History because I enjoy the atmosphere and learning about the government of my country.”

Favorite teacher, why?

“It’s tied between Mr. Sklenicka and Ms. Bohme because she helped me become more interested in English and to expand my English knowledge. Mr. Sklenicka sparked by love for math and his class was always fun and he taught me much”

Do you play any sports?

“I play soccer for a club team and I am the Wrestling team manager.”

Do you attend and school organized events?

“The majority of the sports events.”

Any extracurriculars?

“I’m in Catholic Club.”

Favorite thing to do outside of school?

“Play soccer.”

Do you have any pets?

“Yes, one dog named Cali.”

Do you have any siblings?

“Yes, two , a twin brother Ethan and a younger sister Chloe.”

Favorite movie?

The Lion King

Health Pathway

by Joseph Reyes

The West Hills High School Health Pathways Club is a part of a larger group called the Grossmont District Health Pathways Administration. The club tries to prepare students that want to be going into health related career jobs after high school and college. The group receives funding from the Grossmont Healthcare District. The group then distributes funding down to the school and clubs at the schools with health career programs. The clubs increase awareness of health opportunities and careers . The clubs also have opportunities that can give students first hand experience in jobs like the ones they want to have when they graduate from college.

Students in the clubs get to go on field trips to colleges and see the environments that come after high school and participate in activities to get volunteer hours for future jobs. Students can complete internships related to the clubs and get volunteer hours and experience for their future. Completing these courses allow you to get an edge when applying for colleges and help you in the long run. The main concern for the health pathways club is to spread the news about new opportunities in the health fields and  to help prepare students.

CYOA: Survey

by Anna Parrott

With the survey that I created, I wanted to know how many students played sports and if they attended the school games. So, when 25 people were asked if they played any school sports, 9 said that they did and 16 said that they did not. I was not entirely shocked by this outcome. While there are many athletic individuals at West Hills, I did not survey a majority of athletes. When the same students were asked if they played sports outside of school, 16% said yes and 84% said no. This makes sense because even if the student plays a school sport, it is not likely that he or she also play a sport that is not affiliated with West Hills. Next, I asked these 25 students if they attended WHHS sports games. 100% of my sample said that they did. I also asked if they enjoyed going to the games and 22 students said yes while 3 said no. This is understandable because some individuals may not like to be around a large group of people. Finally, I asked if these students thought that new sports should be made available to play at school. Only 8% said yes and 92% said no.

CYOA: Sports Review

by Vince

WHAT A MATCH! AC Milan took on the Croatian league champions HNK Rijeka in a thrilling match which played until the last second of the game. The match ended 3-2 with the winning goal coming from the Primavera golden boy Patrick Cutrone and we saw Mateo Musacchio’s first goal in a red and black shirt and Andre Silva scored his 4th goal in 2 Europa League games. Milan lined in a 3-5-2 formation. Gigio Donnarumma was in between the posts, while the back three was Bonucci, Musacchio, and Romagnoli. The five midfielders were Borini, Calhanoglu, Locatelli, Kessie, and Abate. Lastly, Cutrone and Andre Silva partner up for the striking duo.

Straight into the match Milan played a little slow, but Milan at the 14th minute scored with Andre Silva cutting in from the left side and smashed a ball into the right side of the net giving Milan the 1-0 lead. That was all the scoring for the first half. At the 53rd minute Milan had a corner and a deflected shot landed at the feet of Mateo Musacchio. He tapped it in and gave Milan the 2-0 lead. From here Milan started to take the foot off the gas and played very sluggish. Rijeka took their chance at the 83rd minute Rijeka got through the Milan defense and Gigio rushed the player saved the shot, but curled into the goal which decreased Milan’s lead to 2-1. But Rijeka didn’t go down easy with a penalty in the 90th minute with a challenge by Romagnoli clipped the back of the forward’s foot. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL FOLKS! Milan did not give up thankfully a miracle from God Himself sent Borini down the middle, crossed a ball over the whole Rijeka defense and found our Ragazzo d’oro or our golden boy Patrick Cutrone and scored the winner for Milan and the match ended 3-2.

This match taught Milan to NEVER underestimate an opponent no matter what league they come from or what players they have. What I saw from Milan is utter nonsense because we had a 2-0 lead and almost tied the game perhaps almost even lost it. However, Milan got the result and thanks to Ragazzo d’oro or Patrick Cutrone we won the game and remain undefeated in the Europa League. But we have to focus on the game this weekend against Roma. Roma has been struggling so far in Serie A recently.  Milan has to take advantage of it and win the game it is a must because it will boost the confidence in the players to keep going.