Giving Up Cookies

By Gianna Creighton

I am going without cookies for the week because I have them almost everyday at school from the snack cart. The item is like a little dessert to me in the middle of the day and improves my life because I look forward to it everyday. Cookies are important to me because they make my day twenty times better. My biggest concerns about giving it up is that I am going to have to eat healthy for the week because I will not have it. My biggest adjustment is going to be avoiding the temptation at lunch to go to the cart. The food that will probably take the place of cookies will be more chocolate.

On the first day of giving up the cookies my mom had bought all the ingredients to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and I had to tell her not to make them because I actually would have eaten five. The second day I did not really notice that I had not eaten any cookies because I had such a busy day. The third day my brother brought home the frosted powder cookies from his banquet and he had a whole box of them. It took all my willpower not to eat one. The fourth day was by far the hardest because I had my soccer banquet and the dessert was Costco cookies so I had to control myself the most with that. The last day I was just thinking about the cookies I would be able to have the next day.  

Giving up cookies for the week was probably for the best. I ended up eating healthier than I would any other week. I also think I had more temptations to eat cookies during the week I gave them up than I would any other normal week. I think I needed the separation from the cookies because now I don’t eat them as much as I usually do.


My Torturous Week

By Avila Ashland

I’m going be giving up Chick-Fil-A for this week since it’s something I have multiple times a week and fast food is a luxury that many of people don’t have.

Day 1

I really was fine today, I didn’t crave Chick-FIl-A at all since I had it yesterday and I didn’t feel as if it affected me in any way.

Day 2

I didn’t notice a difference in myself today either. I ate at work so I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day.

Day 3

My boyfriend worked today and I really wanted to go in to visit him, but I didn’t because I knew I’d want the food even more.

Day 4

I wanted Chick-Fil-A really bad today and my free medium fry expired so I’m upset.

Day 5

I still want Chick-Fil-A, but I know I’ll make it through the day considering there’s only one day left.

In my time of fasting Chick-FIl-A I learned that having such a strong craving for fast food all the time is probably unhealthy. Some of my frustrations were that opportunities like coupons for free went by and not being able to visit my boyfriend at work made me sad. I would definitely say that it got worse as the week went on considering the longer I went without it the more I craved it. I learned that I’m too attached to Chick-FIl-A.

After going a week without eating my favorite food I was thrilled to go have it again after school today. I think it’s interesting how often I crave it and it definitely does hold some kind of power over my life. It  bothers me how often I eat it considering it’s a fast food and it’s not good for me. Though after not having it for a week it was just a fun thing to be able to go have again. I do think we take many things in life for granted and that being able to go pick up a quick and hot ready meal is a luxury.

My Torturous Week: Sugary Drinks

By Star Gaylord

For my torturous week, I decided to give up sugary drinks. I made this decision because I thought that this would improve my life by making me healthier. It is important to me because sugary drinks are really bad for your body. Much of the time, the sugary drinks I have are a source of energy for me. I inferred that my day-to-day would change because I would be drinking a lot more water instead of juices and soda. My biggest concern was not being able to get going in the mornings.

Well, I started the week off pretty strong for the first day. I did not have any sugary drinks. I only drank water. However, on Sunday, when I got to work, my boss had a Starbucks coffee waiting for me and I couldn’t say no! Therefore, the second day was a fail. After this slip up, I was able to stick with my plan for the rest of the week with the exception of a iced green tea from Starbucks before my game on Monday. Tuesday, I only drank water. I was really thirsty so I drank three Hydroflasks of water. Wednesday I drank 2 Hydroflasks full of water. Thursday was the final day of this challenge and I finished strong with only drinking water.

I am surprised by how well I did (not counting the 2 Starbucks) with the challenge. I was able to substitute all of the drinks I normally consumed (like coffee, tea, and juice) to water. This made me feel better physically and mentally. I felt stronger and healthier. Instead of relying on a sugary drink to get me going in the mornings, I got up five minutes earlier and had breakfast which got me going even better than coffee. Nobody in my life but me was affected by this challenge. Actually, almost nobody knew I was doing it! This challenge was a great experience for me and helped me realize how easy it is to make little lifestyle choices that make you feel so good!

Giving Up My Xbox

By Cameron Brooks

For my torturous week, I will be going without the xbox. I chose this item because I find myself playing it every day, but I feel like it is an item I can go a week without using. I think it will make me turn towards different devices to play on and will allow me to easily do my homework without being distracted because I am thinking about the various games I plan on playing later in the day. I will probably end up having the Nintendo Switch substitute it, as it has Skyrim, Doom, and Rayman legends to entertain me. The game that I will probably miss the most is Overwatch or South Park: the stick of truth. This is a basic challenge and it will not affect other people in the house.

During my week without my product, Xbox one, I found myself turning to other consoles and devices to spend my time with. The main replacement consisted of the Nintendo Switch and Youtube. Because I normally spend my time on the Xbox playing Skyrim, I found the switch to the Switch (pun intended) as being a relatively minor one. I also primarily use the Xbox for Youtube on the big screen and a blu ray player for movies. The Playstation 3 is already hooked up to my TV along with the Xbox, so that worked just fine as a standalone blu ray player and I ended up just watching Youtube on my phone. I really did not find myself crawling back to play the Xbox and have been just fine using the other devices, as there are no games that I own right now, that I haven’t already completed or are into that make me want to play it more than the Switch.

During the week without the Xbox One, I turned to the Nintendo Switch along with other consoles to entertain me instead. However, now that the week is over I am now back to playing the Xbox and it is just how I remember it. However, I feel like I will no longer be playing on it as much, as I am interested in some of the newer Switch games and have been loving to play Skyrim on it during the week without the Xbox. I guess this week just made me switch my product of reliance from the Xbox to the Switch. It does not bother me that we tend to overly rely on things in life. I think that if something makes you happy or you enjoy doing something you should, for the most part, do it, as long as it is something safe and legal. I do not see a problem with it.