Game review

by  Joseph Reyes

This week at school, on Thursday, the West Hills JV Football team will play the football team from El Centro. Last year this JV team lost to El Centro and will have a shot at redemption. In the first quarter, the game was pretty slow with a lot of turnovers and almost no progress being made. The West Hills Wolf Pack scored in the second quarter and from there things only got better. The third quarter the Wolfpack scored again and defense kept up by not letting El Centro score one point. The score was now 27 to nothing and the Wolfpack defense had trapped the eagles. The Wolfpack got a defensive safety, two points by pushing the other team back. The final score was 29 to 0 and the Wolfpack left with their first victory of the 2017 season and a comeback against the eagles. The players were really happy judging by this is a huge turnaround from last years season already.