CYOA, Counseling Catastrophe

by Anna Parrott

Senior year in an exciting milestone filled with football games, painted parking spaces, and prom. It is supposed to be an easy and relaxing year. But for one senior, her year thus far has been anything but smooth sailing. The source of her stress is a botched schedule. This is a common issue and most students have experienced the anxiety and frustrations of trying to get a schedule fixed. Here is the account of her dilemma and how she overcame the obstacle at hand:

Q: Were you happy with the schedule you were first given?

A: I wasn’t happy because they did not give me the class I had asked for and gave me one that I didn’t want instead.

Q: What did you want to change about your schedule?

A: I wanted to change to periods 1-5 and to drop theater.

Q: How did you go about changing your schedule?

A: I went in on schedule correction day and I was told to come back on the first day of school so I did. Then they sent me away and told me to come again on Thursday and it would be changed. I was told that it still couldn’t be fixed and that I would be called in on another day. Eventually, after them not doing anything, my parents met with the VP and I was able to drop theater. However, I didn’t get 1-5 like I needed.

Q: What class did you switch to? Are you excited for that class?

A: I switched into 4th year Spanish. I wasn’t expecting to take it but I’m excited to be able to speak it more fluently.

Q: How did it feel to not be able to get you schedule changed for awhile?
A: It was frustrating because I knew that the longer it took to get changed, the more behind I would be in whatever class I was switched into and I felt my needs weren’t being taken seriously as a student.

Q: How do you think the system can be improved so it’s easier to be seen by the counselors and to get the classes you need?

A: I don’t know exactly how it could be improved but I just think that overall they need a better system for calling in students and fixing things for them because it seems to be getting done out of order.

Q: How do you think the counselors feel about all the students wanting certain classes or periods when so many others want the same thing?

A: I think that they sometimes pick and choose what they’re going to take care of because some schedule changes are easier than others.

Q: Do you think the counselors prioritize seniors?

A: From my experience I would say no simply because I have not been prioritized, but others may not feel that way.

Q: How difficult is it to see your counselor during the first week of school?

A: It was extremely difficult for me because there are so many students trying to see them at the same time.

Q: Now that your schedule has been changed, how do you plan on enjoying your senior year?

A: I’m going to make the most of the classes I was given and spend lots of time with my friends at school.