by Jayden Moreno


  1. If you were to sit down a year from now, reflecting on your high school years, what would you have done different?
  2. How did you maintain good grades and stay organized?
  3. What was your favorite part about high school and why?
  4. What were some unexpected hurdles? What were some benefits of high school?
  5. What motivated you to keep trying when you weren’t doing the best?
  6. How did you keep a good grade in your hardest class?
  7. What was your plan during high school?
  8. Who was your favorite teacher why?
  9. What was your favorite class and why?
  10. What was your career choice?


  1. If I were to sit down a year from now and reflect on my high school years I think I would have been more active in school spirit.
  2. I maintain my good grades by turning in my work and even if I did poorly on a test I made it up by retaking it. I stayed organized by keeping folders for each class and regular backpack cleanings
  3. What I like most about high school was going to football games because everyone was there for the same reason and sociable.
  4. Some on expected hurdles I face were pop quizzes. There were never any of those in middle school. Some benefits were also PopQuiz because they made me more confident on tests.
  5. What motivated me to keep trying was when I wasn’t doing the best was I would think how disappointing my family would be if I didn’t graduate.
  6. In my hardest class I kept a good grade by asking many questions and staying after classes in school for extra help.
  7. My plan during high school was to get my GE at community college and then transfer to a university.
  8. My favorite teacher was Ms.Pagano because she always had us on our toes with a crazy activity. She was very personable and helped us with problems in school and out.
  9. My favorite class was sociology because I love studying the groups of people.
  10. My career choice was to work with male inmates as a psychologist.