Interview with Joey Da Rosa

by Anna Da Rosa

Question 1: Who is your favorite teacher and why?

Joey: Mr. Sutton, he is very dapper and has a good way of teaching.

Question 2: If you could change one thing about your schedule what would it be?

Joey: I’d probably change it so Spanish would be after lunch.

Question 3: Which class do you look forward to and why?

Joey: I look forward to my engineering class because it’s different than most of the other classes I’m taking.

Question 4: What is something you’re excited about for this school year?

Joey: Just seeing where all of this will take me and doing some stuff that’s different from my usual.

Question 5: Do you have any friends is your classes? Or have you met any new friends?

Joey: There’s a bunch of familiar faces from last year so I am at least somewhat acquainted with a number of people.

Question 6: What is your least favorite class?

Joey: Spanish because there is too many vocab.

Question 7: What is a goal you’ve made for yourself this year?

Joey: By the end of the year to have all A’s.

Question 8: How do you plan on achieving that goal?

Joey: Until the end of the year by slowly improving and making sure everything comes in on time.

Question 9: Which class could you see giving you the most difficulty in the future?

Joey: Once again, Spanish because more vocab cards.

Question 10: Did any of your classes give you homework during the first week back?

Joey: Yes, Spanish did.