by Sandiela Dimatulac

As the beginning of the school year kicks off, we celebrate in numerous ways across campus. From football games to spirit assemblies, pep rallies and dress up weeks; we come together as students and staff to show our excitement for the 2017-2018 school year. But who, you ask, is responsible for the endless school events that take place? Well, that would be our student body government, ASB. I spoke with ASB’s Commissioner of Student Affairs, Natalia Nasrawi, to get insight on upcoming events and the experiences she has had in her last two years of ASB.
When asked about anything exciting currently going on in ASB, Natalia informed me of two events going on this friday: the Mayor’s Cup football game against Santana High School and the Alarm Clock Pep Rally. Though both of these will be all fun and games for the students, it is hard work ASB students. I asked Natalia what it’s like to be in ASB while balancing her time with her other classes as well. She responded with, “It gets a little too much sometimes, but in the end it all pays off.” Natalia enjoys ASB very much and says that preparing for homecoming, football games, and pep rallies have been her favorite aspects of this year’s ASB.