by Star Gaylord

This week I interviewed  the quarterback of the varsity football team, Jordin Young. I asked him some questions for information about this season and this week’s upcoming game the Mayor’s Cup.

The Mayor’s Cup is the football game between Santana High School and West Hills High School. This game is a big deal to everyone in Santee because it is a “cross-town” rivalry. Everyone knows each other on both teams and they probably grew up playing football together when they were little. In this game the teams will fight until the end to prove they are the best football team in the city.

When asked about the team, Young said, “The team we have this year is pretty young despite our key players being seniors. We have an athletically good team with big kids where we need them.”

I asked Young if he thinks the Wolfpack will come out on top this week and he responded, “We will most likely win. According to Santana, every year is their year although they haven’t won it in a while. But the team we have should destroy Santana.” He stated showing confidence in his team.