Unpopular Opinions Club

by Anna Da Rosa

Ladonna McCraney is a senior at West Hills and has attended the campus since her freshman year. This year Ladonna along with her three of her friends decided to band together and form a club called,  “Unpopular Opinions Club” that meets on Fridays at lunch in A4. Ladonna is the President, Eliza Jedrzejewski is the Vice President, Emily Wright is the Secretary, and Shae Burns is the Treasurer. The idea of the club sprouted last year when Ladonna expressed her desire for a club where people could talk about random things without being judged. Over the summer she suggested to Emily about making the club themselves for their senior year and she agreed.

The purpose of her club is to rant, complain, share your thoughts, anything a student wants to get off their chest as long as it’s appropriate. She hopes for her club to be a safe and chill place to talk about topics that may be considered controversial or unpopular. Ladonna states, “My vision for the club is that people will feel comfortable talking about their thoughts without the fear or judgement.” Ladonna believes that some of the more popular topics being discussed will be conspiracy theories and political views, but all discussions will be led by the club members so the possibilities are endless! In the future she is interested in incorporating outside events planned for her club, but that is still to be determined. This is a new and exciting experience for Ladonna. She has never ran or started a club before and has only been a member of Key Club. She looks forward to the rest of her senior year so she can see how her club will grow and flourish over time.