Beat FD

By David Griffith

Beat #1 Mr. Ash: I recently asked Coach Ash of the football program a few questions about his sport. I asked him what he is hoping to achieve this season, how he has been training his team, and if he thinks his team can go the distance. He said “I hope to win the Mayor’s Cup, which is coming up this week. West Hills has won it many times before, and I want to bring home the Cup for another year, and to defeat Santana. We train nearly every day. I take pride in how hard we push ourselves to win. I think we can achieve great things this year.”

Beat #2 Coach Naranjo: I asked Coach Naranjo the same questions about his Cross Country team. Sadly, he informed me that we won’t have anything going on until Sept. 1st. But, please remind me every Monday or so. You can email me on the week of Sept. 4.” I’ll have to inform you of his XC antics at a later time.

Beat #3: Cameron Cantotal: Cameron is very optimistic of his team. He said “I believe we can win league this year and make it far into CIF. We have many returning players and we have good chemistry across the team. We have practice two times a day and usually swim 2-3 miles to prepare us for games. I believe that with hard work and chemistry we will do very well”.