Kung Fu Tea

by Sandiela Dimatulac

Last month, Kung Fu Tea opened their first location in Santee and second overall in San Diego. This bubble tea haven has been steadily growing a following over the past couple months through social media and word of mouth. Though Kung Fu Tea is not the only place to sell boba (another commonly used word for bubble tea), people have began to leave their comfort zone of Penguin Yogurt Factory to try their highly acclaimed drinks.

Boba is nothing new to me; I’ve had it many occasions prior to the opening of Kung Fu Tea in Santee. But, out of all the boba I have ever tried, I’d have to say that Kung Fu Tea is my favorite. The reason I am so partial to them is not only because of the amazing drinks, but because of their customer service and original set-up as well. There is a large variety of beverages and their sitting area has an Asian inspired theme; something that you do not see much of in Santee . If you are curious about Kung Fu Tea, I’d highly recommend visiting soon so you do not miss out.