App Review – What is Color by Disney?

by Star Gaylord

Adult coloring books have become very popular lately because of their ability to help people relax while they color. Color by Disney is a coloring book app. This app was created for adults to color in various different characters. The app has different folders based on different pixar movies and the coloring pages go from easy to very intricate.

Using the App

When I first opened the application it took a very long time for it to load my images when I was on wifi. After the images were loaded, the app immediately made me enter my Apple id confirming that if I don’t end my subscription at least 1 day before the 7 day free trial is up I would be charged $7.99 for a week subscription. I entered the password and choose a page. I chose the beginner level and it took me about 8 minutes to complete the first image. There are 6 total pictures in the starter artwork folder. While you still have the free trial all of the folders are available to color.

How to play

When you choose your image there is a loading screen. After the app loads, it gives you a screen with the image and colors on the bottom. All you do is tap a color and then tap the sections you want to fill with it.


Week- $2.99

Month- $7.99

Year- $39.99


  • Good stress relief
  • Relaxes your mind
  • Fun to color


  • Limited images to color after the free trial is over.
  • Expensive subscriptions


This app is overall a  good one if you have the money and are okay with paying the subscriptions needed in order to get the full selection of images . I rate it a 7/10.