Beat: Best Buddies

by Jayden Moreno

In this week’s beat I chose to ask three people from the Best Buddies club to ask them a couple of questions on the club. The questions are; why did they chose this club, what is their favorite thing to do in that club and how does this club benefit them? The first person I asked said this is her first year and she is in the club because her sisters made her, but after a couple of weeks she started to enjoy helping the kids and getting to know them and also his favorite thing about the club is the pizza parties.

The second person who I ask said he is in club because he wants to get into a really good college and for that to happen you have to have good grades which he does, but also colleges like to see that you participate in school clubs and other extra-curricula activities. His favorite part about the club is meeting new kids. The last person I ask chose this club because he wanted to help the kids with special needs. He said this club benefits him in having a better chance is getting accepted into college. Lastly, his all time favorite thing about the club is the pizza parties.