App Review, Forest

by Sara Willis

Forest is an app that will help you be more productive in your daily activities and keeps you off your phone so you can live a healthier lifestyle. It is only compatible with IOS devices that have the 8.0 update or later. The app was developed by Seekrtech and is sold by ShaoKan Pi for $1.99. There are in app purchases for two different amounts of “Sunshine Elixir”, which will triple you reward for either seven days or twenty one days. The current version is 3.28.1, which was updated August 27, 2017. Forest is designed to help customers avoid their phone and accomplish more in their daily lives. It is very simple to use and is visually appealing as well. This app is intended for people 12 and older who have a reason to concentrate and a phone to stay off of. The user selects an amount of time they want to concentrate for 10 and 120 minutes. The longer you concentrate the more coins you will receive to buy different types of plants and sounds. If you collect 2500 coins, you are able to plant a real tree. When the user selects a time between 10 and 20 minutes, they will plant a smaller plant. The size of the plant will be larger if you focus for more time. If the user leaves the app while a tree is growing, the tree will die and another tree will need to be planted. After planting the tree, ten seconds are given to cancel the growth of the plant. A total amount of time focused is given for each day and is planted in a forest with the trees that were successfully planted and the trees that were not able to grow. All the data is saved and can be arranged with different tags, such as study, work, social, rest entertainment, sport, or a custom label.  Achievements are given for different milestones reached in the app, and coins are awarded to the customer. This app is simple to use and a walkthrough is provided when first opening the app. I personally use the app for concentrating on homework or household chores, but it can also be used to simply help keep someone off their phone and have a few minutes of downtime. This app is beneficial in many ways and will greatly improve your life for such a low price!