Beat: Interview with Derek Tingey

By Zion Reyes

This week I interviewed varsity cross country athlete Derek Tingey. The following are the questions that I asked him: What was it like being a varsity cross country athlete right from freshman year? What sports background did you have before cross country and did it help or harm you? Do you plan to run cross country in college?

These are his answers in order. Being a varsity cross country runner freshmen year has been difficult because keeping up with the experienced runners was tough. But, it’s been an amazing experience running with the varsity guys because they’re such a cool group. I played some soccer before cross country. Soccer gave me the endurance that I would need to be a good cross country runner, but it made my running form horrible. So, freshman and sophomore year I had to mainly focus on form in my training to correct it. Yes, I’m hoping to I can get a running scholarship and run for UC Davis or Cal Poly in their cross country and track programs.