by Cameron Brooks

This week I  interview Cole Thorpe, a member of novice water polo. When asked why he originally decided to join the sport he responded by saying that,¨a friend encouraged me to do it.¨ He said that he never believed it would be as much fun as it is, when he was asked why he did not join it earlier. He said the main preparation includes practicing warm ups when everybody gets in the pool. Cole also said that instead of preparing differently for each game they instead,¨change our strategy during the game depending on how they play.¨

Cole is not just in water polo, he also plays hockey (he is like the biggest hockey fan you will ever meet) and roller hockey. The water polo team also practices every single day with varsity practicing twice per day. Water polo is a very tough sport that not many people play. So be sure to support the West Hills water polo team and go to their games while it is in season.