Beat FD:Cross-Country

by Zion Reyes

Interview with William Cleves

For my beat contact this week, I was planning to ask the current country coach, who is SeƱor Naranjo. When I spoke to him, he said that since he hadn’t really been coach for too long, he said that the old coach, Coach Cleves, would be better suited for these questions. Here are the questions: As coach, when do you remember the “golden age” of the team? What was done during those years that should be replicated now? Do you have any general tips for new cross country runners?

Here are his answers in respective order. It was 1998 to 2007. During that time the boys won 6 CIF titles and the girls one, with 3-4 runner-up. West Hills was the new school then, and many of our best athletes lived outside of Santee. It would be hard to replicate that. Running consistently without zeros over a long period of time is very important. Athletes fall into the trap of searching for a magic workout that does not exist. Having realistic goals and resetting them from time to time.