Beat FD: Football

by Star Gaylord

I interviewed Travis Deal, a football player for West Hills High School. Travis plays the position “slot” and started out the season on the varsity team. He got moved down to JV because their “star player” Steven Cristini broke his thumb. Deal is helping out the younger team a lot because he is able to stand as a leader and a role model for them.

As of Friday, September 22, Varsity has a record of 4-1 and are on a 4 game winning streak. JV has a record of 3-2 and has been playing up and down; they’re not going very steady. The freshman team has a record of 2-3 but are very competitive. This week there are no games (this is called a bye week). Deal says that this bye week will benefit our varsity team because it will give them the chance to get more practice in for the game against Valhalla. He says Valhalla will be a good and tough matchup for our Wolfpack, so we must prepare.