CYOA: Survey

by Anna Parrott

With the survey that I created, I wanted to know how many students played sports and if they attended the school games. So, when 25 people were asked if they played any school sports, 9 said that they did and 16 said that they did not. I was not entirely shocked by this outcome. While there are many athletic individuals at West Hills, I did not survey a majority of athletes. When the same students were asked if they played sports outside of school, 16% said yes and 84% said no. This makes sense because even if the student plays a school sport, it is not likely that he or she also play a sport that is not affiliated with West Hills. Next, I asked these 25 students if they attended WHHS sports games. 100% of my sample said that they did. I also asked if they enjoyed going to the games and 22 students said yes while 3 said no. This is understandable because some individuals may not like to be around a large group of people. Finally, I asked if these students thought that new sports should be made available to play at school. Only 8% said yes and 92% said no.