Waterpolo Update

by Chloe Yeager

Thursday’s home Varsity Water polo game against Point Loma was a success. We kicked it off quickly with a goal from Tyler Grady (4)  followed by another goal scored by Keith Patrick (2). The Pointers scored twice to tie it up. The game remained in a back and forth struggle between the two teams for the first two periods with Cody Breshears (13) and Skylar Pelant (11) each scoring. Leaving it at 5 to 5 when halftime hit. The Wolfpack kicked it off with another goal scored by Ayden McClure (14). Cody also scored another goal which had been his second one that night. Our 8th goal gave a lead and was an amazing shot by Cody whose head was completely submerged. The game continued neck and neck until West Hills players Garrett Fernandez (6) and Cody (13) scored our 9th and 10th goal giving us a 3 point lead heading into the 3rd period. The game had become hectic with the pressure of winning but the Wolfpack came out with a win 10-9.