Today our own West Hills High School librarian gave me time to interview her today. Below are the questions and responses.

(1)Question: How long have you been a librarian for?

Answer: I have been a librarian for awhile.

(2)Question: What do you most enjoy about working at West Hills?

Answer: I enjoy the kids.

(3)Question: Does the library ever get a little bit too noisy during the day?

Answer: Yes! During lunch it gets very loud in here!

(4) Question: Why should the library always be quite?

Answer: Students are reading

(5) Question: What days are the library open?

Answer: Monday through Friday.

(6) Question: What was your favorite subjects at school?

Answer: English of course!

(7) Question: What’s your favorite book?

Answer: To kill a Mockingbird

(8) Question: Do you enjoy working at West Hills ?

Answer: Yes

(9) Question: What’s the most hectic time of the year and why?

Answer: The end because all of the students are turning in their books.

(10) Question: Do you know how many books are held in this library?

Answer: Definitely Not!