Girls Cross Country

by Taylor Gomez

Have you ever questioned why someone would sign up for cross country? According to Makynzie Floyd, girls varsity runner, “cross country makes you push yourself to levels you’d otherwise not push yourself to, and that teaches you a lot. “  Girls cross country was off to a rough start, but soon started to pick up the pace… so to speak. Makynzie said, “we lost our first couple of dual meets, and it’s not that our team is bad because we’re not, it’s just that the other teams we’ve faced have been so unbelievably good. We used those meets as a warm- up, and then did really well at the invitationals.”

Both girls and boys cross country teams practice everyday for an average of an hour and a half. Makynzie says, “ some practices we only run about 2 miles, but other practices we can run up to 8 miles, it all depends on the day and our coach’s mood.” When asked about the teams’ pre-race routine, she answered, “that’s my favorite part about being a part of the team; the night before races both the girls and boys team go to someone’s house where they host a pasta party, it’s so fun!” Makynzie says that the relationships you make being a part of such a demanding sport are some of the strongest friendships she has. She says, “sure, when you see the same people everyday for a couple of months you either grow to hate them or love them, but struggling with someone, pushing through with someone, and being inspired by someone truly gives you so much respect for that person that it’s almost impossible not to be super close with them.” The next big thing on the team’s agenda is kicking butt in CIF’s!!!