Clubs at West Hills

by Audrey Lechien

West Hills High School offers many clubs to their students. A few include KEY club, Asian club, and Best Buddies. There is something for everyone. Clubs are a way for students to express themselves, connect with other students and even help the community. All clubs are held at lunch and many of them are advertised over the morning announcements or showcased in the Club Drive which was this Thursday, February 22.

Many students that I know at West Hills are involved in clubs such as seniors Brittany Woods and Kendall Cady. Brittany runs the Badminton club along with Bri Tursellino, Devin Diffey  and Emma Gibbs. When I asked what they did in badminton club Brittany said “We have tournaments every Monday in the gym and we promote happiness”. I also talked to Kendall Cady who is part of KEY club, Spirit club and class of 2018. “I enjoy participating in clubs on campus because it is a weekly chance to make new friends, have fun and help our community” Kendall stated.