App Review:Canva

by Skye Finnestad

“Canva” is an app that allows you to use templates for any layout you desire or any topic you wish to discuss. They have a ton of templates you can choose from and edit to your own perfection. There are layouts for Instagram posts, Facebook posts and timelines, Twitter timelines, Youtube productions, and many more. You can choose what colors or pictures you want to put in your template, and which font types, sizes, placement, and colors. The pros of this app are that it always saves your work in a file, done or not. You can also use any template size and layout you want, and you can choose from what seems like hundreds of them. It gives you a wide variety of layouts and template sizes. The cons are that in order to receive certain benefits from the app you have pay monthly.  If I had to rate this app on a scale of 1 to 5, I’d give it 5 stars. This app is absolutely amazing user friendly and is practically cost free. Everyone should give this app a try if they like having nice posts.